Sunday, August 20, 2023

Video on the Hunter coverup.


In the first several minutes of this video from a congressional hearing,
a reporter details her investigation of the Hunter laptop and the
articles she wrote about it, and then how an entire apparatus of
government and social media and other media swung into action to totally
suppress the information.  All of which has subsequently been proven to
be valid.

I think this is important for people to see, to understand just how
twisted the system has become, how whether you call it "deep state" or
Leftist conspiracies or utterly indefensible partisan acts by people
supposedly sworn to the truth, we as citizens have been let down, to say
the very, very least, by people who should know better.  For me it
indicates a huge, compelling need to elect people who will actually start
doing whatever it takes to drain the swamp, if we want this nation to
continue to exist as the beacon of freedom it used to be.


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