Monday, December 5, 2022

Good input from a black American conservative

 Good input from an American conservative

Who, BTW, is Black, but who writes an opines principally as a very intelligent, well educated, common sense person.  From all his writings I see a man who certainly has a Black identity, but not just that, he has a Black American identity.  As I believe the majority of Blacks do.  However there certainly are American Blacks for whom their Black identity is primary and very strong, and we hear from them constantly now, with things like the 1619 Project and demands for reparations.  Which I find very divisive and unfortunate for us all.
McWhorter is against the "soft racism" of giving Blacks preferential treatment in various ways.  In essence, he's saying the time for Affirmative Action both formally and informally to come to an end.  This doesn't make him popular with the Left and of course the more aggressive Black activists.  He deserves credit for his commitment to truth and his willingness to put himself on the line for it.  We are short of Americans in responsible positions with such courage.


  1. Let me make attempt to make this clear. There is absolutely no chance that I am going to pay a subscription fee to any media organization with a progressive or liberal bias. NONE. Be glad to read it however you are going to have to figure out a way to allow your reader (me and anyone else interested that refuses to subscribe) a way to read the content without supporting a fake news outlet.

  2. I could read it, and I've never had a subscription there. I just ignored their sign-in request, and scrolled through the entire article .