Saturday, July 2, 2022

video of Capital Doors on 1/6

 OK, we certainly have videos of people violently breaking windows, climbing scaffolding, pounding on doors, and pushing on police officers that day in parts of the Capitol.  Zero question about that, and that the individuals who acted that way needed to be identified, arrested, and go to trial.  Which has been happening.

On the other hand, the Capitol is a quite large building with numerous entrances, and government CCTV covers them.  The link below takes you to one of those entrances and details exactly what went on there.  It's worth watching and does raise a reasonable question about what people can properly be charged with.

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  1. Who is Ray Epps? The Capitol riot figure who disappeared from the FBI’s wanted list

    Until the people who behaved illegally are rounded up, we don't know what happened. The guy who was supposed to testify in a matter of hours suddenly DIED? How convenient. He was the head of the Capitol police force and had stated he believed there were Agents Provocateurs in the crowd. Trump TRIED to get Pelosi to authorize bringing the guard in. The whole thing stinks. What ever happened to that Speedy Trial thing?

    Anyone who doesn't smell the bullshit here simply has not been paying attention.