Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Let non-citizens vote?

 The people running NYC wanted to ensure their permanent domination of all elected offices in the city, and decided a great way to do that was to give voting rights to noncitizens.  Most of whom they expect to vote Democrat.  (Which may be largely true, but I don't know of any actual data to prove that.)

A lot of us said "WTF?  You CANNOT let noncitizens vote, you idiots!"  But they went ahead with the legislation to confirm this.  However.... there are people alive in NY state who have operating brains and they filed suit about this.  It went to the state Supreme Court and they came back and said "No way, Jose".  Finally, we see another blow for common sense and the law.
Someone decides they want to vote, great.  Do what our British friends did, and mobs of Vietnamese did, and so many others do.  Fill out the paperwork, apply for citizenship, take the oath, and join us.  If you won't or can't do that.... how about be happy you're here (or go home) and shut up.

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