Sunday, December 12, 2021

Christmas Poems-=-Feel free to share

 A Veteran’s Christmas Wish

Each year when Christmas comes around again,
I pause on Christmas Eve to take a dram
Of whisky, and I think of absent friends,
And Christmas in a place called Vietnam.

I think of boys who never had the chance
To see their kids on Christmas Eve at play,
Their lives were spent that freedom might advance,
From Valley Forge right up through yesterday.

They fell at Belleau Wood and Normandy,
At Gettysburg, at Iwo and at Hue,
They gave their lives to keep our people free,
And never saw another Christmas Day.

So take a moment from your festive joys,
To think of soldiers who were young and true,
And say a prayer on Christmas Eve for boys
Who gave up all their Christmases for you.

Robert A. Hall
A Prayer for Gifts at Christmas
Robert A. Hall

Just give me Lord a grateful heart
For blessings on my life,
For hearth and home, family and food,
My grandkids and my wife.

Just give me Lord a happy heart,
A beacon of Your light,
That I may spread Your love for us
And banish darkest night.

Just give me Lord a sharing heart
To spread Your message far,
That touches all of sinful man
And started with that star.

Just give me Lord a cheerful heart
So everyone I know
Will see Your joy within my smile
And follow where You go.

Just give me Lord a Christian heart
To share Your gift to me
That changes folk across the world
From mountains to the sea.
--Robert A. Hall

The Christmas Gift

There is a gift that comes
From those out on the lines,
It is not wrapped in bows,
But, oh, how bright it shines.

There is a Christmas gift,
A pearl beyond all price,
From those who ask for naught,
But make the sacrifice.

They risk their blood and bone
On endless weary tours,
For that is all that keeps
The evil from our shores.

You worship as you will,
You freely have your say,
And all that is a gift
From sentries far away.

There is a gift that comes
From troops who guard the line,
That lets us live in peace
And joy at Christmastime.

We say “Support the troops,”
But hardly pause to think
What honor really means,
Or how near looms the brink.

There is a Christmas gift
From those who hold the line,
And you and I, my friend,
Get nothing more sublime.

Robert A. Hall
Former SSgt, USMC

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