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Random Thoughts for December

Random Thoughts for December 2019
By Robert A. Hall
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If you wonder why I send so many emails with items on Thursday and Friday, it’s because Monday through Wednesday, my work, commute, medical routine and sleep schedules leave me almost zero time to touch the computer, so by Wednesday night, I often have 200 to 250 unread emails. Many of which I have to just delete.

I was working on email on a recent Thursday when I had a call. Fellow says, “Bob Hall?” “Yes.” “At 709 Harrington…” “Who’s calling?” “I’m Mr. Paul Something. I’m calling from the Treasury Department.” “What would the Treasury want with me?” “We have received a check for you from the Mega-Millions lottery you won.” “This is a scam. Go the fuck away, asshole.” Caught me by surprise, or I’d have been more inventive.

The Law of History: Victors are ruthless. Losers are slaves.

Grief can be a fatal disease.

Our country is like a ship in trouble. The officers are saying everything’s fine, but the crew is handing out lifejackets as a “precaution.”

Andrew Cuomo reportedly said that we didn’t have hurricanes before climate change. This is the kind of guy who gives idiots a bad name. The American Meteorological Society reports that there has been no increase in the number or intensity of hurricanes hitting the US mainland since 1900.

The rewards for being first with a good idea are at least an order of magnitude higher than for being second.

The media continue to say they are non-biased, but they don’t try to hide it anymore. Just as Stalin’s communist newspaper was palled Pravda (Truth).

Socialism will tolerate no God but the state.

I’m almost the only man in our church who wears a coat and tie on Sunday. I don’t do it for God, or the pastor, or the congregation. When I was a boy, my grandmother took me to church every Sunday. I was always dressed up, and I sat or stood and paid attention to the service, or she had me by the earlobe. No coloring books, no toys. So, I know if I don’t dress on Sunday, she will come up out of the grave, grab me by the earlobe, and march me home to change.

People think of welfare as something that they get free. It is not. The cost is the recipients pride, independence and self-respect.

From the ‘Net: I’m a Vietnam vet. I had to welcome myself home.

Lately, our church has been praying for third world countries. We’ve done Nigeria and Cuba. I suggested California?

Some people are fonts of wisdom. Not founts, fonts. Their thoughts are as murky as black ink.

Good men and good whisky need to be aged.

Flags seem to be at haft mast all the time now, because if someone dies, and you don’t lower the flag, some group in our hyper-sensitive society gets loudly offended. When I croak, keep the flag up. I struggled all my life to keep it flying high.

I want to get a printed, reusable bag that says, “My shoplifting bag,” and see how many people follow me around Walmart.

A couple of months ago, I said I got “Picky No More” dog food, but our pup wasn’t interested. To be fair, it’s now his favorite dry dog food.

Some unattractive women are made beautiful by their personalities. And some attractive women are made ugly by their personalities.

If global warming was the threat they say it is, they wouldn’t have to cherry pick their facts, lie, or start counting at a point in time that helps their case.

If you try to do everything for everybody, you will do nothing for anybody.

You can have freedom and prosperity or you can have socialism. Your choice.

Take joy when you can, because sorrow will come regardless. 

Patch on my VA fleece: “The price of freedom may be seen at any VA hospital.”

Interesting Whisky Reviews:

9/11 was the most successful small unit operation in history. They lost, what, 11 guys? We lost almost 3000 people and they did billions of dollars in damage to our economy. Since then Muslims have achieved almost all their goals. Open immigration without vetting. Any criticism of Islam or Sharia law is shamed as “Islamophobia.” Mosques preaching hatred and violence continue to be built in America in numbers. Every demand is agreed to from footbaths in schools and airports to Muslims in Congress attacking America. Suggesting that multiple wives, genital mutilation of young girls or treating women as half the value of a man are wrong is condemned as Islamophobic. The attackers on 9/11 could not have dreamed of the advance of the Islamic state theocracy they were achieving. It’s like Tojo or Hitler being elected president in 1952.

Democrats used to brag they were the party of working people. Now they are the party of non-working people.

The first rule for a bankruptcy lawyer. Get paid upfront.

Progressives compulsion to be humane to the few results in long-term inhumanity to the many.

It has come to this: If you oppose breaking the law, Democrats say you are racist.

Computers and old men can’t be hurried.

Never bet into a possible lock.

Atheism is cold comfort in old age.

Since FBI statistics show that blacks are 13 times more likely to commit murder than whites, I expect the left will soon say the laws against murder are racist.

If Middle Earth had progressives, they would insist that a large group of illegal Orc immigrants be settled in the Shire and the hobbits would be required to provide them with shelter, medical care, clothing, food, and education for the little Orcs. Any hobbit who complained would be shunned as “Orcaphobic,” and driven out of the Shire.

Leftists insist (and I agree) that you cannot judge all blacks, Hispanics and Muslims from the actions of a few. But they firmly believe that they can judge all whites, gun owners and Christians from the actions of a few.

The reason you get so many robo calls on your home and on cell phones is that they pay off big to the scammers, because a great many simple-minded shits are taken in by the scams.

In boot camp I was told Marines don’t use umbrellas, because they are the sign of appeasement (Chamberlin). Every old Marine I know avoids carrying one. I’m now told the CMC has approved men using them. A sure sign the country is lost.

Most people’s troubles are self-created.

An emergency is when someone is likely to die if action is not taken. Everything else is just a problem.

I wouldn’t trust the TV weatherman if he told me how yesterday’s weather was.

People are more likely to remember what you haven’t done than what you’ve done. Unless you’ve done something memorably stupid.

I read a study that says that people who talk to themselves while they work focus better. I’m not crazy after all!

You will discover that the more you learn, the less you know.

Never complain to your wife. She will find a way to make it your fault. You: “The drought in California is terrible. Her: “Well, if you hadn’t left the garden hose on last summer, we’d have plenty of water to send them.

To find out of you have a strong marriage, put up a live Christmas Tree together.

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