Sunday, December 22, 2019

China's Communist society

Reminds me of my close up experience with someone who went through China's Communist society. A Chinese Scottish country dancer. Actually, a very good one; went on to choreograph Scottish dances as well. Forget where his local affiliation was. He went through the Purge bit where families weren't supposed to have pets. He had to eat his dog that he loved to prove his commitment to the Party. He was assigned to a work party to realign his sense of duties to community versus family. He was put in a dormitory and assigned to reglaze windows. He had no knowledge of how to do this. He was given a screwdriver and shown how to chip the glass out of the frame of the window. He was not given protective eyewear. The screwdriver slipped; the glass splintered and he blinded himself in an eye. Ah, yes, the joys of life in a Communist country. They have all had to introduce some form of capitalism, albeit modified to be palatable to Party bosses. However, look carefully and you will see who lives high on the hog. Not the community. The Party Elite. Just as the Dems/DNS/DS would subject the citizens of the U.S. to. Keep the population indebted, befuddled, enslaved; tease with higher wages which will only mean less employment and more automation/robots and take their means of protection (guns) and divide them and subdivide them. Divided, we fall. --Barb

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