Saturday, August 17, 2019

The Big Break-Up

The Big Break-Up
Excerpt: Indeed, a poll this week found that, when asked if they’re elected to act on their own judgment, or to deliver the wishes of their constituents, 80 percent of lawmakers said their own judgment. Meanwhile, 63 percent of us voters think the people we elect should act upon our wishes. Which perhaps explains the incessant wailing. Cries both strange and gorgeous. Like those of an epicene wolf. Labour lawmakers have expressed utter mental befuddlement. “He’s going after the votes!” they exasperate, stumbling, it appears for the first time, upon the frivolous contours of democracy.
They hate Trump. They hate Boris. Why? Because both govern for the people. You know, the clods and the rubes and the clingers and the gammons. Those awful folks who clean the offices and nurse the sick and put out the fires and patch the potholes. The daily-breaders. Those folks. (...) Who attempt to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, only to find the bootstrap factory shipped overseas. [The author, Christopher Gage, uses biting sarcasm to deflate a whole bunch of over-inflated political balloons–and perhaps, egos. Ron P.]

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