Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Everyone is a White Supremacist! So...Where Do We Go From Here?

Excerpt: American conservatives have - unfortunately - become used to having unsubstantiated accusations hurled at them by the Left. Almost by default, every conservative politician is labeled as a racist, with other mischaracterizations chosen from an expanding grab-bag of insults. Conservatives are frequently seen as ignorant, stupid, xenophobic, misogynistic, or intolerant. (If the charge of racism is the rhetorical atomic bomb of the left, is it already so hackneyed that the mass of people are inured to it and barely pat it any attention? Is it already the case that such rhetoric is already discounted, even rejected, as meaningless blather? As a proud member of the hoi polloi, I see myself long past delving into every utterance of AOC, Omar, Bernie, Warren, Abu Abbas, etc. I know what they say and what they always say and always will say. I expect that many people disregard their remarks or trash them unread-unheard. Yours truly, Larry Greenberg)

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