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Random Thoughts for June 2019

Random Thoughts for June 2019
By Robert A. Hall
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Socialism: An economic system where everything is free except the people.

From Del: A few years ago, I coined a phrase that a psychologist friend of mine said I should copyright. It is "addiction to fantasy." It denotes the mental condition in which a person has a preferred view of some aspect (or many aspects) of the world, which preferred view happens to be clearly at odds with mere reality, and the person invests totally in that view, hanging onto it despite any and all contrary data/experience, in fact only deepening their commitment/dependence on that view over time.

When an old sixty’s hippy asks me if I have any regrets about Vietnam, the answer is, “Yes. I regret we didn’t kill every fucking communist in Asia.”

I’m 73. I’ve owned guns most of my life. I often carry concealed. And I’ve never shot anyone. Progressives must think I’m taunting them.

Somethings are unforgivable. For example, the physical, sexual, verbal, emotional or financial abuse of a child, especially by a parent. Some parents think their children are possessions, to be at their beck and call, to be used, all the parent’s life.

Biden: (v) to grope. e. g. “Hey, that guy just bidened my wife!”

“Lying is the foundation of all crimes and follies.” --Ulysses S. Grant

God did not give us perfection. But He gave us the gift of constant improvement. If we accept it.

“Bobby, the world is big and the girls are small. Take your time and love them all.” –Dorothy Hall. I tried, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day.

Another person’s success does not diminish you. But undermining or belittling it does.

It’s hard to see why God put some people on Earth. Perhaps he is testing us, like Job.

What to get rid of an annoying acquaintance? Ask to see pictures of their kids/grandkids. Then say, “Wow. That’s an ugly kid!” They’ll be gone.

Flat surfaces collect stuff the way a black dress collects cat hair.

Soap and Water are cheap. Filth is fatal.

Some people could get the day off by calling in stupid.

Some people seem fitted to be slaves. They require structure, somebody to tell them what to do, and to provide food, shelter and clothing. And, no, this isn’t racist. It’s a white “kid” (now 42) that prompted this thought.

I’m starting a new political party. The “Don’t Want to Know Nothings.” To distinguish it from the “Know Nothings” of the 1850s.

Fetus is Latin for Offspring or Child So, when they say it’s okay to kill a fetus, they are saying it’s okay to kill your offspring or child.

Some people have such damaged psyches that they derive pleasure from hurting others, physically or emotionally, because it makes them feel powerful.

Knight’s Prayer from our friend Alison: “My Lord, I am ready on the threshold of this new day to go forth, armed with your power, to right wrongs, to overcome evil, to suffer wounds and endure pain if need be, but in all things to serve you boldly, faithfully, joyfully, that at the end of the day's labour, kneeling for your blessing, you may find no blot upon my shield.”

If you want to be miserable and fretful all the time, I recommend procrastination.

From my friend Todd: Just because I don't care, doesn't mean that I don't understand.”

We want to be loved. Our enemies want to be feared. Guess who will win?

Saying, “That’s just the way I am,” does not excuse bad behavior.

It’s okay to be ignorant, everyone is on many subjects. But some people insist on being loud and opinionated about their ignorance.

“In Opelousas, Louisiana, armed mobs of Democrats wrecked a republican newspaper office, expelled the editor and shot as many as 200 blacks.” Grant, page 627, by Ron Chernow. This was during the 1868 presidential campaign.

You have to eat. You don’t have to overeat.

We treasure old friends because they remember what we were like when we were young.

You know that feeling you get that you really would like two more hours of sleep? The scientific term for that is, “Morning.”

When something dangerous becomes routine, it becomes really dangerous.

I was having gas pains and my wife said alcohol would help. So, I took a dram of Scotch and felt better. Then she said, “I meant Alka-Seltzer!” 😊

I pulled from a sideroad. There was a pickup coming, but I didn’t realize he was doing about 15 over the limit. Before I could get up to speed, he flew up behind me and leaned on his horn. I figured he thought I was going too fast, so I slowed down to 25 until my turn a half mile up the road.

Since the family first-born is usually better educated and more economically successful than the younger siblings, to achieve equality we need a government program to combat “first privilege” by randomly redistributing birth order. Think of the jobs this will create for bureaucrats! (Makes as much sense as most social engineering policies put forth by the left!)

It’s hard to remember that when Merkle was elected leader of Germanistan, she was considered a conservative.

Recently interviewed a vet whose six grandkids were all home schooled. They all started college at age 13. Except the youngest, who started college at age 11. Tell me again unions how a kid can’t get a decent education being home schooled.

If people are wealthy, but have nothing they care about more than themselves, they are very poor indeed.

“Science commits suicide when it adopts a creed.” –Thomas Henley Huxley.

“He (she) didn’t say and I didn’t ask,” avoids a lot of grief and trouble.

If everyone could read your thoughts, you’d be in a lot of fights and arguments.

From a novel on CD we are listening to: “He’ll come down on you so hard your great grandchildren will be born midgets.” (Not PC today, I’m sure.”)

Both wealth and poverty can create misery. The difference is you, if you are fortunate, you can get out of poverty through good decisions and hard work. To get out of wealth, you need bad decisions and indolence.

Opposing charter schools is racist, because it prevents black kids from getting a better education to please teachers’ unions.

What did people do at mealtime before Smartphones? Talk? Seriously? To each other?

Self-centered people are always unhappy because they always believe they are not getting what they are entitled to.

A man prayed for prosperity, but God didn’t answer. So, he decided to make himself prosperous. He got an education, found as good job, and became the go-to guy who helped everyone. And his sunny, cheerful attitude made other people want to help him. He participated in his church and the community. Then God noticed and answered his prayer.

A country can vote itself into oppression, privation and starvation, but once in it can’t vote itself out.

Before our eyes, we are watching the communist wolves prepare the socialist sheep for sheering and slaughter.

The SAT will now add points for “adversity.” I hope the folks who did this get a surgeon who got into medical school because of his increased points. It is designed, of course, to help colleges continue to discriminate against whites, Asians and Jews, who tend to do better than other groups because their family culture is geared toward education. I suggest that students from these groups be given 50 adversity points for having to grow up in a culture dominated by PC assholes.

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