Saturday, May 18, 2019

New SAT adversity score

Mary Clare Amselem: SAT ‘adversity score’ isn’t what America is about
Excerpt: The College Board’s recent announcement that it will no longer score students based only on their ability to correctly answer questions on the SAT exam is about as welcome as a pop quiz. Students will now also be assigned “adversity scores” of 1 to 100 using 15 different metrics regarding their background. The more disadvantaged a student is judged, the more points will be added to his or her adversity score. (What next? hiring pilots and surgeons based on their "adversity score?" ~Bob)
Okay, so I’ve followed this since the inception of Common Core. D. Coleman was put in charge of writing the CC standards. He put together teams of national subject area experts - who later complained they were completely ignored. Coleman wrote the Lang.arts standards with a woman colleague. The standards were never vetted, and they carried and implemented the CC agenda. 😆 When Pres. O left office, DC took over as CEO of the college board. The agenda carries forward. The agenda continues to destroy the US education system K-Higher Ed.

After 3 decades +, in education policy, this really hurts my stomach. --dg

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