Friday, January 25, 2019


Poll: 58 Percent of Americans Say Media Does Not Understand People Like Them
There are few media organizations which actually report political news without overt partiality, or if trying to seem neutral, engages in not so subtle misuse of adjectives and adverbs, selective omission of a story and/or its details, ad hominem comments about protagonists, selectivity about which story to report, exaggeration of events, shoddy fact checking, failure to check its own reporting against its own beliefs, resulting in a rush to pile on to the organ's confirmation bias to delight its gulled devotees. This goes beyond the conveyance of news, it is widely re-reflected in entertainment media. According to the Pew survey, it is not only reporting, citizens on both sides of the political divide feel insult, disparagement and condescension from the media. Left and Right alike. Given the inarguable dominance of left of center players in the media, which has the more pervasive influence Yours truly, Larry Greenberg

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