Thursday, January 24, 2019

Global Warming

Doing Nothing Remains the Best Solution Against Climate Change
Excerpt: The world’s scientists keep telling us that in ten years things will be irreversible when it comes to fighting climate change. The problem is they’ve been telling us we had about ten years left for the last twenty and we’re still here. Now, various Democrats are screaming that we have 12 years left or else. The reality is that there is nothing we can do about other countries and our country has been doing pretty well reducing emissions. Companies like Apple are motivating themselves to get 100% renewable energy. The private sector is operating. But the reality is if scientists are right, we are really past the point of making a major difference without profoundly altering our standard of living. And that, frankly, is not worth it. (I'll believe it's a crisis when Al Gore an Leonardo DiCaprio reduce their carbon footprints to, say, only three times mine. ~Bob)

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