Monday, October 1, 2018

Due Process Up Held

Due process legal update: Judge holds that ‘preponderance of evidence’ standard may be unconstitutional in campus sexual misconduct proceedings. By Samantha Harris September 28, 2018
Excerpt: Last week, a federal judge in New Mexico allowed a student’s due process lawsuit to proceed against the University of New Mexico and its president, but dismissed his claims against several individual administrators, holding that because the “contours of [the plaintiff’s] due process rights were not clearly established,” the university administrators who punished him were entitled to qualified immunity. In his opinion, Judge James Browning made some of the strongest and most remarkable statements to date in favor of a student’s right to due process in a campus proceeding. (JBP: Great news for all those who care about the presumption of innocence and the proliferation of ideologically-obsessed kangaroo courts.)

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