Monday, June 25, 2018

No whites allowed?

Experiment in reversing ethnic norms
Evergreen College has become infamous the past year. The school was dedicated to "social justice", indoctrination a few years ago, and has steadily slid downhill since. They started with a "Day of Absence" thing a couple of years ago with students of color encouraged to stay home for a day to demonstrate their importance to the college. But then they went to a "Day of Presence" which meant all Whites, students and teachers, were told to NOT come to the school. The teachers and administrators who did were badly harassed, forced into a room, forced to beg to go to the rest room (only with escorts), etc. This went on for a couple of days, with a spiral into more racist hysteria among students. It was a total horror scene. And the guy in charge defended it all. Later on the woman campus police chief resigned her job because of the gender and race harassment she had faced, and is now suing the school. Now there's been an over 20% drop in enrollment, and the school is cutting back drastically on classes and professors. Gee, why would that be? Below is just one video about this, there are several others up as well. This is what happens when blind, fanatic "social justice" idiots get power and twist the system into a total debacle. It doesn't bring any good, only more negative effects in our whole society. --Del

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