Wednesday, June 20, 2018

First Cronkite Report

Just in case anyone missed the key truthful report that Walter Cronkite made from Viet Nam on Feb 14, '68, check out the video link below.  This is the report that never got seen, but the report he made a week and half later, when back in New York, is the one that rocked the country, utterly depressed LBJ, and gave huge impetus to the antiwar movement. Interesting to think how history would have changed if it was the first report that everyone saw, not the second.  But that started the legitimization of slanted news reporting that took off fast and has been with us ever since.  It's not so much that we are always given truly "fake" news, things that are all outright total lies, but that we are inundated with news that's slanted seriously, coming from heavenly biased reporters and editors.  This becomes a form of propaganda, and enough of it twists everyone's understanding and thinking, so the vision of the world they have is seriously inaccurate and they end up thinking what doesn't really work is somehow the smart thing to do, and the kinds of actions that really do work are bad for any of a bevy of reasons.  All of this is very counterproductive for the society and the nation. --Del

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