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Random Thoughts for June

Random Thoughts for June, 2018.
By Robert A. Hall
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It was a short spring. We went from coat to light jacket to shirt sleeve in about ten days.

I don’t know if my problems are being caused by the Illuminati, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, or the Knights Templar. But surely they can’t be my fault!

Defeat follows leaders who say, “Don’t worry about that. It can’t be done,” only to find the opposition has done it. 

Many people seem to need someone or some circumstance to blame for their misfortunes. And they will find that person/circumstance regardless of any connection to reality.

Few things are as annoying as finding a neat new way to do something and discovering everybody else already knows it.

When someone dies, people say, “Heaven gained a new angel.” I’m religious, but I have trouble seeing myself as an angel.

If you don’t want to consider facts that are contrary to your world view, just label the source as far right or far left and forget it.

Every nation seems to need a minority to oppress and revile. In Muslim countries it is Jews, Christians, and Sunni or Shia Muslims (and other sects), depending who is in the minority. In much of Asia it is the “Overseas Chinese.” In Africa, the people of the other tribe. In the US it has been blacks, Indians, Asians, and Hispanics. Currently it is straight, Christian white males who believe in the family, the work ethic, limited government, free enterprise, free markets and the constitution including free speech and the right to protect your family. (And dead Confederates, though that isn’t as satisfying as they are dead and there aren’t enough monuments and graveyards to go around.) We just have to wait. It will eventually be another group. I’m hoping for university professors and “journalists.”

A weatherman who said something non-PC on the air would be fired immediately. But I’ve never heard of one being fired for making a wrong weather report.

I saw a young woman with “wild and reckless” on her tee shirt. That these are now considered character traits to brag about says some about our society.

I’m thinking of opening the “Amish liquor store and bar.” Think that would get any blowback? Polygamy Porter is still going strong in Utah I believe.

“It is useless for the sheep to pass resolutions in favor of vegetarianism if the wolf remains of a of a different opinion.” –William Inge.

If it doesn’t smell bad, it doesn’t matter what the sell-by date says.

I suppose it’s good they banned napalm. Now more of the enemy will survive to kill America’s sons and daughters. But it won’t be the kids of the elites demanding it be banned; those folks never serve. Not Trump, not Obama, Not Clinton. Or their kids.

If the world wasn’t full of disorganized procrastinators, I wouldn’t have made such a good living.

Be thankful for thrift stores like Goodwill. Otherwise I’d be running around naked, and nobody wants to see that!

The price of people feeling good about themselves is always paid by others. They wouldn’t pay it. When I was a state senator in the 1970s, I blocked divestment of the Commonwealth’s pension funds from companies doing business with South Africa. Not because I had any brief for South Africa or apartheid, but because of the cost to taxpayers. It passed after I left. My floor leader called me to tell me I was right. The Commonwealth took something like a $20m hit (a lot in 1983), but the taxpayers never knew who to blame as it was spread around.

You say “fat shaming” is bad? I do it every day! I get on the scale and it says 170. I say, “You fat, undisciplined pig, it should be under 160.”

When we moved to Madison, WI the city was populated by dozens of fiberglass cows, all painted by local “artists.” Some were nice, but many were hideous. Now we have about 80 fiberglass Bucky Badgers, the UW mascot, spread around town, all painted by local artists…

If kids get a cookie, or a different meal or a toy every time they want one, they will grow up to be entitled jerks, who get petulant and nasty anytime the world doesn’t give them what they want. And the parents will wonder why they turned out that way.

Funny how Michele Obama was off limits to media criticism and mockery but Melania Trump is fair game almost every day.

One of the pernicious effects of gargantuan government and limitless budgets that few talk about is that it leaves Washington afloat in easy money, thus government corrupts almost everyone who touches it.

Today is Edna Frankel day. We celebrate because she is the only person ever to have read the terms and conditions on a website before clicking yes.

We all suffer from the pernicious effect of ego and ambition on government, the military and civilian organizations.

Because something sounds profound doesn't suggest that it means anything.

Young people talk about sex, cars and things from pop culture. Old people talk about their health.

I have to use eye drops because I have high pressure in my eyes. I don’t know if this is from the drugs I’m on for my lung transplant. Or just one of those gifts God gives you to make old age interesting.

I said, “God, I think I’m getting senile.” God said, “Getting?”

My friend Marty taught me never to disparage a compliment. Someone says, “Good job,” and you say, “Well, I got lucky.” It disparages the person giving the compliment as well. The proper response to a compliment is, “Thank you.”

It’s easier for many people just to accept a religious or political belief as true than to do any critical thinking.

Saw a tee shirt at the VA: “I’m emotionally constipated. I haven’t given a shit in years.”

I wonder if Canadians would feel differently about Israel if the US was lobbing rockets across the border every day. Or sending in suicide squads to murder Canadians.

I read that Iran is threatening to expose western officials who took bribes to support the Iran nuke deal. I double-dog dare them. Bring it on.

The media feeds off school shooting, because they increase sales and ad revenues. And the wall to wall coverage encourage more shootings, so the cycle continues. The worst school disaster in US history was the “Bath Massacre” in 1927 Michigan. Thirty-eight kids and six adults were killed. 58 others were injured. By bombs, not guns. But we didn’t have TV, the Internet and 24-hour news.

Back when I lived in NJ, my step-daughter was over. I was chastising her, probably over not finishing college or having a FT job. She said, “Bob, I’m only 26. What were you doing at 26?” I replied, “I had served four years in the Marines including Vietnam, earned AA & BA degrees and been elected to the Massachusetts Senate.” End of conversation.

I wonder if the Asian-Americans who poured hate on Keziah Daum, who is not Chinese, for wearing a cheongsam to her prom, eat with chopsticks every meal or have they “culturally-appropriated” forks and knives from those with European heritage?

Isn’t a black cast performing “Hamilton” cultural appropriation from Europeans?

“There are some ideas so absurd that only an intellectual could believe them.” ― George Orwell.

If you believe, “Different strokes for different folks,” maybe you shouldn’t try out for a rowing team.

"The idea of conquest was central to the Sultanate, intricately interwoven with its holder's position as leader of the Muslim world. ... Only spectacular conquests could legitimize a sultan." Roger Crowley, Empires of the Sea.

Man is the only animal that picks up after itself. Well, some of them do.

Both the right and the left have facts that are allowed, and facts that are not allowed.

Civilization has been described as “a thin crust over a volcano.” Progressives are determined to peel away that crust in the name of “social justice.” They, too, will be engulfed by the eruption.

“Most people with low self-esteem have earned it.” -George Carlin

The constitution and those who defend it is all that is keeping our people from a Stalinist hell imposed by the Progressive nomenklatura. All for our own good, of course.

Just because a banana has bad spots doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the good parts. Just because your life has bad spots doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the good parts.

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Robert A. Hall is a Marine Vietnam Veteran who served five terms in the Massachusetts State Senate. He is the author of The Coming Collapse of the American Republic. For a free PDF of Collapse, e-mail him at tartanmarine(at) Hall’s eleven books are listed here: His blog of political news and conservative comment is He currently works part-time as a writer-editor in the My Life, My Story program as the Madison VA hospital, interviewing vets and writing up their life histories.

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