Thursday, May 24, 2018


The Bizarre Bernie Sanders Moment Appears to be (Mercifully) Ending
Excerpt: he man who once proclaimed how bread lines & soup kitchens were actually a good thing, seems to be heading to pasture. In the time since his predestined defeat to the candidate who went from being “the first woman president” to “the only person in the world capable of losing badly to Donald Trump,” Bernie Sanders has tried desperately to maintain the wave of socialist energy he created amongst a new coalition of college aged ideologues and the MoveOn/Netroots/DailyKos/Democrat Underground fringe. Even his own website proclaims, “Together we’ve crushed expectations, set records, and laid the groundwork for a political revolution.” But as is so often the case with failed revolutionaries, it’s hard to keep the dream alive when your own party puts you out to pasture. And just a year since announcing this glorious groundwork, it seems that ground is giving way: According to a report in Politico, "Our Revolution," the group put together by former operatives for Bernie Sanders's campaign, designed to keep the "progressive" community engaged and pave the way for a potential 2020 Sanders re-run, is falling apart, and has become nothing more than a snarky Twitter account with a valuable contact list…
Two dozen sources "inside the organization" told reporters that board members are concerned that Our Revolution is hoarding money and refusing to help out progressive candidates in contested races, while its lead, Nina Turner, is trying to launch her own political career.

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