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Random Thoughts for April

Random Thoughts for April, 2018.
By Robert A. Hall
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When the time comes, refuse the blindfold.

The Duke of Wellington said, “Whatever the provocation, one’s letters should show no severity or asperity, just a plain and short abstract statement of the facts.” Good advice for politicians today.

In any fair accounting, toilet paper and paper towels would be listed among the inventions that made civilization possible.

I think the saying, “The cure is worse than the disease” originated with federal bureaucrats.

We are all taking a course entitled, “Life101.” I hear the final is a killer.

Progressives believe we should be understanding and culturally sensitive to Muslim fanatics who rape and kill. But if you make one flirtatious or non-PC remark….

Multi-tasking is over-rated, which is why so many individuals using phones to talk or text while driving have accidents. Killing a child is not funny.

Recently some historically-ignorant person in Seattle called to report a Confederate Flag flying in their neighborhood. It was a Norwegian flag. This points up why getting rid of the Confederate battle flag and monuments is a bad idea. In 50 years, will people know what they stood for, or why my great grandfather fought through the war, and was wounded twice, putting down the slave power? Besides, what were the authorities to do? Take it down because it offended someone? Well, gay pride and black power flags offend some folks too. Should the government ban them too? This is why we have the first amendment. If you don’t defend speech you hate, you are not for freedom of speech. Hans and Sophie Scholl died for it.

There are some other factors, but mostly your weight, good or bad, is the result of choices you have made. So is your life.

I suspect the hardest part of becoming a medical professional is learning to say all the drug names.

America did not become exceptional because of Congress, but in spite of it.

All men are equal in the eyes of God and in the men’s room.

I hear Hollywood is making a new movie about the Alamo. In it, Travis, Bowie and Crocket are Alt-Right White Supremacists fighting to stop peaceful Mexicans from coming here to find a better life.

According to a column by Josh Kraushaar, quoted in The Week magazine, “The California Democratic Party even voted last week not to endorse Senator Dianne Feinstein, deeming her too moderate.” Let that sink in.

If you are listening to a song, and you can understand the words, it’s one that hasn’t been popular in years.

Chicago used to be called, the Second City. Now it might better be called, The Mess in the Middle.

Ugly? Try a tattoo or face piercing to distract viewers eyes. Works the same for attractive people.

Smart Phones and Facebook make people think they have a social life.

If AI makes the robots self-aware, will they demand healthcare, vacations, and $15 per hour?

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was fired by Trump on Twitter. Classy, huh. Of course, Tillerson was reported saying that “Trump is a moron.” Interesting he had to work there to find that out. Since Trump first came to my attention bragging in the papers about cheating on his first wife (a habit he can’t seem to break), at that time he was a NY liberal, anti-gun. 100% pro-life, for big government, for the “Dreamers,” I’ve held that opinion for 25 years. Will Tillerson now write a book, “Working for the Moron?” Interesting that his replacement is also economically-literate, thus against tariffs.

Trump supports have a clear ideology. If Trump says it, it’s true. If he says the opposite tomorrow, that’s also true. If Trump is for it, it’s right and conservative. Regardless of what conservatives believed in the past. This, to me, is the definition of RINO.

When someone says to a Marine, “I almost joined the Marine Corps,” I think the proper response is, “I almost respect you.”

I wonder what Darwin would say about opioid overdose deaths?

In response to a post about a fake veteran “hero.”: “If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then claiming to be something you're not is the sincerest admission of inadequacy.” Lt. Col. Tom Kratman USA (Ret) and excellent author of military science fiction.

(About School Choice): When I read articles like this, I have only one question: you say you want an excellent education for your child, but what are you bringing to the table? Without the parental commitment, all you can ensure is more trouble, more cost, and a low likelihood of value the detriment of the others. –George.

I see that Holy Cross College has dropped their mascot, “The Crusader,” in deference to Muslims, the first and biggest religious crusaders, who tried to overrun Europe many times, and now may have succeed. My I suggest in substitute, “The Total Loss from Holy Cross”?

Some people put up with their adult kids pissing in their mouths so they can maintain contact with their grandkids, hoping they can help them turn out better.

If you buy your clothing a size too big, everyone will think you lost weight.

Bumper Sticker on a Texas SUV: It would be nice if closed minds came with closed mouths.

I found a novel by the great George V. Higgins that I had missed called “Outlaws.” He has one of his characters say that the only people bored in retirement are boring people. Yup.

Food manufacturers apparently think that if you put enough sugar and salt in it, anything will taste good.

So, is premediated sin worse than spontaneous sin? Asking for a friend.

“Gun Free Zone” is liberal speak for “Target Rich Environment.”

If all Second Amendment Supporters converted to Islam or claimed a new race or gender, liberals would insist the government give them free guns.

Some persons try to time the market when they can’t even time bananas.

If they tell me I’m dying, and thus can eat anything I want, they’re going to need a big coffin.

Is it just me or are both parties doubling down on crazy?

I hear global warming is getting so bad that Hollywood Celebrities are downsizing to 50,000 sf homes, getting new yachts under 300 feet and using the private jet only twice a week, to cut carbon.

The way he’s going through Republicans, I expect to be in the Trump Administration next year. For about three weeks.

I take enough pills every day to cure the Russian army of trench foot.

If you pray, pray for self-discipline. Nothing is more correlated with a successful life. If your kids or grandkids need it, they can get it at Parris Island.

There’s nothing you eat that doesn’t have a study showing that it’s bad for you.

If the Democrats win control of the Congress in 2018, they will discover that Obama’s expansion of the use of executive orders to bypass congress will come back to haunt them.

Believing and Knowing are not the same thing.
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