Wednesday, March 28, 2018


The Corrosion of the British Spirit
It's a very sad thing to watch cultures built on good humanitarian (let's not say Judeo-Christian) values allow themselves to be diluted, weakened, devalued in some ways, as what is undercutting them are very different values or lack of values. Saddest of all is the tendency for anyone who raises the least objection, if only to speak up about actual events, to instantly be tarred with the "Far Right" brush, or the racist or phobic brush, and dismissed with disdain. PC intolerance of any dissent is one of the worst things about these times, and its strength does not seem to be waning at all. It's hard to imagine where all this will go over time, but the low birth rate of native Europeans and the high birth rate of the immigrants says there'll be some major demographic shifts in the next 30 years. Will aggressive Islamism grow steadily stronger and influential in many places until descendants of the original population become a discriminated minority? Will it get to be like some places in India, where there were just some deadly riots between Hindus and Muslims, except in Europe it'll be between Muslims and everyone else? Nations divided into hostile fractions don't work out well. Energy goes into conflict instead of constructive efforts. Until someone comes along with the smarter, tougher armed force who takes over from everyone. E.g. Alexander the Great. How did the Brits take over all of India, over decades of time? One sub state at a time, incorporate them, then recruit them to fight alongside you against the next sub state. Over years the dominoes fall, one by one. If I lived anywhere in Europe I'd go to whatever trouble I had to in order to get my hands on guns and ammo, and slowly find some like minded people to associate with. Of course that would make me one of the crazy extreme Right guys.....RJD

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