Sunday, November 12, 2017

UCLA in China

OK, so three UCLA basketball players in China go not so much as shopping, as shoplifting. In a high end store with security cameras. Imagine their surprise when they got arrested, I guess they figured being important US citizens, and hardly standing out in the crowd at all (being a foot taller and a whole lot darker than the other shoppers), no one would notice, or if they did notice, dare to say anything. What incredible idiots, not to mention being damn thieves. Maybe that's what they get away with in US stores, but those crazy Chinese aren't into admiring thievery. What have they done for the reputation of Americans, or their team, or their school? They will probably be let off with fine and sent home, but I hope the team drops them and their scholarships. If they don't, it'll tell us all that dishonesty and stupidity are OK as long as you can sink the ball for three points. --Del

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