Friday, November 24, 2017

Gang Turf

Madison police: Gangs now consider stretch of University Avenue part of their turf
Excerpt: After a drive-by shooting in front of bars on University Avenue near the UW-Madison campus in 2012, some feared gangs were beginning to invade an area dominated by college students. Five years later, it has become clear to Madison police and city officials that gang members — some of whom are carrying guns — now consider the 600 block of University Avenue, with its dense collection of bars and restaurants, part of their turf.Adding to the volatility: A bar in the middle of the block that showcases hip-hop music that also caters to people under 21 for some events. Fights that started inside the bar turned into huge brawls involving hundreds of people that spilled onto University Avenue on three successive weekends in late September and early October. Police used large tanks of pepper gas to stop each of them as well as an additional brawl that broke out a few weeks later that started in another bar.

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