Friday, October 28, 2016

Would you vote for this guy for mayor?

Do you support this guy for mayor? By Robert A. Hall

Let's say that you've lived in a town for over 30 years. And let's say you love dogs. You own three who sleep with you and your wife on your king size bed. Your wife works at a shelter and often brings home strays to foster. You spend all your free time walking with, training or playing with the dogs. Lucky for you, most people in your town, at least 70%, love dogs.

Except, of course for that guy two houses down on the other side of the street.  He hates dogs. He yells at you if your dogs do their business on his curb, even though you pick it up. He leaves nasty notes in your door and calls the cops to complain about your dogs barking at night, though they sleep in your room, so you'd know. He writes anti-dog letters to the paper. He lobbies the council for higher licensing fees and anti-dog ordinances.

That is, until last year he when decided to run for Mayor. Now he loves dogs. He bought a Golden Retriever he takes everywhere. He promises that if elected he will lower licensing fees, build more dog parks and make all city buildings dog-friendly. He promises to expand the shelter and make sure only no-kill shelters can open in your town.

Do you believe he now loves dogs? Do you get on his political bandwagon and slam anyone who opposes him?

So now comes Donald Trump. For over three decades, Trump has:
  • Contributed big money to Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Rahm Emanuel and other liberals to keep them in office.
  • Praised gun-grabber Mayor Michael Bloomberg and said about guns, “Nothing I Like Better Than Nobody Has Them.”
  • Said Hillary Clinton was a great senator, a great Secretary of State (after Benghazi) and would be a Great President.
  • Said he was 100% pro-choice, including on partial-birth abortion, and that his sister, a radical pro-abortion judge, would be great on the Supreme Court. And said that Planned Parenthood does some good things so he wouldn't cut off funding.
  • Bragged publically about cheating on his wives and privately about sexually assaulting women.
  • Said Romney lost to Obama because the GOP was too harsh on immigrants and that the "Dreamers" had convinced him.
  • Advocated single-payer (it works so well in Canada) healthcare, which is Hillarycare, and for the individual mandate.
  • Advocated raising the minimum wage.
  • Made himself popular among the so-called “alt-right” made up of KKK, neo-Nazis, and fascists. These are the same groups (John Birchers) that William Buckley expelled from the conservative movement.
  • Lambasted big business and advocated protectionist policies–the GOP used to be the party of business.
  • Accepted and offered praise from and to Vladimir Putin, the biggest threat to America’s international interests since the Soviet Union fell.
  • Criticized John McCain saying, "I like guys who didn't get captured," after avoiding military service in Vietnam through college deferments and a timely medical deferment.
  • Said he learned more about the military in prep school than most guys do in the service.
  • Said he has never repented or asked God for forgiveness because he doesn't make mistakes.
  • Said that sex and not catching VD was his personal Vietnam and made him, "Like a brave soldier."
  • Said that Oprah would make a great VP.
  • Ran a scam university and made money by stiffing investors through bankruptcies and stiffing workers.
  • Worked with mob guys, like Anthony “Fat Tony” Salerno, Paul Castellano and Joey No Socks (who gave him phony awards).
  • Said George Bush was evil and praised Barack Obama.
  • Used illegal immigrants in his businesses, taking jobs from American workers.
As a candidate, Trump has:
  • Mocked a disabled reporter.
  • Said we could pay off the National Debt by printing money, a policy far to the left of Jill Stein that would destroy savings and IRAs.
  • Pledged to punish the press and individuals who opposed him.
  • Demonstrated an abysmal ignorance of the constitution, the military, foreign policy, how government works and the economy. He said he consults himself on foreign policy because, "I have a very good brain."
  • Promised to self-fund and then reneged, leaving the GOP far behind in campaign funds.
  • Spent more time attacking conservatives and Republicans than Democrats, and said he doesn't need conservatives. He even accused Ted Cruz's father of being involved in the JFK assassination.
  • Disdained to develop a data-driven ground game.
  • Spent time and effort in hopeless states like NY.
  • Promised to release his tax returns but never has, though he demanded them from his VP list.
  • Directed campaign funds to his own businesses, which charged more than market, thus squandering the donations he has gotten.
  • Said he would not rip up the Iran deal.
  • Said the abortion laws are set.
  • Said he'd be neutral on Israel and Palestine.
  • Opposed free trade like Clinton and Sanders have.

But you're all in for Trump because he's a conservative, and tells it like it is? Well, he said he doesn't need my money or my vote as a conservative, and he didn't get it.

I voted for Evan McMullin for President.

22 Reasons Principled Conservatives can Never Vote for Donald Trump. By Robert A. Hall
(And Hillary is just as bad, though it's a toss up which will be worse for the country.)

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