Thursday, October 27, 2016

Gun sanity?

Amidst Utter Chaos, One Gun Poll Shows Actual Sanity
Anyhow, it appears that there is at least one emerging sign of plebiscitary sanity amidst a tsunami of quasi-apocalyptic moral turpitude. It seems that Americans really do not approve of the purely symbolic and utterly stupid 1994-2004 federal law that banned “assault weapons” guns the Left thinks look scary. Here is the upshot, per Sean Davis at The Federalist:
"Support for a so-called assault weapons ban in the U.S. just hit a record low of 36 percent, according to a new Gallup poll released on Wednesday. The poll showed that 61 percent of American adults now oppose a ban. That level of opposition is the highest ever recorded. Increasing opposition to the 1990’s-era gun ban isn’t just limited to Republicans. Gallup’s data show that opposition to the ban has increased across the board. Barely 50 percent of Democrats currently support the ban today, compared to 63 percent support from Democrats in 1996, just two years after the federal ban was signed into law. Less than a third of independents currently support a ban, while Republican support hovers at 25 percent. An assault weapons ban is also widely opposed by those who don’t even own guns. Gallup’s latest survey found that only 45 percent of households without guns support the ban, compared to 26 percent support among households with guns."
Good. The ban on the cosmetically amorphous and logistically-impossible-to-intellectually-coherently-define sub-class of rifles frequently lambasted by Leftists as “assault weapons” is probably one of the single most overtly impulsive, senseless, liberty-depriving, legislate-because-it-makes-us-feel-good pieces of drivel to emerge out of Congress over the past three decades.

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