Monday, March 7, 2016

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Another Socialist Paradise: Inflation-Racked Venezuela Orders Bank Notes by the Planeload
Excerpt: Millions of pounds of provisions, stuffed into three-dozen 747 cargo planes, arrived here from countries around the world in recent months to service Venezuela’s crippled economy. But instead of food and medicine, the planes carried another resource that often runs scarce here: bills of Venezuela’s currency, the bolivar. The shipments were part of the import of at least five billion bank notes that President Nicol├ís Maduro’s administration authorized over the latter half of 2015 as the government boosts the supply of the country’s increasingly worthless currency, according to seven people familiar with the deals. (It always turns out the same. To keep the support of the masses, the growing government always promises more programs and "free stuff" than it can pay for through taxes and borrowing--so it resorts to printing money. This causes runaway inflation and devalues all savings to nothing. So it prints more. Then the government cancels the currency and starts over. Which is why you can buy a billion dollars in Zimbabwe's old currency on eBay for about eight bucks. See the Weimer Republic and the rise of National Socialism. See also, "The West and the Tyranny of Public Debt" The election of Clinton or Sanders or Trump will accelerate the process, but I do not think any candidate has the political capital to take the very painful measures necessary to change course from the abyss. ~Bob)

Trump and the GOP Nomination

Worth Reading: The rise of American authoritarianism. A niche group of political scientists may have uncovered what's driving Donald Trump's ascent. What they found has implications that go well beyond 2016. By Amanda Taub 
Excerpt: MacWilliams studies authoritarianism — not actual dictators, but rather a psychological profile of individual voters that is characterized by a desire for order and a fear of outsiders. People who score high in authoritarianism, when they feel threatened, look for strong leaders who promise to take whatever action necessary to protect them from outsiders and prevent the changes they fear. So MacWilliams naturally wondered if authoritarianism might correlate with support for Trump. He polled a large sample of likely voters, looking for correlations between support for Trump and views that align with authoritarianism. What he found was astonishing: Not only did authoritarianism correlate, but it seemed to predict support for Trump more reliably than virtually any other indicator. He later repeated the same poll in South Carolina, shortly before the primary there, and found the same results, which he published in Vox: (Very educational, and makes sense in what is happening today. A fairly long read/study, but make sure you review the charts and summary at the bottom. Could be a wake up call for some voters. --GBH, MajGen, USMC Ret. I expect the next four years are likely to have more political violence than any times since the 1860s. ~Bob)

Excerpt: Running scared from a debate hosted by Megyn Kelly in Iowa, Donald Trump instead hosted an Iowa event to, according to his campaign, “raise money for the Veterans and Wounded Warriors, who have been treated so horribly by our all talk, no action politicians.” The $6 million raised went, curiously, straight to Donald Trump’s campaign website — an odd way to fundraise. That money, equally curiously, has yet to find its way to veterans’ groups.  When Donald Trump demanded a $5 million ransom from CNN to appear in their December debate, he also used veterans as a foil. Trump claimed he would donate proceeds to wounded warriors. His interest in veterans is sudden. Forbes reported that of the $5.5 million the Donald J. Trump Foundation gave to charity, “only $57,000 has been donated to seven organizations that directly benefit military veterans or their families.”  That’s the rough equivalent of a Ford Expedition. It’s a weak showing for a billionaire who claims to be the champion of America’s service members.

The Associated Press projects Florida Sen. Marco Rubio wins the Puerto Rico Republican primary. 
Hus campaign reported he received over 50%, getting all 23 delegates. ~Bob

Cruz wins Kansas GOP Caucus, five states vote Saturday
Also Maine. Trump won LA. ~Bob

The end of this GOP might be a blessing. By Kathleen Parker
Excerpt: So it has come to this: a brokered convention or President Hillary Clinton. These options seem to be what’s left to Republicans of conscience, who are, let’s face it, rather Romney-come-latelies to the pyre. They’re based on the following evidence: It is highly unlikely that Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio or John Kasich can wrest the nomination from Donald Trump, even though most polls show each of the three beating Clinton but Clinton beating Trump. The most Republicans can hope for now is that Kasich and Rubio win the primaries in their home states of Ohio and Florida, respectively, as Cruz did in Texas, and enough other contests to deny Trump the necessary delegates, thus paving the way for a brokered convention. This was the recommendation of former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who presented a line-item, factual takedown of Trump on Thursday. (Parker is usually seen as a moderate conservative. ~Bob)

Actual Fascism Was My #NeverTrump Moment. By Josh Hammer 
Excerpt: Though I have been relentlessly anti-Donald Trump for months now — constantly referring to him as a big-government faux-conservative fraudster — I nonetheless publicly wrote only eleven days ago that I would vote for Trump in a general election.  My reasoning was fairly straightforward: the untimely death of legendary Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia made the future of the Court a particularly salient political issue, given the surprisingly strong commitments thus far from Mitch McConnell and Chuck Grassley to hold the line on Obama SCOTUS nominees, and the fact that Trump himself had name-dropped two excellent possible replacements in U.S. Court of Appeals Judges Diane Sykes and William Pryor. No more.  This man is such a unique menace to our system of governance, to our rule of law, to our national ethos, and to our culture that I simply cannot see myself ever voting for him.  I have determined that even if (a big “if”) Trump were to actually eschew his penchant for “flexibility” and indeed nominate committed constitutionalists to the Court, that it simply would not be worth the massive downsides.

What are anti-Trump Republicans to do? Here are four options.
Excerpt: Support a center-right, third-party candidate for president who would represent a civil rights Republicanism and hold the core message of the party in trust for better days. This approach would depend on finding a strong candidate who is willing to engage in an important but (given the history of such efforts) losing effort. A Mitt Romney candidacy would smack too much of an establishment bent on revenge. In contrast, Mitch Daniels, the former governor of Indiana, would carry a winsome, disciplined, conservative message. Former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice would stand for everything Trump does not — gravity, dignity, character and serious moral purpose.

Republican US presidential candidate Cruz wins 2016 CPAC 
Excerpt: 2,659 attendees were surveyed, with Cruz snagging the first-place slot with 40 points, followed by rivals Marco Rubio with 30 points and Republican national front-runner Donald Trump with 15. The election will be held in November.(The reason that CPAC supports Cruz and Rubio over Trump is simple.  Trump is a liberal. --MLM)

Cruz Gets To The Heart Of Making America Great Again
Excerpt: There were some solid answers showing mature thinking from the likes of Ohio Gov. John Kasich. But only when Texas Sen. Ted Cruz took the microphone were the questions of how to bring manufacturing jobs back to the U.S. transformed from a local issue to a national imperative — one that went to the heart of what it really takes to make America great again, the very theme that has drawn so many voters to Donald Trump. “Let me start by observing that Detroit is a great city with a magnificent legacy that has been utterly decimated by 60 years of failed left-wing policy,” Cruz told Fox News moderator Chris Wallace. (OK, we've heard 1000 times that a lot of people in Congress don't like Ted Cruz.  To be honest, I don't give a damn if anyone likes anyone in DC, all I care about is who can be effective in leading us in the right directions.  Cruz broke a sacred rule in the Senate when he made a very clear speech about Mitch McConnell having lied deliberately about a program that he didn't want to go forward.  You're NEVER supposed to attack a leader in your Party, no matter what they've done.  I happen to think it's a good thing and worth of respect that he did so when the occasion called for it. I like what I've seen of his roots, his family, his past history.  And below he comes out with what no one else has so far, and actual easy to understand plan to vastly improve the business climate in this country.  That's exactly the kind of thinking we need so desperately for our future.  And Mr. Trump has no creative ideas, other than his creative use of language and symbolism to attack anyone who breathes a word against him. --Del)

President Rubio is Not Going to Happen. Vice President Rubio Can and Should. By Erick Erickson  
Excerpt: The results of last night’s elections make clear two things. First, Donald Trump can be stopped by winning primaries and caucuses. Ted Cruz won more delegates than Trump yesterday, beating Trump in two surprises: Kansas and Maine. Both states saw their governors oppose Cruz. Kansas’s governor went with Rubio and Maine’s with Trump. Second, it is not possible for Marco Rubio to stop Donald Trump. Rubio is struggling to keep his second place standing in Florida and that is not guaranteed. He has one only one state and that was predictable and uncontested by the other candidates. Cruz is around 70 delegates behind Donald Trump while Rubio, after last night, trails by more than 250. President Rubio is not going to happen.

Donald Trump and Narcissistic Personality Disorder: An Interview with Sam Vaknin. By Arlen Williams
Excerpt: I was the first to introduce pathological narcissism into the terms of the political debate with my July 2008 essay where I suggested that Obama may be a narcissist. Obama is intelligent and prosocial. Trump clams to be the former, but he is definitely not the latter. I regard him as much more of a menace than Obama ever was to the future of the USA and, by extension, the world. I am shocked that -- despite an increasing awareness of the dangers of narcissism in the media and in the public -- Trump is still making any headway in this election cycle.

Trump broke debate rules: report
Excerpt: Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump broke the rules during Thursday night's Fox News GOP debate by consulting with his campaign manager during a commercial break, according to a CNN report. The report cited unnamed sources from  came on stage to consult with him when the debate went to commercial. A Fox News source also said Lewandowski refused to leave the stage when asked to do so by network staffers. 

Worth Reading: Being angry is not a license for voters to be stupid
Excerpt: You’re sick of broken campaign promises. So am I. You can’t stand what politicians have been doing to this country for years. Neither can I. You want someone to get in there, shake things up, and make some real changes that will put politicians in both parties on notice. I couldn’t agree more. You’re voting for Donald Trump. I have to shake my head in disgust. Those things that you’re feeling – anger, disenchantment, and a desire for change – are all righteous feelings coming from an electorate that has been screwed over time and time again, particularly over the last two decades. The problem is that Donald Trump represents a continuation of those practices. Donald Trump is one of the reasons we’ve had corruption, massive spending, and ineffective solutions since 1989. Donald Trump is not a change agent. Donald Trump is the status quo in every area that actually makes a difference.

Last Night, Donald Trump Disqualified Himself
Excerpt: As a retired military officer, I watched last night’s Republican debate from Detroit (transcript here) with a special focus on which candidate is qualified to lead the military as commander-in-chief.  I knew, of course, that Donald Trump had promised in the past to use torture against America’s enemies (last night, he called them “animals”), that he would pursue and kill not only terrorists but their families (apparently because the families always know, according to Trump, what their father/brother/sister is up to, as if there are no secrets in families).  Trump, in short, is an Old Testament “eye for an eye” man: if they behead us, we’ll torture and kill them, end of story.
But Trump was put on the spot when he was asked what he would do if the U.S. military failed to carry out his unlawful orders.  Instead of saying he wouldn’t issue unlawful orders, that he would support and defend the U.S. Constitution, which as president would be his sworn duty to uphold, Trump boasted that the military would follow his orders no matter what. America: those are the words of a dictator.

Donald Trump’s No Good, Very Bad Weekend. By Erick Erickson 
Excerpt: For those of you who enjoyed your weekend away from politics, Saturday became Super Cruzday. Ted Cruz beat Donald Trump in delegates, winning two of four states up for grabs. In a third state, Louisiana, Cruz tied Trump in delegates despite Trump’s overall win. On Sunday, in Puerto Rico, Rubio crushed Trump. In fact, what we are seeing is a massive shift in the underlying polling data away from Trump. For example, in some areas where Trump won early voting, the day of voting numbers show him losing two to one and in some cases three to one. The longer this goes on, the more the GOP rallies against Trump. The only thing that helps Trump is Rubio staying in. Even the Rubio people are conceding that he has no path forward outside of a brokered convention. Rubio is running low on funds, is second in polling in Florida, and has no path forward except to take it at the convention. But if Rubio gets out and allies with Cruz as his running mate now, they can win Florida and the nomination in a fair fight without the need for a brokered convention.

Randy Kendrick, wife of Arizona Diamondbacks owner, works to mobilize conservative donors against Donald Trump
Excerpt: Randy Kendrick, an influential conservative donor based in Arizona, is rallying other wealthy contributors to finance a last-ditch campaign against GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump, saying she has been appalled by his incendiary remarks about immigrants and his reluctance to denounce white supremacists in a television interview last month. Kendrick, who is active in the Koch political network and is the wife of Arizona Diamondbacks owner Ken Kendrick, said in an interview that she was moved to act by the accumulation of Trump’s provocative rhetoric. The final straw, she said, was the way he handled a question about former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke on the eve of the March 1 Super Tuesday contests.

Worth Reading: #NeverTrump is working. By Jennifer Rubin
Excerpt: With each batch of presidential contests, the MSM’s storyline that Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee takes another hit. After winning three straight (New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina), he won seven of 11 on Super Tuesday, and two of five over the weekend. In short, just looking at states, his percentage went from 100 percent to 64 percent to 40 percent. The latest from Michigan shows, “In interviews conducted Thursday and Friday, Trump held a solid lead with 39% support compared to 22% for Cruz, 17% for Kasich, and 14% for Rubio. The race was much tighter in Saturday and Sunday interviews at 32% for Trump, 26% for Kasich, 25% for Cruz, and 12% for Rubio.” Legitimate front-runners usually build support as voters get to know them. With Trump, familiarity is breeding contempt and losing him votes.

Worth reading: The Origins of Trump Nihilism. By Victor Davis Hanson
Excerpt: Trump gave more than enough evidence that his positions are liquid and change as often his perceptions of his flatterers and critics. He is a blank slate, who as president could build or tear down a southern wall with equal ease, depending on the dynamics of the political deal of the moment. Has there ever been a Republican candidate that Republicans feared was too liberal and Democrats too reactionary? Planned Parenthood advocates usually do not wish to build a wall on the southern border. Trump’s perceived danger to the Republican Party is that he would move not only to the Left, but do so in an especially crass and crude way—expanding the party by not being of the party, winning as a Republican precisely by not being a Republican. To the degree that he would succeed as a president, liberals would applaud his conversion to liberalism; to the degree that he would fail, they would cite his innate conservatism.

Louis CK: President Donald Trump would ‘decimate the First Amendment.’ By M.D. Kittle 
Excerpt:  There are a few things the right and the left can agree on. A few. One is this: Donald Trump, based on the things he has said, would be very bad for the First– if he really means the things he has said.

Michael Reagan: Trump Is No Reagan Republican
Excerpt:     Mr. Trump, I knew Ronald Reagan. And you’re no Ronald Reagan! Of course, I am stealing that line — with a twist. Donald Trump shouldn’t mind. He’s been stealing my dad for his own purposes. Trump frequently invokes Ronald Reagan’s name to defend his sudden, 180-degree switch from being a life-long, pro-Clinton Democrat to a Reagan Republican. Both men did make a switch, but almost all the similarities between the two end there. Ronald Reagan’s odyssey from Hollywood liberal to conservative backer took place over almost two decades.

Ron Paul: “Absolutely No Meaningful Difference Between Hillary and Trump”
“From a libertarian viewpoint, there is absolutely no meaningful difference between Hillary and Trump,” he emphatically remarked. “I mean, they both support [the] military-industrial complex, the federal reserve, deficits, entitlements, invasion of our privacy.”

Trump Tower Funded by Rich Chinese Who Invest Cash for Visas. By Jess Drucker
Excerpt: Throughout his presidential campaign, Donald Trump has attacked China and warned about the dangers of deficient immigrant screening.
"They’ve taken our jobs, they’ve taken our money, they’ve taken everything," he said of China in a speech late last month. He has called for a revamping, even a freezing, of the immigration system, but says he would make an exception for the highly-skilled. Yet no skills are required of the wealthy Chinese being courted by a Chinese-subtitled video to help finance a huge Trump-branded tower in New Jersey. The video leads viewers behind the wheel of a car into Jersey City with scenes of the tower, all to the tune of the theme song from The Sopranos, "Woke Up This Morning." The video was produced to help raise tens of millions of dollars through a controversial government program that offers expedited visas to foreign investors overwhelmingly from China

Excerpt: Donald Trump fundamentally misunderstands the American military. He sees it as an instrument of savage brutality, restrained only by political correctness. There is no honor. There is no law. If only the military were free to torture, murder, and blaspheme, then America would win its wars. By believing that American soldiers would follow those orders — or would want to follow those orders — he slanders the character of the American military. For months, he has promised that he would order the military to commit war crimes, torturing militants and targeting their families for execution. He was just as emphatic in promising that those orders would be followed. He was wrong. There is no scenario under which the military would ever follow directives so offensive to its honor and so blatantly illegal. No man I served with in Iraq would comply with an order to intentionally kill an innocent woman or child, and no officer with a shred of decency or honor would give such an order.

Trump Ads

The Best Words

Sheri--60 Seconds

Proof That Donald Trump Is a Liberal!

General Political News

Clinton, on her private server, wrote 104 emails the government says are classified
EXCERPT: Hillary Clinton wrote 104 emails that she sent using her private server while secretary of state that the government has since said contain classified information, according to a new Washington Post analysis of Clinton’s publicly released correspondence. The finding is the first accounting of the Democratic presidential front-runner’s personal role in placing information now considered sensitive into insecure email during her State Department tenure. Clinton’s ­authorship of dozens of emails now considered classified could complicate her efforts to argue that she never put government secrets at risk. (No one cares about Hillary's lies anymore than about Trump's. ~Bob)


Trailer for Dinesh D’Souza’s Upcoming Movie ‘Hillary’s America

What Obama didn’t mention at the Milwaukee Obamacare pep rally. By M.D. Kittle 
Excerpt: But while he had time for jokes and jabs at Republicans for having the audacity to call for a better, more affordable solution to the nation’s rising health care costs, Obama failed to mention the other side of the “Affordable Care Act.” U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Oshkosh, did. “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has not lived up to its name in Wisconsin or the rest of America,” said Johnson, who has been a leading proponent of repealing and replacing Obamacare. “In spite of President Obama’s repeated assurances,  millions of Americans and thousands of Wisconsinites lost health insurance they liked and could afford and have also lost access to doctors they trusted.

North Korean threats against the US: how worried should you be?

Excerpt: North Korea has raised the prospect of a pre-emptive strike with nuclear weapons in an official statement. However, there is no imminent danger from North Korea to the US mainland. Our military personnel and facilities in the Asia-Pacific and our allies such as South Korea, Japan, and Australia, are more vulnerable. 

Hillary Emails: Lovefest with Soros-Backed Left Wing Think Tank
Excerpt: The last batch of Hillary Clinton’s private emails, released on Monday and reviewed in full by this reporter, evidences a close personal and professional relationship with the George Soros-funded Center for American Progress, or CAP.... The deep  Clinton ties to CAP are not surprising. The group was co-founded by John Podesta, who served as Bill Clinton’s chief of staff and was co-director of Obama’s White House transition team in 2009. Podesta is currently chairman of Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Debate over women in combat continues to roil Marine Corps. BY Lolita C. Baldor, Associated Press  
Excerpt: A top Marine general predicts that the Defense Department’s vows to maintain the same standards for women and men in combat jobs won’t last, saying the military will eventually be pressured to lower the qualifications so more women can serve in jobs like the Marine infantry. The public comments by Gen. John Kelly, head of U.S. Southern Command, underscored how strongly the Marines opposed Defense Secretary Ash Carter’s plans to fully integrate women into all combat jobs, including the Marine Corps and special operations forces like Navy SEALs and Army Green Berets. A new, high-level disagreement is erupting over whether the Marine Corps must also fully integrate its 12-week recruit training program at Parris Island in South Carolina. (Of course his career just stopped dead and he'll be on the very short list for retirement now.  But thank heaven he still had the cojones to stand up and tell the unvarnished truth. something will make the units at the tip of the spear more lethal, you do it.  If it will not, or there is any serious doubt about it, you don't.  There's plenty of doubt about women in the grunts adding or even maintaining lethality.  But until Mr. Dumbass Carter is gone and there's a new Administration, this stupidity will go on. If it doesn't stop, then the day will come when there is a price in blood.  Where will Carter, Obama, and all the fanatic activists for putting women into needless and counterproductive danger be then? --Del)

The noose tightens: Clinton staffer granted immunity in Clinton email investigation
Excerpt: A Clinton staffer has been granted immunity in the Clinton email scandal investigation:  The Justice Department has granted immunity to a State Department employee that helped build former secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server, according to the Washington Post.  A law enforcement official told the Post that Bryan Pagliano has agreed to work with the FBI in exchange for not facing any possible criminal charges.  The new development is not a good sign for the Democratic presidential front-runner, though there is still no indication that any criminal charges will be brought against Clinton. (Hope he doesn't drive a "smart" car....Barb)

A Country He Did Not Recognize: A Reflection on the Passing of Justice Antonin Scalia

Excerpt: Not only has what Justice Scalia called the “imperial judiciary” given us a new Constitution, it has given us a new government. No longer “of the people,” our government is one that stands above us decreeing which of us are people. It determines who is worthy of protection and who may be terminated and sold as spare parts. (And now the previously deemed illegal executive/EPA overreach has been green-lighted by Roberts to further the Regime's TRANSFORMATION. --Barb)

Judiciary Chairmen: Illegal Immigrant Drunk Drivers Who Kill, Injure Americans Released
Excerpt: The Chairmen of the House and Senate Judiciary Committees sounded a tone of outrage this week at an Obama administration policy that has allowed for the release of at least three criminal aliens charged with drunk driving and implicated in the murder and severe injury of Americans this year. “This careless policy is a clear and unmistakable message to the American people that this Administration has decided that their safety and security are far less important than ensuring that illegally present aliens with no regard for the law will remain in this country without any legal consequences whatsoever,” House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) wrote in a blistering letter Wednesday to Department of Homeland Sec. Jeh Johnson.  The Chairmen’s expressed anger comes in the wake of two separate incidents in which ICE either released or refused to detain deportable aliens charged with drunk driving crimes that injured and killed bystanders and one incident in which ICE released an illegal immigrant convicted of drunk driving who went on to allegedly commit murder.

Excerpt:  President Barack Obama and his family will continue calling Washington home after he departs the White House next year — at least for a little while. Long rumored, the first family’s plans were revealed Thursday by the President himself, who said during lunch in Milwaukee that he planned to remain living in the capital until his younger daughter finishes high school. “We’re going to have to stay a couple of years in D.C. probably so Sasha can finish,” he said. (And so it begins to dribble out...he's NOT going anywhere.  Uses kid as excuse.  He has said multiple times he could have a third term, he is so popular.  He likes spending taxpayer dollars to run up the debt and have those golden vacations, too.  This leaks out almost at the end of the week like a trial balloon while GOP foams at the mouth with debates and Romney is brought out of the closet like a skeleton of dreams past....NOT. --Barb)

Can non-citizens vote?
The Obama administration is fighting in federal court to strike down an election rule that ensures only citizens vote. If the administration prevails it could allow non-citizens to vote in the upcoming presidential election. The Justice Department led by Attorney General Loretta Lynch is now backing the NAACP and the League of Women Voters.

Major donor calls for ouster of Wounded Warrior Project executive
Excerpt: A major donor to the Wounded Warrior Project veterans’ charity called Thursday for the nonprofit’s CEO to resign in light of allegations of lavish spending on staff meetings, according to a CBS News report. Fred and Dianne Kane, the parents of two Iraq War veterans, have donated $325,000 to the Wounded Warrior Project since 2009 through their personal charity, Tee-off for a Cause. (He should have read the WWP's 990 tax returns, as I did. ~Bob. It's a sad fact that some people who get into positions of power and who are used to big money slide very smoothly into becoming kings in their own minds, deserving of every bit of luxury and largesse they can extract from whatever they are running.  We have seen this many times, in politicians and many high ranking executives, and Mr. Nardizzi clearly went for it, all the way.  I stopped giving to WWP a couple of years ago, after reading their tax returns and realizing they were not exactly super tight focused on actually getting as much help to needy vets as one would wish.  I hope this publicity gets results and someone takes over who refocuses the group on the real mission. --Del)

Backlash Over Caitlyn Jenner’s Cruz Support Proves Leftists Are The Real Bigots. Caitlyn Jenner voices support for Ted Cruz’s vibrant economic policies and love of freedom, so now some trans advocates want to vote Jenner off the island. B y D. C. McAllister
Excerpt: Caitlyn Jenner’s support of GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz is sending the LGBT activist community into conniptions. True to form, radical liberals prove they’re the truly bigoted ones by calling the transgender reality star a “lunatic” for praising the most conservative candidate in the race. In an interview with The Advocate, Jenner boldly said, “I like Ted Cruz. I think he’s very conservative and a great constitutionalist and a very articulate man. I haven’t endorsed him or anything like that. But I also think, he’s an evangelical Christian, and probably one of the worst ones when it comes to trans issues.”

Navy SEALs tell top House lawmaker they don't have enough combat rifles
Excerpt: Too much money being spent to arm/supply ISIS and MB allies versus "our own"? --Barb. Maybe the SEALs don't consider the M-16/M-4 a "Combat Rifle." ~Bob

Thanks Bill Clinton: North Korea threatens to reduce US and South Korea to 'flames and ash'
Good thing Bill Clinton made that deal in 1993, similar to the Iran deal, to keep North Korea from getting nukes. ~Bob

Religion of Peace News

Worth Reading: Does Immigration Mean The End Of Western Civilization? In 1973, French novelist Jean Raspail wrote a prophetic book predicting Western Civilization would be threatened by mass immigration. By John Daniel Davidson
Excerpt: Europe is more than a year into the largest migrant crisis since the Second World War. More than a million have made their way to Germany alone over the past year. Some are refugees and asylum-seekers from Syria and Iraq, but it now appears that a significant number, as much as 60 percent, are economic migrants from North Africa, Afghanistan, and the Middle East, simply seeking better prospects in Europe.
The European Union, thanks to its common border policy, is overwhelmed and paralyzed—that border union has proven to be only as strong as its weakest member. Once inside the EU, migrants can travel to whichever country seems most welcoming inside the 26-state Schengen area. Some countries, in defiance of EU rules, have imposed unilateral border controls and asylum caps as thousands more arrive daily from Turkey and elsewhere. EU leaders recently agreed to an emergency measure that allows Great Britain to restrict welfare benefits for EU migrants even as a so-called “Brexit,” or a British exit from the EU, looms as a real possibility. ... The book ends as it begins, with a sense of deep personal loss. The narrator is writing from Switzerland, the last European country to capitulate to the migrant invaders. He sits alone, the night before the borders are to be opened, “slowly repeating, over and over, the melancholy words of an old prince Bibesco, trying to drum them into my head: ‘The fall of Constantinople is a personal misfortune that happened to all of us only last week.’”

Notes on the Syrian exodus: ‘Epic in scale, inconceivable until you witness it’

Excerpt: “Daesh came suddenly upon us,” Raghda says. “We don’t know from where they came. They wore scarves around their faces, they only knew a few words of Arabic – they were Chechen, Chinese, Afghans, Americans, Somali, Pakistani – they wore masks.”

Yemen: Islamic jihadists storm old people’s home, murder four nuns, eight residents and a guard

Germany: Two Muslim migrants arrested for sexually assaulting teen girls at pool where migrants molested girls before

Obama and Clinton's War: The Beachhead: Islamic State Uses Libya to Gain African Foothold. The Islamic State is using the same strategy it deployed in Syria in order to expand its territory in North AfricaLibya has become the center of its deadly activities in the region.
Excerpt: The cinematic staging hinted very early on at the plan. As masked men with the Islamic State (IS) terrorist militia massacred 21 Egyptian Christians on a Libyan beach in February, the camera positions, lighting and editing were professional in a way that had only previously been seen in videos eminating (sic) from IS headquarters in Raqqa.  Libya has become by far the Syrian-Iraqi caliphate's most important beachhead as it seeks to expand its footprint in North Africa, and there are numerous reasons for this development. 

Scared Sweden: Almost Half Of Women ‘Afraid’ To Be Out After Dark In Europe’s Rape Capital

Twitter not taking down ISIS accounts, but banning users who report terrorists

German water park segregates men and women after two sex attacks by Muslim migrants. By Robert Spencer,
Excerpt: Terrorism works, you see. In response to Muslim migrants behaving in accord with Sharia teachings about how Infidel women can be treated, this German water park is adopting Sharia restrictions on the mixing of the sexes. The Islamization of Germany proceeds apace, and to oppose it would be “racist” and “neo-Nazi” and “Islamophobic.”

Germany: 15-year-old Islamic State Muslima who stabbed cop concerned after her arrest that her hijab was in place

Taharrush victim Nathalie, 29: They shouted "Swedish whore" and cut my breast with a razor blade
Excerpt: Nathalie Hager, 29, was on her way home from a bus stop when a group of Arabic-speaking men suddenly attacked her outside a church. She managed to fight her way out of a gang rape but was left badly injured.  "They beat me black and blue and cut into one of my breasts, while shouting at me that I was a Swedish whore," Nathalie told Fria Tider.

UK: Muslim migrant says he sexually assaulted child because of “cultural differences”

Islamic State claims jihad truck bombing in Baghdad that murdered 47

Multiple Young Boys Requiring Surgery After Being Raped In Calais ‘Jungle’ Camp

Islamic State executes teen for missing Friday prayers

Educators update anti-bullying messages to protect Muslims. By Robert Spencer,
Excerpt: No one, Muslim or non-Muslim, should be harassed or threatened or intimidated in school. The questions here are about priority, focus, and overall agenda. The latest FBI hate crime statistics show that 57% of anti-religious hate crimes targeted Jews, while 16% targeted Muslims. Are educators expanding anti-bullying messages to protect Jews?

Of Interest

Too Funny: Your Drunk Neighbor: Donald Trump

The world is running low on old single malt Scotch. Whisky investments outperform gold, S&P over 12 months
Excerpt: Thirst for the liquor is booming around the world -- from the U.S. to developing countries like China -- pushing prices of older vintages through the roof, attracting savvy investors hoping to cash in and forcing distilleries to scramble to meet demand.
"The shortage of old and rare single malt ... has already started, and it's going to get worse," said Rickesh Kishnani, who launched the world's first whisky investment fund. (This despite the fact that my lung transplant limits me to one drink a day. I know the price has exceeded inflation. I recall buying Talisker or $17 in Tallahassee, Glenlivet for $25 and Linkwood in Atlanta for $12 a bottle! Of course, that was 25 years ago. ~Bob)

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