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A lot of worth-reading political news and opinion today

Book Recommendation: Scotland: A History. Edited by Jenny Wormald 
I picked up this excellent history on a used book counter. Though I am well read in Scottish History, including completing the Free University of Scotland's history course many years ago. I learned a great deal from this. Note that this is history stripped of its myths of tartan and haggis (which as a former Scottish Country dancer who has visited Scotland about 20 times, I revel in). The book is a chronologically arranged series of chapters, each by a different British or American scholar (I assume meeting their collective "publish or Perish" needs), that provides an overview of the era they cover. They give only scant coverage to the Jacobite risings and the clearances, which loom large in my view of Alba's story, fitting them into the larger mosaic of the nation's history. The book is well balanced, neither and advertisement for the SNP nor the "North Britains" worldviews. I found it to be well worth reading for the history buff or the Scotophile. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to put on my kilt, and have a wee dram of Laphroaig to toast a' the soldier laddies. ~Bob

Obama, he take me money and give Venezuela. By Robert A. Hall

Poem: The Marine's E-Tool


Get used to Madam President: Latest head to head polling. By Jim Geraghty, Morning Jolt
Here is all of the head-to-head polling in March: The Quinnipiac poll had Hillary beating Trump, 46 percent to 40 percent. The CBS/New York Times poll had Hillary over Trump 50 percent to 40 percent. CNN poll, 53 percent to 41 percent. ABC News/Washington Post poll, 50 percent to 41 percent. NBC News Wall Street Journal poll, 51 percent to 38 percent. These are very consistent numbers, usually a ten-point or so spread. Recall that back in 2008, seen as a disaster for Republicans, Obama beat McCain by seven points.
People say, “Oh, you can’t look at head-to-head polling right now.” Except Donald Trump has close to 100 percent name recognition, and very few Americans don’t have an opinion of him. Quinnipiac poll: 61 percent of registered voters said they feel unfavorably towards him. CBS poll: 57 percent. Quinnipiac found 54 percent of registered voters said they “would definitely not” vote for Trump in the general election.
Depending on which poll you look at, 35 to 37 percent of Republicans are thinking of voting third party or looking for another option in November. You know how we laugh that only 37 percent of Americans think Hillary Clinton is honest and trustworthy? Only 27 percent say that about Donald Trump. The Republican party is about nominate the one guy who nullifies all of Hillary Clinton’s weaknesses. (Morning Jolt is a free e-newsletter. I recommend you subscribe. ~Bob)

We noticed Donald Trump says a lot of things twice. He says a lot of things twice. [Video]

Michael Savage threatens to WITHDRAW SUPPORT from Trump over National Enquirer smear

Trump Supporter Michael Savage Issues This Ultimatum to Donald Over Enquirer ‘Smear’
Excerpt: Michael Savage said today on his radio show that the National Enquirer story smearing Ted Cruz is completely false, and he knows this based on a source he says he would trust with his life. Savage points out that Cruz is rightly offended over this utter garbage. But even more so, Savage says that he abhors these attempts of assassination by innuendo, as it has been done to him, and while he doesn’t blame Trump for the story, he threatens to withdraw his support of Trump if he doesn’t completely disavow the story and the man who owns the National Enquirer, David Pecker. Considering Savage has been a huge supporter of Trump, this is pretty big.

Here’s when Trump BRAGGED in his book about his MULTIPLE AFFAIRS with wealthy married women!
Excerpt: “If I told the real stories of my experiences with women, often seemingly very happily married and important women, this book would be a guaranteed best-seller,” he wrote

Worth Reading: Former Pro-Trump Operative Disavows GOP Frontrunner. Top aide to defunct Super PAC: ‘I question his ability to be the leader of this country’
Excerpt: “I think he has gone too far with the vitriolic statements and lacks substance when it comes to policy,” said Stephanie Cegielski, the former spokeswoman for the pro-Trump Make America Great Again PAC. Cegielski said she initially saw Trump as a positive political force, but that his statements and policy positions, or lack thereof, convinced her that he is unfit to be commander in chief. (Better to wake up late than not at all. ~Bob)

A Graceless Face: Donald Trump admits cutting off medical treatment for his nephew's sick baby after will dispute with alcoholic brother's family
"I have asked grace at a graceless" face." Border Reiver Johnny Armstrong to King James V, after he and 36 of his men came in under a safe conduct and were sentenced by the king to hang. ~Bob

Interesting: The Post-Trump Era. By David Brooks 
Excerpt: But Trump has no actual ideas or policies. There is no army of Trumpists out there to carry on his legacy. He will almost certainly go down to a devastating defeat, either in the general election or — God help us — as the worst president in American history. At that point the G.O.P. will enter what Kuhn called the revolution phase. During these moments you get a proliferation of competing approaches, a willingness to try anything. People ask different questions, speak a different language, congregate around a new paradigm that is incommensurate with the last.

Worth Reading: Don't be fooled — Donald Trump’s ‘silent majority’ doesn’t exist
Excerpt: As of Tuesday’s primaries in Arizona and Utah, Trump had secured 37 percent of the vote of the Republican primary electorate, or roughly 7.8 million votes out of approximately 21 million. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there were 142.2 million registered voters in the country as of 2014. This means that, so far, Trump has secured the support of 6 percent of the electorate. Yes, that’s right, 6 percent. Or perhaps it would be better to focus on the two-thirds of the electorate who actually vote. In that case, it should be acknowledged that Trump has secured, well, 8 percent. 

In heat of legal fight, lawyer says he got a shocking phone call from Donald Trump
Excerpt: Trump’s approach struck his adversaries as brazen. Even though the widow was suing him for damaging her house, Trump called her attorney, Glenn Zeitz, and, according to Zeitz, tried to hire him for a potentially more lucrative case. Zeitz rejected the offer, which came as Trump was also pressing him to settle the dispute and persuade his client to sell her house. Zeitz said he couldn’t fight Trump in one case and represent him in another. It would have created “a tangled web of conflicts,” Zeitz said in a recent interview.

Trump: I’d Never Rule Out War With China
Excerpt:    "I would use trade to negotiate," he added. "Would I go to war? Look, let me just tell you. There’s a question I wouldn’t want to answer. Because I don’t want to say I won’t or I will… That’s the problem with our country."

Donald Trump Is a Pathological Liar. It's Time to Stop Tiptoeing Around This.

A neuroscientist explains: Trump has a mental disorder that makes him a dangerous world leader

Worth Reading: No, I Will Not Vote For Donald J. Trump in a General Election. By John Hawkins 
Excerpt: I hammered John McCain and Mitt Romney so brutally during the GOP primaries that I was blackballed from the 2008 and 2012 Republican conventions in retaliation, but when the time came in the general election, I did vote Republican. I will never be a fan of John McCain or Mitt Romney, but I could at least embrace Reagan’s my “80 percent friend is not my 20 percent enemy" mantra and support them. I cannot say the same about Donald J. Trump. He’s not a good man, a Christian or a conservative and he doesn’t care about the Constitution, the country or as far I can tell, anything other than making money and hearing his name repeated as often as possible. If Matthew 7:16 is right and,“By their fruit you will recognize them,” what fruits has Donald J. Trump borne into the conservative movement? He’s managed to turn longtime allies against each other, good people are approving of despicable behavior they would have unhesitatingly condemned a year ago and the way he behaves is so childish and disgusting that 35% of Republicans and Republican leaning independents want a third party if he’s the nominee.

Interesting: What A Two-Front War To Deny Trump The Nomination Could Look Like
Excerpt: The Republican Party may be on the verge of an irrational break. Donald Trump continues to rack up delegates at a dizzying pace, but he looks less electable against Hillary Clinton by the day. Meanwhile, two-thirds of the way through the delegate chase, the #NeverTrump movement is a flailing strategic fiasco. John Kasich refuses to exit the race, and a frustrated Ted Cruz has declared that a vote for Kasich is a vote for Trump.
Cruz and Kasich would be odd bedfellows within today’s GOP. But the truth is, if they want to thwart Trump, their only hope may be to coordinate a last-ditch, two-front assault on the front-runner. If they don’t start divvying up turf, Trump is much more likely to prevail on the first ballot in Cleveland.

Worth Reading: Trump’s Accusers May See Him in Court Soon. The candidate says any trial over allegations about fraud at Trump University is years off. That’s not what the record suggests.
If you hit a wall, Google the title: Excerpt: It is widely known that Donald Trump is being sued, including in class-actions—by thousands of people who charge that he defrauded them of millions of dollars. But there seems to be public confusion about how these lawsuits might affect the presidential campaign. Despite what Mr. Trump says, it appears likely that he will be called to the witness stand before the November election. Trump University, a series of business courses that sold for up to $35,000, is the subject of three separate lawsuits, one in New York and two in California, all of which rely on the same general facts. One of these cases is likely to go to trial before the election, validating Sen. Ted Cruz’s warning during the March 3 debate that “if we nominate Donald, we’re going to spend the spring, the fall, and the summer with the Republican nominee facing a fraud trial.”

Not shocked at all: What Donald Trump Thinks Easter Is About [VIDEO]
Excerpt: And it’s just a very special time for me. And it really represents family and get-together and — and something, you know, if you’re a — a Christian, it’s just a very important day,” Trump said.

Ayn Rand Explains Trump and the Refusal to Think
Excerpt: "People don't want to think. And the deeper they get into trouble, the less they want to think. But by some form of instinct, they feel they ought to and it makes them feel guilty. So they'll bless and follow anyone who gives them a justification for not thinking. Anyone who makes a virtue…out of what they know to be their sin, their weakness and their guilt." The words were written over 50 years ago by Ayn Rand, but they couldn’t be more prescient in describing the anti-intellectual campaign of Donald Trump.

Counting the Ways That Trump Is Wrong on Trade . By Paula Dwyer
Excerpt: Just about everything Donald Trump says about trade is wrong, but his use of trade-deficit numbers is especially so. To understand why, consider his attacks on Apple, which he accuses of destroying American jobs by making devices in China. The company just unveiled a sleeker, upgraded iPhone that it plans to sell for less than $400. The device was designed and engineered in the U.S. Its software was developed by Apple in the U.S. Many of the phone's parts come from suppliers outside China, including the U.S., Germany, Japan and South Korea.

Anti-Trump Ad Is Just Things He Has Said About Women, Repeated by Women (Commentary)
And that's just in public, on record. ~Bob

The Psychology Behind The Trump Phenomenon. If so many Americans think Donald Trump is the cure, what do they think is the disease? By A.D.P. Efferson

Trump Surrogate: 'I'm Gonna Speak My Truth'; Cruz's Daughters Will Regret Their Dad's Campaign

Trump explains comments on women: 'I never thought I would run for office'

How Donald Trump helped Democrats pass Obamacare. By Marc Thiessen
Excerpt: But there is one problem: Trump helped finance the Democratic takeover of Congress in 2006 — which put in place the liberal majority that passed Obamacare over the objections of congressional Republicans. And he continued to support a Democratic Senate majority after Obamacare. As Trump knows, money talks — and Trump given more than $100,000 to the Democratic House and Senate campaign committees. In 2006 — the year Democrats took back Congress — he gave $25,000 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (while his son Donald Trump Jr. gave $22,500).


Donald Trump: “I Identify More as a Democrat”. Emphatically Praises Hillary…


Trumpcare a mixture of socialism and incoherence


Sean Hannity forced to admit Ted Cruz had ZERO connection with Melania Trump ad

David Dewhurst’s shocker endorsement!
Dewhurst ids the Republican Cruz beat in the senate primary. ~Bob

Wisconsin – NOT your typical ‘Rust Belt’ state

Interesting: Q&A with Ted Cruz: ‘Wisconsin is absolutely critical’ in GOP nomination chase. By M.D. Kittle
Excerpt: While the latest polls show Ted Cruz and Donald Trump in a virtual statistical dead heat ahead of next Wisconsin’s primary election, Cruz and his allies are going all-in on the Badger State. On Friday, the Texas senator talked about what’s at stake in Wisconsin, why he believes a vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary, and why John Kasich just may be the “Kato” Kaelin of the Republican Party presidential sweepstakes. ... The choice the men and women in Wisconsin have is the same choice people are making across the country, which is some 65 percent of Republicans nationally recognize if we nominate Donald Trump, Hillary wins, that it is handing the general election to the Democrats, that Donald Trump would be a disaster. 

What About the Hit Piece on Heidi Cruz and Council on Foreign Relations?
Excerpt: In 2012, Ted Cruz was running for his U. S. Senate position against Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst.  In this YouTube (link posted below), Cruz responds to the allegations about his wife Heidi Cruz’s involvement with the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).  In the clip, Cruz explains to interviewer Derrick Broze that the CFR has thousands of people in its membership — even John Bolton —  and that his wife (and probably John Bolton) joined CFR to try to bring some conservative principles to the table. Please remember that this video was made BEFORE Ted Cruz was seated in the U. S. Senate, and we all know about the courageous (yet unpopular positions with the Republican elites) that he has taken since being in the U. S. Senate (e.g., 21-hour filibuster against ObamaCare, Cromnibus to keep Obama’s illegal amnesty from going through, outspoken opponent of Common Core long before making his run for the Presidency, etc.)


Worth Reading: How Clinton’s email scandal took root
Excerpt: Hillary Clinton’s email problems began in her first days as secretary of state. She insisted on using her personal BlackBerry for all her email communications, but she wasn’t allowed to take the device into her seventh-floor suite of offices, a secure space known as Mahogany Row. For Clinton, this was frustrating. As a political heavyweight and chief of the nation’s diplomatic corps, she needed to manage a torrent of email to stay connected to colleagues, friends and supporters. She hated having to put her BlackBerry into a lockbox before going into her own office. Her aides and senior officials pushed to find a way to enable her to use the device in the secure area. But their efforts unsettled the diplomatic security bureau, which was worried that foreign intelligence services could hack her BlackBerry and transform it into a listening device.


Sanders sweeps Democratic caucuses in trio of Western states

Other Political News

Politically Correct Child Abuse: County takes 6-year-old from Saugus foster family
Excerpt: Amid crying and chanting, county social workers Monday collected a 6-year-old foster child from the Saugus parents desperately fighting to keep her, acting on a court order that concluded the girl’s native American blood requires her placement with relatives in Utah. Three Department of Children and Family Services officials waited on the Santa Clarita Valley family’s doorstep for 10 minutes until foster father Rusty Page opened the front door and, holding a crying Lexi in his arms, made his way through a gauntlet of reporters as the child clutched teddy bear. ... The Pages had fought efforts under the federal Indian Child Welfare Act to place Lexi with relatives of her father, who is a Native American. The Pages argued that Lexi had lived with them since the age of 2 and knew no other life. They also say she is just 1.5 percent Choctaw Indian. (the Week magazine said Lexi is 1/64th Indian. Sen. Warren claimed to be a Native American on the basis that she was 1/32 Cherokee. My Grandmother claimed that I, my brothers and my cousin were 1/16 Woodland Cree. Should we have been taken from our families? Is this not very similar to the Jim Crow black laws which declared a person "black" if they had a proven drop of black blood? Bad cess and worse karma to all involved in the crime! ~Bob)

Worth Reading: The Apology Tour of Our Next President. By Victor Davis Hanson
Excerpt: In Havana recently, President Obama talked of the similarities between Cuba and the United States, as if a constitutional republic of some 240 years and a thuggish and murderous communist dictatorship were kindred souls. In Argentina, Obama both tangoed and then apologized for the nth time for his country while abroad, this time supposedly for not opposing the brutal Argentine military dictatorship at the height of the Cold War. He also advised young people that there was not that much difference between communism and capitalism—without giving them a glimpse of his own retirement plans that will make the Obamas fabulously rich by following the hyper-capitalist post-presidential get-rich program of the Clintons. Obama also missed the irony that, while he had just warmed up to a present-day Cuban dictatorship with blood on its hands, he then blamed his distant predecessors for warming up to a long-gone Argentine dictatorship with blood on its hands. 

Employers to drop millions from health care plans as Obamacare premiums spike, CBO projects

Chelsea Hits Obamacare's 'Crushing Costs.' Says mother may fix with executive order.

Obamacare's Sixth Birthday Provides No Reason To Celebrate. By Sally Pipes
Excerpt: The truth is far more complicated. Enrollment in Obamacare has fallen well short of the administration’s own expectations. And some insurers are considering leaving the exchanges after losing millions. That’s hardly cause for a sixth-birthday celebration.

Privilege Theory Is A War On Happy Childhoods. Strong and healthy personal relationships are the root source of all power and privilege. So happy childhoods must go.. By Stella Morabito

Worth Hearing: Hill 881 South: Captain William Dabney
Khe Sanh

American College Of Pediatricians Warns: Youth Transgenderism Is Child Abuse
Excerpt: The American College of Pediatricians issued a sharply worded statement warning against any policies that condition children to accept transgenderism as normal. “Conditioning children into believing a lifetime of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex is normal and healthful is child abuse,” the statement said. One of the statement’s three co-authors is John Hopkins Medical School professor Paul McHugh. The former chief psychiatrist at John Hopkins Hospital, McHugh has long warned that sex-reassignment operations ignore and even worsen a patient’s underlying problems. Monday’s statement made a similar point: “Facts — not ideology — determine reality." (The current rush into a PC craze to start telling all 4 and 5 years olds that it's perfectly normal to decide what gender you are really needed some very serious opposition by authorities, and finally here it is. Do I deny that there may be some tiny fraction of people who will make it all the way into adulthood convinced they are in the wrong body?  No, I have to guess it can and does happen, but we also know that tremendous difficulties come, both mental and physical, with gender change processes, and it's not something you want to wish on anyone. But pushing the idea that it's just one of those things you can choose for yourself when you're young and confused and maybe it sounds neat or glamorous somehow is about the worst idea to come down the educational pike in forever.  Leave the little kids alone, dammit!  Let little boys be little boys and little girls be little girls, and when they are in teenage they can start figuring out what roles they really want to be in and how to work at getting there.  The doctors are absolutely right, this kind of insane "counseling" is child abuse, serious child abuse, and needs to be stopped dead in its tracks. --Del. The authors will be cast down into progressive PC hell and made to repent by tolerant liberals. ~Bob)

Worth Hearing: Firewall: American Fascists
A reasonably short presentation about the consistent policy of the Left in suppressing the Free Speech of anyone and everyone they don't like, while complaining about being picked on and how all the violence is entirely the fault of the people they don't like.  I've heard most of it before, but putting it all together like this really brings the message home.  It becomes clearer than ever who are the real Americans respecting and supporting American values and principles and who are the fascists.  I recommend this highly for viewing and passing on far and wide. --Del

Highest-ranking Navy officer yet sentenced in sex-for-secrets scandal. By Craig Whitlock

Obama Apologizes to Argentinians for U.S. Support of Junta
Excerpt:....It's nice that the president found it within himself to condemn the "dirty war" that the U.S. did nothing to stop. It's a shame he couldn't have found the moral courage to make the same criticism of the Castro boys. They've been disappearing people for 57 years. (Per speech, POTUS promised to open US classified documents and intelligence files to Argentina. --Barb)

Jobs Americans Won't Do? MS-13 Gang Recruiting Young Illegal Immigrants, Fueling Crime In DC
Excerpt: A fresh wave of crime from the infamously violent MS-13 gang in the District of Columbia is being driven by the heavy recruitment of young illegal immigrants. A surge of minors crossing the U.S. southern border is helping the notorious gang boost their ranks and instigate a new string of violent attacks in the city, reported The Washington Times. Over the past few years a wave of illegal migrant children crossed the U.S. border, and MS-13 appears to be targeting them for recruitment.

Health insurance premiums rising faster than wages
Excerpt: The Obama administration expressed concern in 2009 about skyrocketing health care premiums in a report entitled, “The Burden of Health Insurance Premium Increases on American Families.” They were concerned that premiums had increased by 5.5 percent from 2008 to 2009.  However, from 2010 to 2011 in the first year after Obamacare was enacted, premiums increased by 9.4 percent. (Across-state sales with supply and demand would change the picture.... "Tax implications" unless you are a Muslim or other minority given a get-out-of-ACA-fine free card. --Barb)

The soldiers who saw Vietnam War through their camera lens
Very nice article.  I note that two out of 200 or so Army photographers were killed.  Twelve Marine photographers died, and over half of the rest of us were wounded, some more than once.  Out of a total group of something over 100.  Maybe that says something about how we were sent out to do the job. S/F --Del. the photographers were sent where there was supposed to be action. One showed up at the CAC-O compound in Khe Sanh Ville one day. Told us the NVA was going to try to over-run us that night. It was news to us. Nothing happened and he left the next day. He was about five months early, but thankfully I was gone then. ~Bob

Not surprised: Corrine Brown Under House Ethics Investigation
I had to deal with her when she was a FL state rep. But George Bush owes her. Jesse Jackson went to Jacksonville, FL, her area, to register voters in 2000. He told the crowd at every rally, "Vote for Gore and vote for (Corrine) Brown. In the November election, about two thousand ballots were spoiled in Jacksonville when the voters voted for Gore for President, then also voted for Harry Browne, the Libertarian Candidate for president. I looked it up after a Liberal Dem congressman, who served in the senate with me, told me the story years later. ~Bob

No worries--Bill Clinton made a deal (like the Iran deal) to keep NK from getting nukes: N. Korea Video Depicts Imagined Submarine Attack On Washington
Excerpt:  North Korea released a new propaganda video Saturday titled "Last Chance", showing a submarine-launched nuclear missile laying waste to Washington and concluding with the US flag in flames. The four-minute video romps through the history of US-Korean relations and ends with a digitally manipulated sequence showing a missile surging through clouds, swerving back to the earth and slamming into the road in front of Washington's Lincoln Memorial. (Is there any doubt left that this jerk is truly dangerous?  But I guess we'll just wait until he does something truly violent and deadly before we do anything.  Personally, I think a small nuke dropped on his palace about 3AMwhen he's known to be in residence would be a really good idea, but I'm just one of those nuts who thinks that you don't wait for the other guy to start slicing your throat before you take him out. --Del)


'I definitely think he picked the wrong house': Mother shoots armed intruder who entered her home through baby's window

Interesting: Restraint in Short Supply in the Pentagon Budget. By Caroline Dorminey

Alleged gunman in custody after shots fired at Capitol complex, sources say

Seven Cuban migrants found at sea with gun wounds sent to Florida hospitals
Fleeing the Socialist Paradise. ~Bob

Religion of Peace News

Pakistan: Muslim murders 53 at park as Christians were celebrating Easter

Death toll in Pakistan Easter suicide attack climbs past 70

Islamic State claims jihad bombing of Iraqi soccer stadium; 29 dead

ISIS terror cell behind Brussels attacks ‘plotted Easter church massacres in UK'

ISIS-loving cabbie shouldn’t lose license for bomb threat, judge says

Top Jihadist Claims Brussels, Paris Are Terror Rehearsals for ‘Big’ Attack Inside U.S.
"I have been made victorious through terror" (Bukhari 4.52.220) --Mohammad.

Iran Terror--Obamas Funded! WaPo Editorial: Time to rewrite the rules on cyberattacks
Excerpt: According to a grand jury indictment unsealed Thursday in federal court in New York Citythe hacker was Hamid Firoozi, 34, the network manager for a computer security firm, ITSec Team, based in Iran. Mr. Firoozi collected information about the dam’s water levels and temperature, and the status of the sluice gate. He might have been able to open the gate, but, fortunately, it was manually disconnected for maintenance.
He was charged with one count of computer hacking. The intrusion shows once again that cyberattacks are proving feasible against critical civilian infrastructure such as electrical grids, power plants and dams. The Bowman Dam is not the Hoover Dam, but its vulnerability ought to concern everyone.

Americans confirmed dead in Brussels attacks, family, employers say
Obama will make Americans safer by bringing more Syrians here. ~Bob

Brussels: “March Against Fear” canceled for fear of jihad attack

Belgium charges man in connection with attacks in Brussels
Excerpt: Saturday’s announcement of the charges came a day after Belgian authorities admitted they missed a chance to press a key terrorism suspect for intelligence in the days before the suicide bombings that struck the capital, acknowledging a significant security lapse that might have allowed his allies to attack unimpeded.

Worth Reading: Brussels attacks were a terrorist interrogation failure
Excerpt: For years, Brussels has been the epicenter for European outrage over the CIA’s terrorist interrogation program. Now it is Belgium that has some explaining to do for its failure to effectively interrogate a high-value terrorist — an interrogation that could have foiled last week’s deadly terror attacks. The carnage is a direct result of Europe’s refusal to accept that terrorists must be treated differently than common criminals. When Salah Abdeslam, believed to be the logistics chief for an Islamic State terror cell, was captured, Belgian officials followed law enforcement procedures with precision. 

Worth Reading: Muslim offers $10,000 to anyone who shows Qur’an promotes terrorism. By Robert Spencer, JihadWatch.Org
Excerpt: Thank you so very much for offering “anyone $10,000 if they can find me a verse in the Quran that says it’s ok to kill innocent people or to commit acts of terror.” My 1999 Toyota is on its last legs, and your generous gift will enable me to replace it with a modest but fully operational used midsize sedan. Or maybe (since it has been years since I’ve had a break), if I can keep the jalopy going for awhile, I will use your ten grand take a vacation to Paris and Brussels — before it’s too late, you know? Anyway, here is my entry, which I am confident will win the $10,000 prize. I’ll make sure of that by giving you even more than you asked for: you wanted just a single Qur’anic verse that “says it’s ok to kill innocent people or to commit acts of terror,” I’ll give you more than one of each, just so there is no doubt:

Glasgow mosque leader praises extremist killer. By Calum McKay
Excerpt: The religious leader at Scotland's biggest mosque has praised an extremist who was executed for committing murder in Pakistan, the BBC can reveal. Imam Maulana Habib Ur Rehman of Glasgow Central Mosque used the messaging platform WhatsApp to show his support for Mumtaz Qadri. Qadri was hanged in February after murdering a local politician who opposed strict blasphemy laws. In a statement the imam said the messages had been taken out of context.

Surprise: Pentagon Militias, CIA Militias Turn On Each Other In Syria
Excerpt: Rebel militias in Syria backed by both the Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency are starting to turn on each other in a most gruesome and farcical fashion, as U.S. military planners scramble to regain some semblance of control. ... The Pentagon is mostly funneling resources to Kurdish troops in northern Syria, while the CIA is providing TOW missiles to rebel groups from its base of operations out of Turkey. Kurdish troops are mainly focused on taking out the Islamic State, but the CIA is covertly keeping the pressure on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Both groups are now skirmishing as they close in on Aleppo. (Once again from the top: THERE ARE NO GOOD GUYS IN SYRIA! Thank You. ~Bob)

UK: Muslim wishes Christians happy Easter, is murdered by other Muslim in “religiously prejudiced” attack

Scotland police probe killing of Muslim shopkeeper who posted Facebook Easter message to Christians
Excerpt: A popular shopkeeper who wished Christians a happy Easter on Facebook was stabbed to death in what police in Scotland say was a “religiously prejudiced” attack carried out by a fellow Muslim, it was reported Saturday. A vigil was held Friday night in Glasgow’s Shawlands neighborhood in memory of Asad Shah who was killed the day before-- a few hours after he apparently posted messages on Facebook that said “Good Friday and very happy Easter, especially to my beloved Christian nation.” “Let’s follow the real footstep of beloved holy Jesus Christ and get the real success in both worlds,” one of the messages said. (They do not give credence to the 10 Commandments of Christians/Jews, including "Thou shall not kill." --Barb)

Muslim Dairy Queen owner installs signs comparing Hindus to monkeys
Excerpt: "Hindus don’t follow any limit or law, they follow desires like an animal – that is the foundation of Hinduism," Dar told "Monkeys don’t plan anything, they just do what they desire, but humans follow the limit and law.” “It’s nothing personal, it’s educational,” he reportedly added. “I’m really making people mad, but what I’m doing is communicating and inviting them to communicate […] they think I am attacking their religion, but I am not.” (Wait until he quote the Qur'an and Hadiths on Jews. ~Bob

Hugh Fitzgerald: On dogs (and pictures) in Islam
Excerpt: “The Prophet said, ‘Angels do not enter a house in which there are dogs or pictures.” (Sahih-Al-Bukhari, 7.833, Narrated by Abu Talha) I first posted at Jihad Watch seven years ago (June 11, 2009) a piece about the fear and hatred Muslims appear to harbor for dogs, and about the consequent mistreatment dogs endure from Muslims. The reports of such mistreatment, by Muslims, of precisely the animal that is most celebrated for his devotion and loyalty to humans, has for many been further confirmation that something is terribly wrong with Islam. That is the tack taken by Peter Hammond in his recent appearance at The Glazov Gang on “Islam’s Hatred of Dogs.”

Of Interest

Funny: These Ted Cruz sex scandals are more believeable than the one in the National Enquirer
Especially funny given that Trump bragged on air about cheating on his first two wives and having affairs with Married women. He said sex was his personal Vietnam, he was like a brave soldier. The candidate of the "values voters." ~Bob

Satire: Breakthrough military technology enables cutting-edge micromanagement

Funny: Donald Trump Impersonation by John Di Domenico: RedEye Does 'The Donald' have trouble w/ quotes?

Sounds Just like Him! Donald Trump Impersonator John Di Domenico talks fight for GOP nomination on 'Red Eye'

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