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Hall files ethics complaint against Sheriff & Supreme Court Justice...and more political news


Chilly today, around 39 degrees. But went shopping and made a double batch of Turkey Sloppy Joe Great stuff.. ~Bob

General News and Comment

I'm still in the fight: Will Dane County sheriff get ‘John Doe’ treatment for Bradley ad? By M.D. Kittle
Excerpt: If you’re waiting for a lengthy John Doe investigation into Dane County Sheriff David Mahoney following his appearance in Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley’s campaign ad, well, don’t hold your breath. While it appears Mahoney may have run afoul of a county ethics law, the Democrat and former police union boss has been down this campaign ad trail before — with nary a wrist slap. In Walsh ad, Mahoney is decked out in his uniform, with gun and badge, standing and chatting with Bradley next to what appears to be a county squad car. ... Madison resident Robert Hall filed a complaint earlier this month with Dane County Clerk Scott McDonell alleging that Mahoney violated the county’s general ordinances on impermissible use of public office. The ordinance prohibits the use of county-owned vehicles and uniforms, among other things, for political activity. (Apparently Justice Bradley thinks that county ethics ordinances are like the state constitution--they mean whatever she thinks they should mean on any given day. See below. ~Bob)

Dane County Ordinances: ARTICLE 6. Section 9.27 is amended to read as follows: 9.27 IMPERMISSIBLE USE OF PUBLIC OFFICE.
No county official or county employee shall use or attempt to use his or her public office or employment to influence or gain unlawful: benefits, advantages or privileges, personally or for others. The use of county equipment and property including, but not limited to, county owned vehicles, cameras, projectors, audio systems, copy machines, fax machines, telephones and uniforms is prohibited for use for both partisan and non-partisan political activity.

Worth Reading: More on Google--Crony Capitalism
Note it's the third post down. The first two on Iran are also worth reading. ~Bob. Excerpt: A few years ago, tech giant Google was facing a federal investigation over its business practices. To the surprise of some observers, the company managed to avoid a federal antitrust lawsuit. But it shouldn't surprise anyone. In recent years, the company has tripled its lobbying expenditures and got tremendous access for all that cash. The Wall Street Journal reports today that Google lobbyists have visited the White House 230 times, an average of roughly once per week since Barack Obama became president. But there's more. The Journal notes that "On Nov. 6, 2012, the night of Mr. Obama's re-election, Mr. Schmidt was personally overseeing a voter-turnout software system for Mr. Obama. . . . By the end of the month, the FTC had decided not to file an antitrust lawsuit against the company." Mr. Schmidt is not some lowly campaign staffer. He is Google Chairman Eric Schmidt. The report also notes that "Google employees were the second-largest source of campaign donations to [Obama's] campaign by any single U.S. company."

Senator Highlights Clinton Ties to Nigerian Donor. Vitter investigates Clinton’s reluctance to designate Boko Haram as terrorist group. By Daniel Wiser
Excerpt: Vitter sent a letter last week to Secretary of State John Kerry requesting all of Clinton’s records relating to Boko Haram and her reluctance to label it as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO). The senator also asked for all of Secretary Clinton’s communications with Gilbert Chagoury, a Nigerian construction magnate who has donated millions to the Clinton Foundation in addition to contributing thousands to an outside group that helped re-elect President Bill Clinton in 1996.

Clintons Received Money from 'Front for the Government of Iran.' By Daniel Halper
Excerpt: As President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry close in on a nuclear deal with Iran, it's worth remembering that the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation received money from "a front for the government of Irancalled the Alavi Foundation.

Looking for Bergdahl. From The Patriot Post
Meanwhile, everyone knows Bergdahl's name. But how many know the names of the six men who died looking for him? Their names are Pfc. Matthew Michael Martinek, Staff Sgt. Kurt Robert Curtiss, Staff Sgt. Clayton Bowen, Pfc. Morris Walker, Staff Sgt. Michael Chance Murphrey and Second Lt. Darryn Andrews.

Bergdahl. By Jim Geraghty, Morning Jolt
You’ll recall Susan Rice assured us that Bergdahl “served with honor and distinction.” ... Last summer, Hillary Clinton declared, “It doesn’t matter how someone ended up in a prisoner of war situation.” That’s the sort of statement that, offered by a Republican lawmaker, could launch a lot of sneering, snickering columns on the op-ed pages of big newspapers. Really? It doesn’t matter at all if a soldier deserted or attempted to join the enemy, compared to being captured while in combat or on patrol? That doesn’t factor into our decision-making or thinking at all, at any point? How do you think the men and women in uniform feel when those of us outside of it declare, “Whether you serve with honor and distinction, or whether you run away from your post, we see you the exact same way”? Doesn’t that treat every guy who does the right thing and performs his duty like a chump? Shouldn’t it matter to us how someone ended up in enemy hands?

Report: DEA agents had ‘sex parties’ with prostitutes hired by drug cartels. By Sari Horwitz
Excerpt: Drug Enforcement Administration agents allegedly had “sex parties” with prostitutes hired by local drug cartels overseas over a period of several years, according to a report released Thursday by the Justice Department’s watchdog. The report does not specify the country where the parties occurred, but a law enforcement official familiar with the matter identified it as Colombia. ... Former police officers in Colombia also alleged that three DEA supervisory special agents were provided money, expensive gifts and weapons from drug cartel members.

Are Democrats sure about Hillary Clinton? By Jennifer Rubin
Excerpt: The latest poll from CBS News has plenty of bad news for Hillary Clinton:
26 percent of Americans now have a favorable view of Hillary Clinton, while 37 percent view her unfavorably; another third are undecided or don’t have an opinion of her. As Clinton weighs a presidential bid, her favorable views are 12 points lower than they were in the fall of 2013, just months after leaving her position as secretary of state

One Professional Russian Troll Tells All. By Dmitry Volchek and Daisy Sindelar
Excerpt: More and more, posts and commentaries on the Internet in Russia and even abroad are generated by professional trolls, many of whom receive a higher-than-average salary for perpetuating a pro-Kremlin dialogue online.

VA Official Paid $288K In ‘Relocation Payments’ To Move 140 Miles. By Chuck Ross
Excerpt: The director of the Philadelphia VA regional benefits office was paid $288,000 in “relocation payments” to move the 140 miles from Washington, D.C. to her new home last year.
Diana Rubens was tapped last June to take over the Philadelphia regional benefits office, which is one of many VA hospitals and benefits offices currently being investigated over benefits claims

Milford man sentenced for taking $307K of dead mom’s Social Security benefits. By Michelle Tuccitto Sullo
Excerpt: A Milford man who stole about $300,000 in Social Security benefits meant for his deceased mother over the course of 25 years got six months in prison Wednesday. ... “I have a very serious crime committed by a very good person,” the judge added. “You have done good things for many people. You have been described in letters as being a good person for decades.” (Just note that the judge and 20 people say he is a good person. Now I know the threshold...$307k of public money. --George. How much do you have to steal to qualify as "bad"? ~Bob)

How income inequality benefits everybody. By George F. Will
Excerpt: Every day the Chinese go to work, Americans get a raise: Chinese workers, many earning each day about what Americans spend on a Starbucks latte, produce apparel, appliances and other stuff cheaply, thereby enlarging Americans’ disposable income. Americans similarly get a raise when they shop at the stores that made Sam Walton a billionaire. The ranks of billionaires are constantly churned.

Russian Supersonic Jets Force NATO to Scramble Fighters
Excerpt: NATO jets scrambled to intercept four Russian fighter planes flying in international airspace near Baltic allied territory yesterday, after the leading Russian aircraft’s maneuvers allegedly broke the sound barrier. A NATO official has confirmed that an interception of four Russian jets took place at around 8am local time as a group of two Russian Tu-22 “Backfire” bombers and two Russian Su-27 “Flanker” fighters flew over the Baltic Sea from mainland Russia towards the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad and were subsequently intercepted.

Justice Department Proposal Mocks Fourth Amendment
Excerpt: The Justice Department is seeking an amendment proposal that will give the federal government express power to locate and hack into the computers of anyone suspected of criminal activity. ...Federal Prosecutors claim that this revision to the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure has become necessary now that crime can be committed and concealed on the internet under a veil of anonymity and masked location. But in a memo responding to the concerns civil libertarians have raised, the DOJ makes clear that this amendment is seeking statutory legitimacy for practices the federal government is already engaging in practices that are arguably in direct violation of the Fourth Amendment.

Gun News

Excerpt: TWANGnBANG has been one of my favorites on YouTube (and now Full30) from the very beginning for the folksy enthusiasm that he and his daughter “Cuter Shooter” bring to their videos. In his latest video, My Gun Saved My Life! True Story Of A Legally Armed Citizen, TWANGnBANG discusses his real-life encounter as an armed citizen suddenly confronted with an armed carjacker who had to make that split second decision to pull the trigger to defend his life.

Excerpt: We’re rapidly reaching a point where no part of the Executive Branch can be trusted.
The stunning revelation that the Federal Bureau of Investigation shaped data on mass shootings in an apparent bid to generate support for gun control is just the latest crooked action by a rogue Obama Administration.

Cleveland man fatally shoots intruder after arriving home amid suspected burglary
Excerpt: A Cleveland man fatally shot an intruder after arriving home during a suspected burglary, police said. ... The homeowner, whose name and age have not been released, discovered two males inside his home. During a confrontation with the suspected burglars, the homeowner brandished a gun and fired at both of them, police said. 

Race Card News

Four (Black) Cops Killed in Seven Days -- Where's the Outrage? By Larry Elder 
Excerpt: Wednesday, March 4: Fulton County police detective Terence Avery Green was killed, shot in the head by a suspect. ... Despite the widely publicized recent cases where cops killed blacks, new studies show cops – black and white – more reluctant to shoot a black suspect compared to a white suspect. Reasons are unclear, but fear of additional scrutiny – whether fair or not – might be a factor. Suspects who kill cops, however, appear colorblind.
Nebraska State Senator Calls Police Terrorists, Said He Would Shoot Them
Excerpt: A black state senator from Nebraska called police in America “his ISIS” and said if he had a gun he would use it to shoot police. According to Watchdog Nebraska, during a legislative hearing on Friday, the long-time state senator, Ernie Chambers, said the ISIS mindset doesn’t just exist in the Middle East, but it can be found right here in America, in our police. (so he'd approve of the four dead black cops in the story above? ~Bob)

Religion of Peace News

Important: Yemen Crisis: Saudi Arabia Masses 150,000 Troops to Support Airstrikes
Excerpt: Saudi Arabia has mobilized 150,000 troops and some 100 fighter jets to rout Iran-linked fighters that have taken over swathes of neighboring Yemen, a security adviser to the kingdom told NBC News on Thursday. The adviser, Nawaf Obaid, did not say whether any of Saudi troops had crossed the border into Yemen as part of the kingdom's military intervention to arrest Yemen's rapidly deteriorating crisis. But he said Saudi Arabia was in "complete control" of Yemeni airspace after launching airstrikes overnight and started implementing a no-fly zone. (So we’re offering logistical help to our allies to help them fight Iranian proxies . . . while we’re helping Iranian forces in Iraq against ISIS . . . while we’re attempting to reach agreement with the Iranians on their nuclear ambitions. -- Jim Geraghty, Morning Jolt)

Whatever Iran wants: US Will Allow Iran to Maintain Centrifuges in Fortified Underground Bunker. By Guy Benson 
Excerpt: Behold, the current state of US-Iran nuclear negotiations. It appears as though President Obama really will stop at nothing to secure an agreement, putting the lie to his administration's "a bad deal is worse than no deal" posturing: (Since the deal won't be in writing, here's how the aftermath will go: Obama: "Iran has agreed to X." Iran: "No we did not, the Great Satan said we could keep Y!" Obama: "That's just for domestic political consumption." New Yorkers [in 5-10 years] "What the hell was that bright flash?" ~Bob)

Sen. Tom Cotton, Tragic Hero. By Victor Davis Hanson 
Excerpt: Secretary of State John Kerry is the most outraged of Cotton’s critics – and has the most notorious record of trying to undermine presidential foreign policy. As a freshman senator, Kerry traveled to Nicaragua to show solidarity with “Comandante” Daniel Ortega – as a way of opposing then-President Reagan’s efforts to help the Contras in their resistance to the Sandinista communist takeover. Two other Democrats, Sen. Tom Harkin and House Speaker Jim Wright, also met with Ortega. Most unfortunate was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s disastrous 2007 trip to Syria to meet with thuggish President Bashar al-Assad. At the time of their meeting, Assad was offering assistance to radical Islamic groups that were attacking U.S. troops in Iraq.

The Huge Move Scott Walker Says He’d Make on ‘Day One’ If Elected President. By Jason Howerton
Excerpt: Though he has yet to formally announce his candidacy for the 2016 presidential election, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker told radio host Hugh Hewitt on Wednesday that as president he would void any deal President Barack Obama makes with Iran if it allows the country to continue uranium enrichment.

On an Iran deal, reports of concessions galore. By Jennifer Rubin
Excerpt: News reports over the past few days have featured a string of once unimaginable concessions from the P5+1 in the Iran nuclear talks. (One can imagine the French are feeding the media a steady diet of leaks. It is the French who have expressed the most concern about the bonanza of concessions, so leaks and ensuing public outrage is an understandable strategy if one is trying to stop a bad deal.)

Finally: Amnesty International Alleges Palestinians Committed War Crimes
Excerpt: Palestinian terrorist groups violated international law and blatantly disregarded civilian lives by consistently firing missiles indiscriminately into Israel during last summer's war with Israel, Amnesty International reports. The Amnesty report outlines evidence of numerous specific attacks launched from the Gaza strip that directly resulted in the deaths of Israeli civilians, including a 4-year-old boy. The report also strongly suggests that Palestinian attacks killed Palestinian civilians. For example, a missile fired from within the Gaza Strip killed 13 Palestinians, 11 of them children, after it landed in the al-Shati refugee camp.

Never admit error: ABC Reporter Pushes Back Against WH Press Secretary Over ‘Counterterrorism’ Claim: ‘That’s Astounding’
Excerpt: Earnest told reporters on Wednesday that a “successful counterterrorism strategy is one that will build up the capacity of the central government to have local fighters on the ground to have local fighters take the fight to extremists in their own country.” He added that the counterterrorism strategy is a “template that has succeeded in mitigating the threat in Yemen and Somalia.” “That’s astounding,” Karl responded. “You’re saying you still see Yemen as a model? Building up a central government, which has now collapsed? A president who has apparently fled the country? You know, Saudi troops massing on one border, the Iranians supporting the rebels? You consider this a model for counterterrorism?”

National Guardsman, Cousin Charged With Conspiracy to Support Islamic State. By Abha Shankar
Excerpt: Two Chicago-area men were charged Wednesday with conspiring to provide material support to the terrorist group, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). Hasan Edmonds, a member of the Illinois Army National Guard, was arrested at the Chicago Midway International Airport just before boarding a flight to Cairo, Egypt. Edmonds hoped to take the "southern route" that he was told was the "safest route" from Egypt into Syria to fight alongside Islamic State forces. Jonas Edmonds, Hasan's cousin, was arrested in his home in the Chicago suburb Aurora.

MSNBC Apologizes for Comment: Nothing Says ‘Let’s Go Kill Some Muslims’ Like Country Music. By Andrew Kirell
Excerpt: After a guest made a disparaging comment about country music, MSNBC host Ari Melber apologized on-air Wednesday afternoon and informed his audience that the network does not condone such remarks. During a Now w/ Alex Wagner conversation about GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz‘s statement that he became a country music fan directly after 9/11, guest Jamilah Lemieux opened up the conversation with this remark: “Nothing says ‘Let’s go kill some Muslims’ like country music, fresh from Lynchburg, Virginia. Someone who obviously does not want to be a polarizing candidate, he wants to bring people together, I mean — really? That’s absurd.”

Robert A. Hall is a Marine Vietnam Veteran who served five terms in the Massachusetts State Senate. He is the author of The Coming Collapse of the American Republic. For a free PDF of Collapse, e-mail him at tartanmarine(at) Hall’s eleven books are listed here:

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