Thursday, May 8, 2014

Lung Update--today's bronchoscopy.

I did okay at Rehab Wednesday morning, but things got much worse Wednesday afternoon and Thursday Morning. My breathing grew very hard with any activity. My FEV numbers went down to the 1.08-1.04 range! Today, walking from the house to the car in the garage, with 6 lpm of O2 running, my O2 sats dropped to 82, had to run 10 lpm while we drove to the VA to get back in the 90s. For the first time, I had Bonnie take me in in a wheelchair, which I hate. We brought one home.

I was hoping for the best with the bronch, but prepared for bad news. It was middling. Dr. Maloney, my surgeon, cleaned out te gunk and stretched several areas with balloons. And he let me come home--I thought there was better than a 50% chance they would admit me. And I'm breathing better, and feel much better. Still having to watch the O2 sats, and no idea if the improved breathing will hold.

He thinks I'm getting a lot of dynamic collapse, which I suspected from the downhill slide. He will consult with the other doctors, bit is thinking of putting in a more permanent stent. The trade off is that the tissue rows around it, making it easier to clear, but harder to remove if needed down the road.

So the news is neither real good, nor as bad as it could be. As always, I'm grateful for your support, good thoughts and prayers. I fight on.



  1. Bob, just went back several months on your posts! You've been through so much. I will ask The Great Physician for healing for Bob! My son lost his 28 year old friend to cystic fibrosis back in November. If you want to feel better about yourself, read her story at, Amy Crews. Or her moms blog,, click on Amy's Story. You will be blessed!! thinking of you Bob.

  2. thoughts and prayers old friend

  3. My brothers, John and Mike as well as myself keep you in our thoughts and prayers. As always, Semper Fi. .........Jim