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Some Great Stuff Today

Older, but a "Must Read": Two Americas. By Bob Lonsberry
Excerpt: The Democrats are right, there are two Americas. The America that works, and the America that doesn’t. The America that contributes, and the America that doesn’t. It’s not the haves and the have nots, it’s the dos and the don’ts. 

Must Read: When Failure Is Success: For Obama’s supporters, what matters is not what he does, but what he says and represents. By Victor Davis Hanson
Excerpt: Losing a job is freedom from job lock. A budget deficit larger than in any previous administration is austerity. A mean right-wing video caused the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi. Al-Qaeda was long ago washed up. The Muslim Brotherhood is secular. Jihad is a personal journey. Shooting people while screaming Allahu akbar! is workplace violence. Unaffordable higher premiums and deductibles are the result of an Affordable Care Act. Losing your doctor and your health-insurance plan prove you will never lose your doctor and your health-insurance plan — period! Being a constitutional lawyer means you know how to turn the IRS and the FCC on your enemies. Failure is success; lies are truth.

Great Column: The Coming Collapse of the Welfare State. By Daniel Greenfield 
Excerpt: By 1965, when Medicare was plugged in, the birth rate had fallen back to 19.4. For the first time in ten years fewer than 4 million babies had been born in a country of 195 million. Medicare had been added in the same year that saw the single biggest drop in birth rates since the Great Depression. There could not have been a worse time for Medicare than the end of the Baby Boom. Today in a nation of 317 million, 4.1 million babies are being born each year for a birth rate of 13.0 per 1,000. 40.7% of those births are to unmarried mothers so that it will be a long time, if ever, before they pay back into the system, and most will never put back in as much as they are taking out. (Yup. See: The Coming Collapse of the American Republic. http://tiny.cc/g02s4. ~Bob)

Always Good: The 'Fairness' Fraud. By Thomas Sowell
Excerpt: It seems as if, everywhere you turn these days, there are studies claiming to show that America has lost its upward mobility for people born in the lower socioeconomic levels. But there is a sharp difference between upward "mobility," defined as an opportunity to rise, and mobility defined as actually having risen. That distinction is seldom even mentioned in most of the studies. It is as if everybody is chomping at the bit to get ahead, and the ones that don't rise have been stopped by "barriers" created by "society."

Worth Reading: The Vision Thing. By John Goodman 
Excerpt: Here is the sad truth: Even though the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) is a Rube Goldberg contraption that no one can explain and even though its rollout has been a complete disaster and even though the delay of one provision after another makes it seem as though the entire enterprise is coming apart…Even with all that, Barack Obama in his sleep can articulate a clearer vision for health reform than Republicans and all their think tanks combined — after spending four years thinking about it!!! Granted, the president’s vision is often deceitful. When he says insurance companies will no longer be able to cancel your insurance after you get sick, he neglects to say that this has been federal law since the time of the Bill Clinton presidency. But even if they insist on being honest, can’t Republicans come up with a convincing message of their own? Let’s see if we can help them out.

Surprise: Obamacare to Increase Healthcare Costs of 11 Million Small Business Workers. By Katie Pavlich
Excerpt: A new report shows at least 11 million small business workers and their employers will see their health insurance costs skyrocket thanks to Obamacare. More from the Washington Post:

Excerpt: If President Obama—or anyone else—is expecting that Medicaid will be Obamacare’s salvation, look elsewhere. The president said last week that “We’ve got close to 7 million Americans who have access to health care for the first time because of Medicaid expansion.” But even The Washington Post’s “fact checker” gave President Obama four Pinocchios for that statement (and said the enrollment numbers are iffy as well).

WaPoFact Checker: Obama's claim that 7 million got 'access to health care for the first time' because of his Medicaid expansion. By Glenn Kessler
Excerpt: The Fact Checker has written several times about the fuzziness of the Medicaid numbers issued by the Obama administration. But it is like playing whack-a-mole. Every time we rap someone for getting it wrong, the same problem pops up someplace else.

ObamaCare and My Mother's Cancer Medicine. By Stephen Blackwood  
Excerpt: The news was dumbfounding. She used to have a policy that covered the drug that kept her alive. Now she's on her own. (Just one more story of the little "glitches" with the plan that was going to make everything better for everyone, and at lower cost, too. Well.... not exactly. --Del)

Excerpt: The president promised that Obamacare would bend the cost curve downward. The cost curve for running the site is bending upward. Dramatically:

Dem Senate Candidate Sics Lawyers to Silence Cancer Patient in Anti-Obamacare Ads. By Guy Benson
Excerpt: Democrat Congressman Gary Peters is running for US Senate in Michigan, where he's facing a strong Republican opponent in former Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land. Like other Democrats across the America, Peters is worried sick about the political impact Obamacare -- a law for which Peters voted in 2010. Unlike many others, however, he's taken the extraordinary step of dispatching a team of lawyers to bully Michigan broadcasters into refusing to air a television ad that's critical of the healthcare overhaul.

Evidence of Job Loss. From The Patriot Post
HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius may stubbornly insist that ObamaCare isn't destroying jobs, but the Advanced Medical Technology Association, an industry trade group, says otherwise. Just the medical device tax "has resulted in employment reductions of approximately 14,000 industry workers and forgone hiring of 19,000 workers," the group says. "The total job impact of the tax on industry employment was approximately 33,000." On top of that, the indirect effect of the tax was to eliminate "as many as 165,000 jobs." Jobs are also being sent overseas, while companies cut back on research and development, slow down investment and forego plans for new facilities. But Sebelius says "there is absolutely no evidence" of this, so move along.

Worth Reading: Saudi Arabia: The Middle East’s Real Apartheid State. By Daniel Greenfield 
Excerpt: There is a country in the Middle East where 10 percent of the population is denied equal rights because of their race, where black men are not allowed to hold many government positions, where black women are put on trial for witchcraft and where the custody of children is granted to the parent with the most “racially superior” bloodline. This Apartheid State is so enormously powerful that it controls American foreign policy in the Middle East even as its princes and princesses bring their slaves to the United Kingdom and the United States.

Ukraine arrest warrant for fugitive Viktor Yanukovych
Excerpt: Ukraine has issued an arrest warrant for fugitive ousted President Viktor Yanukovych, the interior minister says.

Stain - Upon Stars and Buttons and Badges and Medals and Emblem. By Andy Weddington
Excerpt: Shiny stars and buttons and badges and medals do not a Marine general make. Nor does shiny metal make any Marine.

Piers Morgan and CNN Plan End to His Prime-Time Show
Excerpt: There have been times when the CNN host Piers Morgan didn’t seem to like America very much — and American audiences have been more than willing to return the favor. Three years after taking over for Larry King, Mr. Morgan has seen the ratings for “Piers Morgan Live” hit some new lows, drawing a fraction of viewers compared with competitors at Fox News and MSNBC. (Huh. Purveying Progressive Propaganda doesn't get you high ratings. Who knew? ~Bob)

12 Reasons Why Everyone Hates Piers Morgan. By James Delingpole
Excerpt: Today blogger Guido Fawkes tweeted his excitement about the news of Piers Morgan's demise from his primetime slot on CNN. Lots of people are evidently elated about this, and Guido took to his MediaGuido Twitter account to recall a personal memory about his last conversation with the late founder of this very parish, Andrew Breitbart. Here are twelve reasons why the shade of Andrew Breitbart isn't the only one on cloud nine on this, the happiest of days.

New Haven divided by growing income disparity
Excerpt: The divide between New Haven's have and have-nots is growing, and at a more rapid clip than the state and the country, according to an analysis by DataHaven, which collects and analyzes demographic information on the region. The gap in earnings between the top fifth of Greater New Haven households and those at the bottom fifth of the income ladder increased by 20 percent from 2006 to 2012, according to DataHaven. The chasm between the region's rich and poor expanded at a rate three times faster than the national average and much faster than statewide growth in income disparity. (Makes me want to shed a tear…as always with NHR, don’t miss the comments. --GS)

The Green Gulag. By Daniel Greenfield
Excerpt: 8,000 people die in the UK every year due to what is being called "Fuel Poverty". Fuel Poverty is a trendy term for those who can't afford to heat their home because all the solar panels and windmills, the coal bans and the wars on fracking have made it too expensive for people not to freeze to death. The left, which never misses a chance to blame profiteering for the failure of its policies, is staging "Die-Ins" outside energy companies to protect the real "Die-Ins" that they caused.

It is Islamophobic to note that all 10 nations with the death penalty for homosexuality are Muslim.
Excerpt: Here are the 10 countries where homosexuality may be punished by death.

Kerry Kennedy's Defense to DUI, Fleeing Scene of Accident: She's a Kennedy and Her "Human Rights Work" Would Suffer if She's Jailed.
Excerpt: She is also the ex-wife of Gov. Andrew Cuomo; she should be let go because of that too. But, on the positive side, when she fled the scene, she didn’t leave anyone to drown, like Uncle Ted did…Via NY Post.

A Socialism Spill on Aisle 9. By Daniel Greenfield
Excerpt: Weighing a can of food in your hands that you need but cannot afford wonderfully focuses the mind on the real, but at the cocktail parties of the Friends of the Working Class, everything is wonderfully unreal. Life is full of possibilities, vacations, conferences and elections. There are no hard facts, only ideas and slogans. Everything and everyone does what you want them to.

Excerpt: Hassan Abboud, a top official in the Islamic Front and Ahrar al Sham, has posted a series of pictures of Abu Khalid al Suri on his Twitter feed. Al Suri was Ayman al Zawahiri's chief representative in Syria until he was killed by a suicide bomber this past weekend.

Egyptian Army Targets Sinai Jihadists
Excerpt: The Egyptian army is conducting a wide military operation in the Sinai to crack down on Islamic movements that use the area as a launching pad for terrorist operations. As part of that campaign, soldiers have exchanged fire with a man named Yousef Mohamad Hamads Hassan, who belongs to "the extremely dangerous and takfiri group, Ansar Bait Al Maqdis,"an army spokesman wrote on Facebook, according to the Egyptian daily Al Masry Alyoum.

MARINE: Strict Rules Of Engagement Are Killing More Americans Than Enemy In This Lost War. By Paul Szoldra
Excerpt: When I deployed to Afghanistan as an infantry squad leader in 2004, I had the utmost confidence in my superiors, our mission to restore order to Afghanistan, and to help the Afghan people. At the time of my deployment, we had clear rules of engagement (ROE): if you ever feel that your life is threatened, you can respond with force to include deadly force. (We've heard this before, and again someone with experience is spelling it out. War is not a parlor game that you add on a couple of pages of special rules to make it more challenging. He is right. Let our guys really fight to win, or get them the hell out. --Del)

Barack Obama's New America
Excerpt: We have watched numerous changes take place in this country in the last 30 years – probably some of the most significant cultural, economic, and constitutional transformations this nation has ever seen. In the process we have witnessed the world respect for America diminish enormously, and our respect for the laws and the standards.

Military Cuts to pre WWII size
Excerpt: Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, warned that the cuts would hurt military readiness. And he said the country is only in this position because the Obama administration and Congress will not seriously take on cuts to entitlements.

NYPD Surveillance Upheld Despite AP Campaign. By Patrick Dunleavy
Excerpt: A federal judge in New Jersey dismissed a lawsuit last Thursday that was brought by several Islamic activist organizations, including the Muslim Students Association and the Muslim Foundation, against the New York City Police Department. The plaintiffs accused the NYPD of violating their civil rights through a program which including surveillance and intelligence gathering of the Muslim community in New Jersey.

Militants Attack Presidential Palace in Somalia. By Mohammed Ibrahim and Nicholas Kulish
Excerpt: In a deadly attack on the heart of the Somali government, multiple explosions and a firefight erupted on Friday near the presidential palace in Mogadishu, killing 12 people, nine of them militants, officials said. The Shabab, the militant Somali Islamist group, claimed responsibility.

Mohamed Morsi accused of passing state secrets to Iran
Excerpt: Egypt's ex-president and Muslim Brotherhood figurehead could face capital punishment if found guilty of espionage. (Wait--a president can't pass secrets to Iran? Who knew? ~Bob)

Excerpt: So they came up with the Alien and Sedition Act which promised to punish both recent legal immigrants as well as American citizens themselves. And so the Federalist legislation called for deporting any legal immigrant with less than fourteen years of American residence for any remarks they expressed in opposition to Federalist law....or for any political expression that might hold the Congress, or the President in contempt. And American citizens who dared to criticize the government were subject to two years in prison and a monetary fine that would have bankrupted the average citizen. And, indeed, a significant number of citizens were rounded up and thrown in prison for daring to oppose "big government". Fortunately Thomas Jefferson was alive and fighting against these all-controlling tyrants. Jefferson, always fearful of the growth of government power, mounted fierce opposition to this maniacal power grab. The acts proved so unpopular that the Federalists lost thousands of party members who fled to Jefferson's Republican party. American anger was such that Jefferson and his Republicans were swept into office in the election of 1800 and Jefferson and the Congress promptly ended the Alien and Sedition Act and restored the individual freedoms outlined in the Bill of Rights. Sadly, Barack Hussein Obama, just two generations removed from a Kenyan heritage, has chosen to, by executive order, implement many of the deplorable aspects of the Alien and Sedition Act. So massive is his ego that he cannot stand to have his decisions questioned, either by the Judiciary, the Congress, or the American people.

Excerpt: The council members appear to have received this man’s appeals with some impatience. However, make no mistake: there will be many more incidents like this, with calls for the implementation of Sharia morals police and Sharia restrictions on the freedom of speech growing louder and more insistent. And then city councils and other governing bodies will be forced either to articulate and implement a defense of Western principles of free expression, or capitulate. Right now the latter looks much more likely.

Worth Reading: Black History Lessons from the GOP: The Republican party has a proud history of brave, independent-minded public servants. By Kevin D. Williamson
Excerpt: Conservative may not have a lot of use for Black History Month, but it does provide us with an occasion for something fruitful: remembering when the Republican party was home to a fair number of legitimate bad-asses — gun-toting, slavery-fighting, fearless men and women who led lives of astounding personal courage and political consequence. ... “She drinks whiskey, and she swears, and she is a Republican, which makes her a low, foul creature.” That was one schoolgirl’s description of Mary Fields, a.k.a. Stagecoach Mary, who is an obvious candidate for induction into the inaugural class in the American Bad-Ass Hall of Fame.

Israeli warplanes 'strike eastern Lebanon'
Excerpt: Israeli jets have carried out air strikes in eastern Lebanon near the border with Syria, Lebanon's state news agency says. Israel's military has not commented although an Israeli security source quoted by Reuters said there had been "air force activity in the north".

Gutting our Military
Excerpt: The gutting of our military is based on a political strategy not a military strategy. We no longer have a military strategy in this dangerous world. While ObamaCare is devastating to so many Americans, gutting our military has the potential of creating a national disaster that we my not be able to overcome. Our military will now be the same size as the Turkish military. China has 2 million in their military, and Russia has 1.2 million. Out of our projected 440K force, we will have less than 100,000 combat troops on the ground. It is so naive to think the US will not be involved in a major conflict. We are in big trouble. --GBH (From a retired Marine MajGen. ~Bob)

Turkey PM Erdogan says 'tapped' phone call to son 'fabricated'
Excerpt: Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan has angrily condemned as fabricated an audio recording that appears to show him talking to his son about hiding large sums of money. He said the recording, allegedly tapped and posted on social media, was a "treacherous attack". (He must be from Chicago. who knew? ~Bob)

Pakistan air strikes against militants in tribal areas
Excerpt: Pakistan's military have launched air strikes against suspected militant hideouts in the north-west, killing at least 30 people, officials say. Fighter jets bombed targets in the North Waziristan tribal area on Tuesday, officials said.

US presses Iraq on reports of Iran arms deal
Excerpt: The US has said it is "seeking clarification" over a report that Iraq has signed a deal with Iran to buy arms in violation of a UN embargo. State department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said that if the $195m (£117m) deal for weapons and ammunition was confirmed, it "would raise serious concerns". (This might require deeper bowing and more apologies from Obama. ~Bob)

Nigeria school raid in Yobe state 'leaves dozens dead'
Excerpt: Suspected Islamist militants from the Boko Haram group in north-eastern Nigeria have attacked a school and shot some students, the military has said. Dozens of pupils are reported to have been killed. Police told Reuters that all the dead were boys and that some of the bodies "were burned to ashes".

Ugandan 'homosexuals' named in Red Pepper paper
Excerpt: A Ugandan tabloid has named the country's "200 top homosexuals", a day after President Yoweri Museveni signed into law a bill toughening penalties for gay people. Red Pepper's list appeared under the headline: "Exposed", raising concerns of a witch-hunt against gay people. (Remember, Progressives, all cultures are equally valid. except, of course, the middle class American culture that nurtured you and gave you freedom and prosperity. ~Bob)

Ex-Guantánamo detainee Moazzam Begg held in Birmingham terror raids
Excerpt: Begg, released from Guantánamo without charge, arrested with two men and a woman on suspicion of Syria-related offences.

Homeowner shoots and kills armed robbery suspect
Excerpt: A Detroit woman surprises an armed robbery suspect in her home. He pointed a gun at her head, but the woman was armed. Bullets started flying and the suspected ended up dead. (Tisk, tisk. She should have called police--they would surely have brought a rape test kit and body bag for her. ~Bob)

Video: 'I didn't have time to get scared': Surveillance camera captures the moment mother opens fire on home invaders with assault rifle
Excerpt: This is the dramatic moment a mother-of-two opened fire with an assault rifle on intruders who tried to smash their way into her home. The woman took action after three hooded individuals kicked down the door of her Detroit home on Monday night where she lives with her two young children. She fired off rounds in a bid to deter the would-be burglars, later saying she 'didn't have time to get scared'. (what it is with these women who are willing to use--shudder--guns rather than be robbed, raped and murdered in Progressive Paradise Detroit? ~Bob)

Elections Decided By Rapists, Murderers and Pedophiles. By Floyd Brown
Excerpt: But Barack Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, has a different vision. You see, in America, felons have traditionally returned to society with restricted rights. In some states, they lose the right to vote. In many jurisdictions, they lose the right to sit on a jury. And more widely, they’re prohibited from serving as law enforcement officers. These restrictions are intended to protect society. But Holder is upset with this tradition, and he wants to see it changed. 

Cheney: Obama Would Rather Fund Food Stamps Than the Military
Excerpt: The military cuts announced Monday by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel will hurt future presidents' ability to protect the country, says former Vice President Dick Cheney. "I've obviously not been a strong supporter of Barack Obama, but this really is over the top. It does enormous long-term damage to our military," Cheney said Monday on Fox News Channel's "Hannity." 

An Al Jazeera Anchor's Bloody Call
Excerpt: A prominent Al Jazeera anchor with close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood issued a statement praising the murders of police officers and advocating attacks on journalists who stand with Egypt's current government. (Al Jazeera--Al Gore's Fossil Fuel Fairy Godmother. ~Bob)

Susan Rice and the retreat of American power. By Richard Cohen
Excerpt: Susan Rice ought to stay off “Meet the Press.” The last time she was on, she misrepresented what led to the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya. On Sunday she was back, this time misrepresenting critics of the Obama administration’s Syria policy. Last time her misrepresentation was unintentional. This time it wasn’t. I prefer it, though, when she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

Liberal Atheists Up In Arms Because The Bible Is in Hotel Rooms
Excerpt: Annie Laurie Gaylor, of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, is on a mission to do away with Christianity. It’s a step by step process, and one of those steps is centered around a hotel at Iowa State University. Atheists of course will not be satisfied with forcing their beliefs in the classrooms. They’ll keep going until Christianity is no longer tolerated, while forgetting that Christianity is at the foundation of what made this the most tolerant, charitable, and prosperous nation in the world.

Ares Armor Tactical Store Threatened with Fines & Jail Time for AR-15 Sign
Excerpt: Ares Armor is a small tactical company that operates a store in National City, California. Recently the town of National City disapproved of a sign displayed at the National City store location and told the store, "Take down the sign or go to jail. We do not approve of guns...or you."

Excerpt: We are not in the situation of the Ukraine, however that turns out, but the events in that Eastern European country should remind us all of the sad condition of our nation, how much we now need an American Spring in the USA. Not a Spring like the Arab Spring, of course, which was and is a nightmare beyond anyone’s wishes, but something more like the original Prague Spring that remade the Czech Republic into the vibrant country and society it is today. The Obama administration has been the culmination of the advancement of state intrusion into our lives that began roughly a hundred years ago and has reached such a point that the originality and the intentions of our country are barely recognizable. (GOP should be portraying Hillary as an Alinskyite as well. --Barb)

Trey Gowdy Blasts ‘Stunningly Arrogant’ Susan Rice: “I Get Tougher Questions In The Bojangles Drive-Thru”
Excerpt: Trey Gowdy on Greta Monday night blasted Susan Rice for her lack of regret over lying about the Benghazi attack in which 4 Americans die/ Gowdy called her “stunningly arrogant” and said she was continuing to peddle a “false narrative.” Rice blamed the misstatement on faulty intelligence. But Gowdy wasn’t buying it. 

Dr. Ben Carson’s Prescription For America: Courage
Excerpt: Dr. Ben Carson, who garnered popularity and support from American conservatives when he criticized President Obama during a 2013 National Prayer Breakfast speech, spoke to a packed house in Southeast Missouri on February 22nd. Though he discussed a challenging childhood, an even more challenging career, a dishonest media, and a corrupt WashingtonD.C., his rallying cry was for unity and courage in America…. “Alinsky knew the power of unifying and having meaningful dialogue, which is why he said never have a conversation with your enemy because in so doing you humanize him, “and your job is to demonize him.”

Sebelius' cuts in home health care funds could jeopardize hundreds of thousands of jobs
Excerpt: Discussing the impact of ObamaCare on jobs, she said last week in Orlando, “There is absolutely no evidence and every economist will tell you this, that there is any job loss related to the Affordable Care Act." But Sebelius herself, using discretion granted her by the Affordable Care Act, cut the maximum allowed by law from home health care funds. The cuts were deep enough that officials offered a damaging prediction of the impact saying, it was estimated that approximately 40 percent of providers would have negative margins.

Excerpt: If this Harvard University student got her way, free speech on campus would be abolished and professors with dissenting views fired, because radical leftism is the only permissible political philosophy and the First Amendment is a barrier preventing modern colleges from fulfilling their proper role as indoctrination camps. Her name is Sandra Korn. She is a senior at Harvard and columnist for the Harvard Crimson.

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