Sunday, February 16, 2014

Late, but lots of good stuff

Discovered the blog works in Explorer, not in Chrome. But Explorer puts in extra spaces. Sigh. Sorry this Friday post is late. ~Bob


Obamacare creates new ways to prosecute American business. By Ed Rogers

Excerpt: It’s been a bad week for Obamacare. Incredibly, the White House has had to grant yet another delay in the employer mandate. This time, employers with between 50 to 99 employees who don’t already offer health insurance to their employees have until 2016 to comply with the shifting Obamacare requirements. This latest delay represents another political calculation by the White House. They are counting on the fact that the criticism they will face now for bungling incompetence and disregarding their own law is less than the criticism they would receive for damaging American business closer to the elections.


You Lost Your Job, Now Party. B y Tad Cronn 

Excerpt: Leave it to Democratic politicians to suggest that not only is the record number of people leaving the labor force not a bad thing, but that the continuing loss of jobs and reduction of hours because of their policies is "a great opportunity" to finally kick back and relax.

Not only has the vernacular being thrown around Washington circles changed from talking about people being fired to people being "freed" from a job, but we're being told that the policies created by the Obama Administration and the Democrat-led Congress are important to American society because they allow parents to come home and "actually be able to cook dinner." (If 2.5M folks leaving the workforce is good, then if everyone quit their jobs, it would be utopia. Obama first. ~Bob)


Excerpt: “It’s. The. Law.” Don’t forget that! Unless more unilateral changes to “the law” are necessary to avoid disastrous consequences at the polls. Via the Washington Post, the White House continues sound worse than little kids making up the rules to a game on the fly … an incompetent, economy crushing, insurance canceling, future generation bankrupting, nation-crippling game:


The Obama Precedent: Congress, Who Needs It?

Excerpt: The Obama administration has one again unilaterally and unlawfully extended the delay in enforcement of the Obamacare employer mandate. ... It will be such sweet turnabout to use the Obama Precedent against Democratic programs in 2017. The Obamacare employer mandate is actually a tax enforcement statute. Having established that Presidents can simply decide not to enforce taxes they do not like, I can't wait for President Perry to start nixing taxes by executive fiat.

Obama Rewrites ObamaCare: Another day, another lawless exemption, once again for business.

Excerpt: 'ObamaCare" is useful shorthand for the Affordable Care Act not least because the law increasingly means whatever President Obama says it does on any given day. His latest lawless rewrite arrived on Monday as the White House decided to delay the law's employer mandate for another year and in some cases maybe forever.


Obamacare’s $70 billion pay cut. By Marc A. Thiessen

Excerpt: In his State of the Union address, President Obama urged Congress to “give America a raise.” Well, it turns out that Obama is giving America a $70 billion annual pay cut, courtesy of Obamacare. That is the overlooked nugget in the new Congressional Budget Office report detailing the economic costs of Obamacare.


Excerpt: During a Monday visit to Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s Virginia home, President Barack Obama declared that, as president, he “can do whatever” he wants. (Of course, he was joking? --JB).


Why Democrats Hate Work. By Ben Shapiro

Excerpt: Last week, the Congressional Budget Office released a report discussing the ramifications of Obamacare. The report revealed that the work-hour equivalent of approximately 2.5 million jobs would disappear from the workforce, thanks to Obamacare, in a voluntary process in which employees would simply dump out of their jobs, knowing they could get health care through expanded Medicaid and federal subsidies they would lose by working. Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., an ideological leftist thought leader, spun the report as a massive positive for Obamacare:


Excerpt: Last week I testified before the House Oversight committee on the “risk corridors” in the (ObamaCare) exchanges. Republicans claim that this is a device to bailout the insurance companies. Democrats, in the unusual position of defending the insurance companies, actually claimed that the government was going to make a “profit” because of it. I was in the uncomfortable position of not agreeing completely with either side. The Affordable Care Act creates a new health insurance marketplace (the exchange). But because of the great uncertainty about what buyers will enter the market and who will buy what product, the law creates three vehicles to reduce insurance company risk.


The Real Reason Health Spending Has Slowed

Excerpt: President Obama tells us that "health care costs are growing at the slowest rate in 50 years." He and members of his administration attribute that trend to the Affordable Care Act. But ObamaCare is just taking effect this year, while the slowdown has been underway over a decade, say John C. Goodman, president and CEO, and the Kellye Wright Fellow in Health Care, and Peter Ferrara, a senior fellow, with the National Center for Policy Analysis. Three developments track the slowdown in health care spending very closely: the growth of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), the growth of Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) and the general trend toward higher deductibles.


Important: Companies Can't Fire People Because of ObamaCare Costs

Excerpt: “Obama officials made clear in a press briefing that firms would not be allowed to lay off workers to get into the preferred class of those businesses with 50 to 99 employees. . . . Firms will be required to certify to the IRS – under penalty of perjury – that ObamaCare was not a motivating factor in their staffing decisions. To avoid ObamaCare costs you must swear that you are not trying to avoid ObamaCare costs.” (Under a free market, companies are free to make business decisions they believe will make them most successful and competitive. Under communism, the government owns the companies. Under fascism, companies are privately owned, but must do as the government directs for the benefit of programs the government wants. which system would you say we now have? ~Bob)


Report: Obamacare Enrollment 'Slowing to a Crawl' in 2014? By Guy Benson

Excerpt: The White House and its Congressional allies have been pumping greatly exaggerated Obamacare enrollment statistics in the media, which we helped debunk earlier in the week. How are they going to dress up an apparent sharp downward trend in sign-ups (or "plan selections") in late January and early February, with the March 31 enrollment deadline fast approaching?


Democrats Running Ads Criticizing Obamacare. By Heather Ginsberg

Excerpt: A new ad campaign for the Democrat running in Florida’s 26th district hits Obamacare at its core and has no problem taking a shot at the law’s most important parts. What’s even better is the ad is produced by a Nancy Pelosi backed PAC. Although the candidate does not call for repeal, he is “working to fix” Obamacare and wants to hold “insurance companies accountable.” (By October, they will be calling it "Bushcare"--and the media will go along. ~Bob)


Excerpt: As he was headed to the Democratic caucus lunch yesterday, Senator JoeManchin had strong words about the president’s extension of the employer mandate deadline. “You’re just picking and choosing,” the West Virginia Democrat said of the administration’s decision. “First it’s basically the large employers, then it’s medium groups, then it’s 50 to 100 — medium-sized. If there’s a problem, there’s a problem.” (It's settled law--no delays! we should sue him to enforce his law as passed, not let them postpone it until after the November midterms. ~Bob)


Typical: Colorado health-care exchange director indicted in Montana housing case

Excerpt: A director with Colorado’s health-care exchange was placed on paid administrative leave Tuesday after it was discovered she has been accused of stealing from a nonprofit housing organization she oversaw in Montana. Christa McClure, 51 is the director of partner engagement for Connect for Health Colorado, the state program that implements the Affordable Care Act in the state.


Why No One Knows Who Has Actually Paid for ObamaCare Insurance. By Kate Rogers

Excerpt: But the administration’s figures rely heavily on the word “selected.” The 3.3 million number includes individuals who both have and have not yet paid their first month’s premium. This is a diversion from the insurance industry standard of only considering someone enrolled after paying the first month’s bill. Despite there only being six weeks left in the open enrollment period, the administration has yet to reveal who has paid their first premium.


Obamacare’s War on Jobs: In the new opportunity society, you are given the opportunity for idleness while living off others. By Charles Krauthammer

Excerpt: In the ongoing saga of the Affordable Care Act, oddly referred to by Democrats as the law of the land even as it is amended at will by presidential fiat, we are beginning to understand the extent of its war on jobs.


Always worth reading: Random Thoughts. By Thomas Sowell 

Excerpt: It is amazing how many people still fall for the argument that, if life is unfair, the answer is to turn more money and power over to politicians. Since life has always been unfair, for thousands of years and in countries around the world, where does that lead us? .... Despite the rhetoric, the goals or the intentions of the political left, the world they seek to create is a world where decisions are taken out of the hands of ordinary citizens and transferred to third parties. ObamaCare is the latest example of this trend, and can now join the long list of the “compassionate” catastrophes of the left.


Worth Reading: The Inequality of Government Access. By Daniel Greenfield 

Excerpt: A day after New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Tale of Two Cities address in which the wealthy Park Slope resident once again made inequality his focus, the radical pol intervened to spring one of his biggest supporters from prison. The New York Post responded by putting, “A Jail of Two Cities” on its front page. Aside from being the commonplace corruption that one ought to expect from a politician trying to ban horses in Central Park because a wealthy real estate magnate wants to seize their stables, the Jail of Two Cities also reveals why government wars against inequality are a dead end.


Important: Diplomacy is failing in Syria, Obama acknowledges

Excerpt: The Obama administration acknowledged Tuesday that diplomacy, the main pillar of its Syria policy, is failing even as civil war is destroying the country, leaving open the question of what the United States will or can do to stop the slaughter. (One of my Progressive friends said that with the Syria, Russia, US chemical weapons agreement, Obama was on the verge of the biggest diplomatic triumph since the Cuba Missile Crisis, and my concerns were based on my dislike of Obama. But I was sure he was being played, just as Iran is now playing him on nukes, and the Jihadist played him into his lead-from-behind, his unauthorized war on Libya which has created a new al Qaeda stronghold. Some triumph. ~Bob)


Here’s What Income Equality Would Look Like by Scott Hodge

 Excerpt: Many people believe the "rich" can afford to pay higher taxes since they command a disproportionate share of the nation's income. However, the current amount of redistribution already takes 21% of the top quintile's income. That would have to soar to 74% to make every family in America "average." These are the missing pieces of the current inequality debate. To recap: Current federal tax-and-spending policies combine to redistribute $1.5 trillion each year from the top 40% of Americans to the bottom 60%. To close the income gap to zero would require $4 trillion.


5 years later: How’s that Wreckovery working out for ya? By Michelle Malkin

Excerpt: On Feb. 17, 2009, President Obama promised the sun and the moon and the stars. That was the day, five years ago, when he signed the $800 billion “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.” President Modesty called it “the most sweeping economic recovery package in our history.” He promised “unprecedented transparency and accountability.” He claimed the spending would lift “two million Americans from poverty.” Ready for the reality smackdown?

The actual cost of the $800 billion pork-laden stimulus has ballooned to nearly $2 trillion


Another Public Letter to the Commandant of the Marine Corps. By Andy Weddington

Excerpt: Why another letter when paper and canvas, awaiting a loaded brush, litter my studio and itchy hands are ever tempted by nearby leaning fly rods eager to land trout? Because things are not getting better. To the contrary. And because that old general noted in my first letter will not leave me alone. Nor will scads of Marines - alive and dead - leave me in peace as this forum is their voice. (well, as a SSgt, criticizing the CMC is above my pay grade, as I don't have the knowledge or contacts the Colonel has. ~Bob)


Great Lakes ice cover spreading rapidly; see which lake set a new record

Excerpt: The lake is 92 percent frozen, toppling a 20-year-old record of 91 percent set on Feb. 5, 1994. That statistic helped total Great Lakes ice cover soar, and we can expect to see more form in coming days.


Bombshell: Smoking Gun in Obama’s IRS Scheme

Excerpt: Though President Obama insists the Internal Revenue Service is not guilty of the political targeting of nonprofits, WND has learned the agency contracts with an avowedly “progressive” organization supported by George Soros to process data filed by smaller tax-exempt groups. (Also watch the videos. --JB. Take for what it's worth WND always put the worst spin on things. ~Bob).


The Value of Putin: Putin ends up existing to warn us in the West of what we are not. By Victor Davis Hanson

Excerpt: Vladimir Putin has the world’s attention this week. The circumstances will remind everyone that reset with Russia is dead. Its working hypothesis — that it was the George W. Bush administration, not the Putin regime, that had either inadvertently or provocatively offended the other’s sensibilities — was invented before the 2008 election on Obama’s partisan and political considerations, not empirical observation. (Hanson does a great job of explaining the contrasts between Putin and Obama, between classic tough guy attitude and Western PC concerns. And guess who comes off looking weak and foolish? --Del)


The Tyranny of Winter: The Left is at war with economic reality. By Kevin D. Williamson

Excerpt: The Left is at war with economic reality. The intellectual poverty of the Left — which is also a moral poverty — is evident in the fact that its leaders are much more intensely interested in incomes at the top than those at the bottom. Examples are not difficult to come by: 


Important: The Costs of the Environmentalism Cult. By Bruce Thornton 

Excerpt: California is in the third year of a drought, but the problem isn’t a lack of water. The snowfall in the Sierra provides enough to help us ride out the years of drought. All we need to do is store it. But California hasn’t built a new dam in 35 years. Worse than that, every year we dump 1.6 million acre-feet of water––about enough to serve 3.2 million families for a year––into the Pacific Ocean in order to protect an allegedly “endangered” 3-inch bait-fish called the Delta smelt.


Impeach Obama T-Shirts Ruled Safety Hazard by Town Council

Excerpt: After a group of people donned on t-shirts and then stood on a pedestrian overpass, the city board members passed an ordinance making it illegal for anyone to erect or display signs or other things on the pedestrian overpass citing that it poses a hazard to traffic. The t-shirts in question each had a different letter on the front that when lined up in order spelled ‘impeached’ and on the backs the shirts spelled out ‘Obama.’


Excerpt: Have you ever wondered what Amnesty Advocates mean when they say we have a broken immigration system? Have you ever wondered why they will never respond when you ask "why don't you just enforce the immigration laws we have now?" It's very simple. When they say our immigration system is broken they're really saying they want the laws changed to allow some 20 million illegal Mexicans to be rewarded with citizenship and a front row seat to America's generous social welfare programs.


Eric Holder makes case for felons to get voting rights back

Excerpt: Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. on Tuesday called on states to repeal laws that prohibit felons from voting after their release from prison, urging changes that could allow millions more across the country to cast ballots. (Because 95% of them will vote Democrat. If they voted Republican, he'd fight this like the devil. ~Bob)


Freedom House Condemns Iran's Hanging Of Renowned Poet

Excerpt: Freedom House has condemned the execution in Iran of acclaimed poet and activist Hashem Shaabani. The watchdog said Shaabani, 32, was put to death on January 27. An Islamic Revolutionary Tribunal reportedly had sentenced the poet to death, along with 14 others, last July on charges that included "waging war on God."


America: Running Toward Sodom

Excerpt: In 1996, Robert Bork wrote Slouching Toward Gomorrah, a critical expose of the culture war. Bork pointed to the acceptance of baby sacrifice as a sure sign that our culture was in decline and headed toward divine judgment. His prophetic warning was ignored by Americans. Teddy Kennedy and the Democrats had succeeded in characterizing judge Bork, nominated by Ronald Reagan for the Supreme Court, as a racist. Of course, none of the accusations had any merit. The Democrat’s real problem with Bork, just as with Scalia and Thomas, was that he could not find a right to kill one’s child in the constitution.


The New Feminism And How It’s Destroying Women!

Excerpt: We hear it all the time: “America is patriarchal!”, “American women are oppressed!”. Well, a lifelong feminist and former National Organization for Women member, Tammy Bruce, is tired of hearing it–and she has a solution laid out in our newest video: Feminism 2.0. One that tells women that they should be proud to act feminine. One that tells them that simply copying men and masculine traits is actually demeaning to women. One that honors all responsible choices, including becoming a wife and mother.


The Privileged People. By John Stossel

Excerpt: Politicians say, “We're all equal,” and pretend that they represent everyone. But, in fact, they constantly pick winners and losers. America is now like the place described in George Orwell's book “Animal Farm”: “All animals are equal,” but some are “more equal than others.” “Animal Farm” was about Communism, but today the allegory applies to our bloated democracy, too. During the “fiscal cliff” negotiations that Congress and the media made sound so tough – as if every last penny were pinched – Congress still managed to slip in plenty of special deals for cronies.


Culture of corruption postscript: The Hilda Solis files. By Michelle Malkin

Excerpt: Put on your super-shocked faces, everyone: Former Obama administration official Hilda Solis, who is now running for yet another government position in Los Angeles, is embroiled in yet another union corruptocracy scandal. The Hope and Change hits just keep on coming. Solis served as President No More Business As Usual’s first secretary of labor. Remember waaaay back then, when “most transparent administration in history” had not yet become an automatic punchline?


Admit It: Decent Folks No Longer Have a Place in the Democratic Party

Excerpt: The war on poverty has been conducted partly in earnest and partly self-servingly … Head Start today is a money-laundering program under which federal expenditures are transmitted to Democratic candidates … The main beneficiaries of the war on poverty have not been and will not be the poor – the beneficiaries are the alleged poverty warriors themselves. The result: a large and expensive welfare state that provides relatively little welfare, a destructive and ruinous war on poverty that has not done much to reduce poverty.


UK: Knee surgery patient's death on busy weekend ward 'could have been avoided'

Excerpt: A SENIOR doctor has said the death of a knee replacement patient could have been avoided if weekend hospital staff had sufficient time to recognise she was seriously ill. Consultant Nicholas London staff on the Wensleydale ward of Harrogate District Hospital was exceptionally busy on the weekend of November 20 and 21, 2012, and with the limited number of doctors available a detailed ward round would have been too time-consuming. (The joys of the single-payer system Obama and the left really want you to have here. ~Bob)


Islamic Extremists Slaughter 15 Soldiers in Northern Iraqi City

Excerpt: Fighters from a Sunni extremist group attacked an army unit in a northern Iraqi city on Tuesday, killing 15 soldiers in a rampage of beheadings, shootings and a hanging, security officials said. (Muslims killing Muslims for Allah to prove Islam is a "Religion of Peace." ~Bob)


30 Dead in Clash With Al-Qaida-Linked Rebels

Excerpt: A Malian intelligence official confirmed that 30 people were killed near the Mali-Niger border after a clash pitting armed villagers against members of an al-Qaida-linked rebel group.


Attack on Movie Theater in Pakistan Kills 11

Excerpt: A grenade attack on a movie theater killed 11 people and injured 25 in the northern Pakistani city of Peshawar on Tuesday, police and hospital officials said. It was the second such attack in Peshawar, the capital of the restive Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Province, this month. ("Restive" is media code for "Don't Go there--they will try to kill you." ~Bob


Ex-New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin found guilty of corruption

Excerpt: A federal jury has convicted former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin on charges that he accepted bribes, free trips and other gratuities from contractors in exchange for helping them secure millions of dollars in city work while he was in office. The jury on Wednesday convicted Nagin of 20 of 21 counts against him. (Show me your shocked face. This was the guy who said New Orleans was a "chocolate city," and should stay that way. Imagine what the media an left would say if a white mayor said his burg was a "vanilla city," and should stay that way. ~Bob)


The Money in Politics Dems Don’t Mind: Corporations can throw untold millions at immigration reform without complaint. By Andrew Stiles

Excerpt: How do special-interest donors get away with spending upward of $100 million on a cause most Americans oppose? When that happens, don’t pundits rail against Big Business and the influence of “money in politics”? Liberals redouble their efforts to overturn Citizens United, right? Not if it’s the immigration debate. (Both Democrats ad Republicans are able to flip political positions and abandon ideology when it benefits their side, with no apparent cognitive dissonance. ~Bob)


Obama, legislator-in-chief, suffers setback on illegal IRS rules. By Timothy P. Carney |

Excerpt: “The IRS may not unilaterally expand its authority through such an expansive, atextual, and a historical reading of” the law. The Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit used these words in a Feb. 11 ruling that struck down an Obama administration regulation on tax preparers. Federal judges should copy this phrase and be ready to paste it into rulings -- sometimes replacing "IRS" with "Health and Human Services" -- as President Obamacontinues to act as legislator in chief, making and amending laws as he sees fit, separation of powers be damned.


Surprise! Obama’s ‘transparency’ claim takes a hit in press-freedom rankings. By Erik Wemple

Excerpt: President Obama’s claim to have put together the “most transparent administration in history” just got a touch more risible. A ranking by Reporters Without Borders dropped the United States 13 rungs for freedom of information, to No. 46 in the world, just behind Romania and just ahead of Haiti. The RWB report calls the U.S. drop “one of the most significant declines” on the chart.


Mike Rowe Defends Wal-Mart from the Unions

Excerpt: A couple of nights ago, during the Olympics, Wal-Mart unveiled a new ad campaign featuring Mike Rowe. He very quickly was inundated with hate mail from people who couldn’t believe that he would work for the devil (the devil being Wal-Mart). In true Mike Rowe style, he graciously and eloquently explained to his detractors why he was right and they… were wrong.


VIDEO: Obama Slammed Bush Over Executive Power in 2008, Promised to "Reverse When I'm President"

Excerpt: A newly surfaced video of Barack Obama as a presidential candidate is spreading like wildfire today, revealing a stark contrast between his promise in 2008 about executive power with his recent actions in the White House. (Oh, like we didn't already know he said whatever sounded good to get elected, but meant none of it. ~Bob. "All statements from Barack Obama come with an expiration date. All of them." -- Jim Geraghty, Morning Jolt)


'I Didn't Join To Be Sacrificed': U.S. Troops Fed Up With Risky Afghanistan Strategy

Excerpt: U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan are now forced to fight a two-fronted war. Before each deployment, these soldiers understand fully that day after day they will do battle against relentless terrorists with shifting loyalties and unspeakable hatred. But what none of them could have foreseen was the killing field that would open from their rear: the Continental United States. (A sad, sad story, but one we've been hearing about for years as it evolved and went steadily downhill. Lawyers in every battalion HQ to watch over whatever happens out in the field, some of them eager to find something to jump on. How can any soldier or warrior function well, if at all, under two pages of ROE plus all the incredible crap that comes out of the political officers back at regiment or division? We're bleeding away some of our best people for no good reason at all. --Del)


Worth Hearing: Jonathan Turley on 'dangerous' expansion of Obama's powers

Constitutional law professor and reportedly an Obama supporter.


Excerpt: On February 5th Dan Hannan MEP tweeted “It’s not true that governments waste money idly. They put a great deal of effort into it.” If you have a passing knowledge of neo-Keynesian economics or the profligate spending of Gordon Brown and Ed Balls of the last Labour government, or even the present Obama presidency, government spending remains, many argue, at unsustainable levels.


Surprised?: All 501(C)(4)'s Audited By IRS Were Conservative. By Carol Platt Liebau

Excerpt: Less than two weeks after President Obama insisted that there wasn't even a "smidgen of corruption" involved in the IRS targeting scandal, it appears that the scope of that scandal is widening.


American Humanist Association demands students stop feeding starving kids. By Todd Starnes

Excerpt: The American Humanist Association sent that message to a school in Robbinsdale, Minn., accusing them of violating the U.S. Constitution by allowing students to participate in a community service project at a church that involved preparing meals for impoverished children in Haiti. The humanists got their britches in a bunch after the family of a student at the School of Engineering and Arts objected to the project being held at Calvary Lutheran Church.


Nigeria's Boko Haram kill 51 in northeast attack: witnesses

Excerpt: Gunmen from Islamist sect Boko Haram killed 51 people in an attack on a town in northeast Nigeria, witnesses said on Wednesday, in a region where President Goodluck Jonathan's troops are struggling to contain its insurgency.


Karzai rejects U.S. warnings over freed Afghan detainees. By Humeyra Pamuk And Hamid Shalizi

Excerpt: Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Thursday rejected criticism of his government's release of 65 detainees viewed by Washington as dangerous militants, further fanning tensions with the United States as the international mission in Afghanistan winds down.


Obama’s War on Israel. By Daniel Greenfield

Excerpt: If the left’s foreign policy these days had a slogan, it would be, “Boycott Israel, not Iran.” The double standard, dishonest as it is ugly, is also the motto of Obama’s foreign policy, which benevolently blesses Iran’s nuclear program with one outstretched hand in the name of peace and chokes concessions out of Israel to the terrorists with the other also in the name of peace.


Income Inequality at the White House. By Arnold Ahlert 

Excerpt: In the midst of joblessness and deprivation for millions of Americans, another opulent White House party took place Tuesday night feting fellow socialist crusader François Hollande, the president of France. While the Obamas frequently decry the excesses of private-sector wealth, characterizing it as the product of ill-gotten gains, they have demonstrated time and time again that they have little difficulty emulating the same behavior when Americans are footing the bill. 


'Northern liberal elites treated me worse than the segregated South': America is too sensitive about race says Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas

Excerpt: The conservative justice who, among other things, has written opinions supporting limits on Affirmative Action, added that 'the worst things that have been done to me, the worst things that have been said about me, by northern liberal elites, not by the people of Savannah, Georgia.'


Alabama Dem: I Don't Like Clarence Thomas Because “He’s Married To A White Woman." By Leah Barkoukis


The U.S. Corporate Effective Tax Rate: Myth and the Fact

Excerpt: The statutory corporate income tax rate of the United States is infamously one of the highest in the world, while effective tax rates on capital investments appear to be high and dispersed. For businesses, it is not unusual to see their effective tax rates, regardless of how these are defined, being lower than their statutory tax rates. This results from tax preferences (“loopholes,” if using a pejorative term) that are more generous than the economic costs of generating taxable income. (Corporations do not pay taxes. When you put a tax on a company it is paid by the owners--including elderly folks living on their retirement investments [like us]--by customers, or by employees who must accept lower wages or be laid off because the company paid that money to the government. ~Bob)


One in Six American Men Not Working

Excerpt: More than 10 million men ages 25 to 54 do not have jobs today, a function of the slow economy as well as technology and globalization, say economists. In the early 1970s, 6 percent of American men 25 to 54 were unemployed. ... In December 2013, that figure was at 17 percent. Two thirds of these men reported that they were not looking for work, which means that they are not labeled as "unemployed" in official unemployment statistics.


Nobody Trusts the Government. By Daniel Greenfield
Excerpt: Large numbers of Asian and Latino immigrants poll in favor of big government despite coming from countries whose governments are brutal and oppressive. But it's often the people who come from tyrannies who are also most likely to support them. The neutral spaces of the Bill of Rights are not real ideas to them the way that they are to many Americans. The idea that government can simply be forced out of a space without that space being filled with either a more repressive government or gangs collecting protection money is often not a part of their experience and so not a realistic calculation for them.


An Orwellian nation of Obamathink. By Victor Davis Hanson

Excerpt: America, of all places, is becoming Orwellian. The president repeatedly reminds the American people that under his leadership, the U.S. has produced a record level of new oil and natural gas. But didn't Obama radically curtail leases for just such new energy production on federal lands? Have the edicts on the barn wall of "Animal Farm" been changed again, with the production of new oil and gas going from bad to suddenly good?


Excerpt: This morning we learned that sixteen kids at a high school in Henderson, Nevada have been diagnosed with Tuberculosis. Health officials expect that number to climb higher. This high school in southern Nevada is peopled heavily with illegal Mexican kids whom the Supreme Court has mandated that we educate. However, the Supremes didn't tell us how to deal with a host of diseases that illegals have brought back to American after years of being under control or wiped out altogether.


Excerpt: They’re not bothering to keep up any pretense. They are openly mocking the nuclear “negotiations” and rattling sabers left and right, knowing that there is absolutely nothing that they can do or say that will give the Obama Administration or the international media the slightest doubt that making massive concessions to the Iranian regime and green-lighting their nuclear program is the path to peace.


Silly Dem Claims GOP Wants to Impeach Obama Because He’s a Black Man in the White

Excerpt: They never quit, do they? They never grow tired of using the race card. Yeah, the GOP want to impeach Obama simply because he’s half white, half black. Just like the reason the GOP wanted to impeach Clinton, right? After all, he was America’s first true black president.

But contrary to popular opinion, Clinton was not born a poor, black slave.


Dependency, Not Poverty. By Walter E. Williams

Excerpt: There is no material poverty in the U.S. Here are a few facts about people whom the Census Bureau labels as poor. Dr. Robert Rector and Rachel Sheffield, in their study "Understanding Poverty in the United States: Surprising Facts About America's Poor" (, report that 80 percent of poor households have air conditioning; nearly three-quarters have a car or truck, and 31 percent have two or more. Two-thirds have cable or satellite TV.


Indoctrinating the Youth of Georgetown University. By Robert Spencer

Excerpt: But note also the total one-sidedness of the event: neither the Saudi-funded Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding nor Daniel Varisco would ever dream of actually engaging me in discussion or debate (although I would be happy to do so) or give their hapless students any genuine understanding of what Jihad Watch and my books are all about. The students get no opportunity to evaluate my work for themselves and come to their own conclusions about whether I am defending human rights or spreading “hate” — the deck is stacked in advance.


VIDEO: Jihad Mass Murder Plotter Was 'Canadian Idol' Contestant: "We'll break their backs in their own country" By Robert Spencer

Excerpt: Khurram Sher is the living embodiment of the truth of what I am often vilified for saying, that there is no distinction in Muslim communities between those who hope to wage violent jihad and those who abhor it.


Green Socialists on Mars. By Daniel Greenfield

Excerpt: Carl Sagan, who had done much to popularize unscientific paranoia about nuclear winter and global warming, assumed that planets were more fragile than they are and could be undone by a nuclear exchange or even by a few coal plants. Sagan had even warned that the Gulf War’s oil fires would lead to a miniature nuclear winter. They did not.


Not Mincing Words: German Woman Publicly Rebukes Islam — Goes Viral

Excerpt: Islam continues to grow in power and influence across Europe. But at a recent concert in Germany, one Christian woman decided to stand up to it.


Mark Steyn Needs Help: The Martyrdom of Mark Steyn. By James Delingpole

Excerpt: It now looks — go to for the full story — as if Steyn is going to be up there on his own, fighting and financing his case without the support of his magazine, National Review; that the outcome is not as certain as it seemed at the beginning; and that this hero deserves all the help we can give him. Why? Well, the fact that I even have to explain this shows what a cowardly, snivelling, career-safe, intellectually feeble, morally compromised age we inhabit. 


Support a Fellow New Hampshire-ite Fighting for Free Speech--Support Mark Steyn. By Scott Morales

Excerpt: He need not go it alone. Help put Mann back in his mannzeer and scurry on his way. I urge you, as well as all of the other Groksters do, (hope I’m not speaking out of turn here guys) to go to and buy a book, mug, or, do what I finally got off my ass and did today, buy a Gift Certificate. They’re good for forever.


D'Souza's Theory Obama Holds Grudge Against U.S. Gains Traction Inside Beltway

Excerpt: A new theory about President Obama and his motives for appeasing enemies like Iran is crystallizing among pundits. But it's not really new — scholar Dinesh D'Souza first posited it during 2012's election. As we learn more about this president and his policies, it looks more and more like D'Souza nailed it with his film, "2016: Obama's America." (Yep, this "far out" theory about Mr. Obama actually seems to fit what he has done and is doing pretty well. And if he isn't deliberately undercutting the nation in both domestic and foreign arenas, then he has to be the most incredibly bumbling man to ever inhabit the Oval Office, and by a wide margin. --Del)


Thousands Of Muslims Try To Flee Car Capital

Excerpt: Thousands of Muslims tried to flee the capital of Central African Republic in a convoy of trucks and cars stretched as far as the eye can see before it turned back amid taunts from Christian onlookers. An Associated Press journalist says some cars had as many as 10 people crammed aboard Friday. Muslims have come under attack from Christian militiamen who opposed a now-dissolved Muslim rebel government that was blamed for scores of human rights abuses.


Belgium's parliament votes through child euthanasia

Excerpt: Parliament in Belgium has passed a bill allowing euthanasia for terminally ill children without any age limit, by 86 votes to 44, with 12 abstentions. When, as expected, the bill is signed by the king, Belgium will become the first country in the world to remove any age limit on the practice.


Missing Mexican journalist Gregorio Jimenez found dead

Excerpt: The body of Mexican journalist Gregorio Jimenez, who was kidnapped a week ago, has been found buried in the town of Las Choapas, in eastern Veracruz state. Mr Jimenez was abducted by masked gunmen from his home in Coatzacoalcos. The journalist, who worked for news agency Notisur and newspaper El Liberal del Sur, had been writing about a wave of kidnappings in the area. (The left wing journalists who support unlimited illegal immigration will wonder why someone didn't do something when this comes here--and it will. ~Bob)


Armed woman defends home from psycho wielding a machete, shotgun

Excerpt: A Michigan woman was able to defend her home and two young children from an armed, masked intruder — by aiming her firearm at the man.


Appellate court strikes down California concealed-weapons rules

Excerpt: A divided federal appeals court on Thursday struck down California’s concealed-weapons rules, saying they violate the Second Amendment right to bear arms.


Michigan Union Publishes ‘Freeloaders’ List of Workers Who Opted Out. By Leah Barkoukis

Excerpt: You didn’t think Michigan’s labor unions would let right-to-work laws take effect without enacting some sort of retribution, did you?


Excerpt: For Islamic supremacists, there is no greater insult, since the Qur’an designates the Jews as “the most intense of the people in animosity toward the believers” (5:82) and describes them as accursed, scheming against Allah and the Muslims, and never to be trusted or befriended (cf. Qur’an 5:51). Thus the hatred that these Muslim Brotherhood rallygoers express so offhandedly is no surprise at all. What is surprising is the bland acceptance of this hatred on the part of the American Left, even as it styles itself the moral superior of its foes, and claims to represent true compassion and charity.


Excerpt: “There is a tremendous focus on the peaceful resistance as the only tool to achieve freedom and independence.” Hamas would rather kill Jews, you see. It is useful to recall why Hamas is considered a terror group in the first place: take, for example, the “Glory Record” that used to be on its website. It has since been removed from the web, but here are some excerpts in which Hamas considers attacks on Israeli civilians something that gave it “glory”:


Excerpt: A Buddhist monk, the target of the attack, and a nine year old boy among victims. Last night a 29 year old woman was killed and her body burned. Assault sparked by murder of three little brothers, all Muslim, last week. Rebels announce new attacks. The political crisis in Bangkok has blocked peace talks between the government and Islamists.


Excerpt: The Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) claimed responsibility Thursday for an explosion targeting a police bus near Razzaqabad police training college in Karachi's Shah Latif Town in which 13 policemen were killed and 47 others, including civilians, were wounded, DawnNews reported. (As always, the vast majority of the victims of Allah-Murder are other Muslims, not us. ~Bob)


Communists to Obama: We’ve got your back

Excerpt: With Democrats facing a real possibility of losing the Senate this November, the Communist Party USA has announced the cavalry is planning to ride to their rescue by helping unite the left and stave off “right-wing extremism. The plans were announced during a web streaming event held by party Chairman Sam Webb Wednesday titled “Taking care of the future: from here to socialism.” The event was part of the party’s national convention process which will culminate later this year in Chicago, where the party was formed in 1919.


Medical Center won't let patients watch Fox News. By Todd Starnes

Excerpt: I imagine the only thing worse than being forced to watch CNN inside an airport terminal is being forced to watch it in a doctor’s office. So you can imagine my surprise when I discovered a Michigan health care facility, funded by federal tax dollars, blocked Fox News Channel from its waiting room television sets.


Heating Up a Controversy

Excerpt: Since coming online last year, and even in the preliminary testing, dozens of dead birds have been found surrounding the Ivanpah solar power plant, which uses a five-square-mile array of mirrors to reflect sunlight to boilers mounted on three 40-story high towers. The temperatures around the towers reportedly can reach 1,000 degrees, which is enough to cook any size bird unfortunate enough to fly through the area. All this to create just enough electricity to light 140,000 homes a year at a cost of $2.2 billion. Most of that came from a $1.6 billion federal loan guarantee, which means taxpayers are on the hook for three Solyndras here. A sure sign of exorbitant expense: utilities that are purchasing the power from Ivanpah aren't releasing the cost of their 25-year deals.

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