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Political Digest for May 11, 2012

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Whoops: See Joe Biden Make The ‘Sign Of The Cross’ In Front Of…1,600 Conservative Rabbis
Wrong link in yesterday’s digest. Sorry. ~Bob

Flashback to 1996: Obama Once Supported Same-Sex Marriage 'Unequivocally'
The press is making a huge deal out of Obama evolving on Gay Marriage—back to the position he held in 1996, before it became expedient to be against it. Now he’s as progressive as…Dick Chaney! This flop-flip back doesn’t have to do with votes as much as with contributions from gays and gay bundlers, which were drying up. It also is another shiny object to distract us from the real issues of Obama’s failures in foreign affairs, the debt and the economy ~Bob. Excerpt: President-elect Obama's answer to a 1996 Outlines newspaper question on marriage was: "I favor legalizing same-sex marriages, and would fight efforts to prohibit such marriages." There was no use of the phrase "civil unions".

The Media and Barack Obama’s Pauline Kael Moment on Gay Marriage
Excerpt: Two days after major gay donors said they’d withhold funding from his campaign and one day before his swank $40,000.00 a person fundraiser with George Clooney, Barack Obama publicly reversed course on gay marriage. The Washington Free Beacon’s headline says it all: Gay For Pay. Obama looks weak and under duress. He looks weak because he would not come out before the North Carolina vote and under duress because he only did so now as his donors held his campaign hostage.

Why President Obama’s same-sex marriage decision matters less than you think
Excerpt: Because the people who care deeply about same-sex marriage are primarily clustered on the ideological left and right of their respective parties and, therefore, would be voting for/against Obama no matter what he did on this particular issue. For everybody else, it’s a back-burner issue — at best. … The simple fact is that most people — particularly low-information independent voters — will quickly move beyond this same sex marriage debate and back to the economy.

Excerpt: Consider, for example, conservative Jonah Goldberg, who in the past has made the argument that the very notion that homosexuals want to engage in “bourgeois” institutions like monogamous marriage proves that conservatism has, in a sense, won. He’s not alone in this thinking. A lot of conservatives secretly believe that married, gay suburbanites would vote for low tax rates, etc.

Worth Reading: An Audacious Promise: The Moral Case For Capitalism. By James R. Otteson
Excerpt: Milton Friedman once said that every time capitalism has been tried, it has succeeded; whereas every time socialism has been tried, it has failed. Yet President Obama has oddly claimed that we’ve tried free-market capi­talism, and it “has never worked.” This is rather remarkable. Since 1800, the world’s population has increased sixfold; yet despite this enormous increase, real income per person has increased approximately 16-fold. That is a truly amazing achievement. In America, the increase is even more dramatic: in 1800, the total population in America was 5.3 million, life expectancy was 39, and the real gross domestic product per capita was $1,343 (in 2010 dollars); in 2011, our population was 308 million, our life expectancy was 78, and our GDP per capita was $48,800. Thus even while the population increased 58-fold, our life expectancy doubled, and our GDP per capita increased almost 36-fold. Such growth is un­precedented in the history of humankind.

We got France, Right?

Senior official in charge of energy investment agency to step down
Excerpt: “Under Arun's leadership, we have seen ARPA-E grow from a fledgling program to become a leading agency for innovation and energy research,” Chu said in the email. ARPA-E, a centerpiece of Chu’s push to spur development of next-wave green-energy technologies, is modeled after the military’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

Big Loss for Unions in Wisconsin. By walter Russell Mead
Excerpt: Yet this isn’t even the worst sign for Wisconsin’s unions. Many papers have noted the decisive victory of Barrett over Falk, but fewer have noted the extraordinarily heavy turnout in the GOP primary.

Miami Herald: Thousands of Foreigners May be Illegally Voting in Florida
Excerpt: Thousands of foreign citizens might be registered to vote in Florida – a crucial presidential swing state -- and could have unlawfully cast ballots in previous elections, the Miami Herald reported Tuesday night.

Spain is becoming the new Greece
Excerpt: Global markets may have now priced in a full-blown default by Greece, or even the country’s exit from the euro zone. But they haven’t factored in a financial meltdown in Spain, and that is where the new focus is shifting. Spain would be a much bigger problem than Greece, just as a matter of size.

Why felon Keith Judd did so well against Obama in West Virginia
Excerpt: Keith Judd, who is serving a 17 1/2-year prison sentence for extortion at the Federal Correctional Institution in Texarkana, Texas, took 41 percent of the vote in West Virginia’s Democratic primary Tuesday night — 72,000 votes to Obama’s 106,000. He would qualify for convention delegates, if anyone had signed up to be a Judd delegate. (No one did.)

Vets: Charity's money not going to them
Excerpt: The Disabled Veterans National Foundation has raised nearly $56 million, but vets say the money isn't helping them.

Mexico's Sinaloa cartel members added to U.S. sanctions list
Excerpt: The Department of Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control ( OFAC) branded Mexico's Sinaloa drug cartel, including two sons of the group's drug lord Joaquin " Chapo" Guzman Loera, as Specially Designated Narcotics Traffickers, a move that bars U.S. citizens from doing business with them and freezes their assets under U.S. jurisdiction.

An interesting problem
The Brian Terry Memorial Act, which among other things renames the Bisbee AZ Border Patrol station after the murdered agent, passed the Senate unanimously, and should easily pass the House. David Codrea and others point out the dilemma for President Obama at that point. Protocol would be to invite Agent Terry's family to the signing ceremony.... but they've uttered some "strong opinions frankly voiced" regarding his Attorney General.

Lawmakers: Don’t even think about BRAC
It wasn’t enough for lawmakers to refuse approval of additional rounds of base closings; they have voted to stop the Pentagon from spending any money on even considering the idea. The House Armed Services Committee, which omitted the Pentagon’s request to authorize two more rounds of base closings, voted 44-18 on May 9 to add a provision, proposed by Rep. Rob Wittman, R-Va., to the 2013 defense authorization bill that would specifically bar spending any money next year “to propose, plan for or execute” the base closing and realignment process.

Stock Market Reactions to Political Events
Excerpt: It is widely accepted that certain businesses and specific sectors of the economy outwardly support one political party or the other. Presumably, this is because that line of work is expected to thrive particularly under a Democratic or Republican administration, says Jeff Milyo of the Mercatus Center. Stock market event studies allow for a close analysis of this phenomenon: sudden changes in prices that occur simultaneously with largely unexpected political occurrences can reflect changing perceptions regarding a publicly traded corporation's outlook under a given political climate.

Why We Need to Terminate Big Wind Subsidies. By Paul Driessen
Excerpt: Unprecedented! As bills to extend seemingly perpetual wind energy subsidies were again introduced by industry lobbyists late last year, taxpayers finally decided they’d had enough. Informed and inspired by a loose but growing national coalition of groups opposed to more giveaways with no scientifically proven net benefits, thousands of citizens called their senators and representatives – and rounded up enough Nay votes to run four different bills aground. For once, democracy worked.

Solar project opens on federal property: Salazar touts ‘landmark day.’ By Ben Wolfgang
Excerpt: Another 16 solar power facilities, five wind farms and eight geothermal power plants have also gotten the green light to break ground on federal lands. The administration is also pointing out that, prior to its arrival in 2009, the federal government had never authorized solar power operations on government land. But as the administration opens up federal property for so-called “green companies,” fossil-fuel-based industries fear they being pushed from those lands by a growing wave of new rules and regulations, coming primarily from Mr. Salazar’s Interior Department and the Environmental Protection Agency.

At Least 55 People Killed in Damascus Explosions
Excerpt: At least 55 people were killed and some 372 injured by two powerful car bombs that exploded outside a key intelligence compound in Damascus early on Thursday, Syrian state television reported. The blasts peeled open a new, more treacherous front in the struggle for the country.

Mexico police find 18 mutilated bodies in Jalisco state
Excerpt: Police in Mexico have found 18 mutilated bodies dumped in two cars in the western state of Jalisco. A threatening note left with the bodies suggested they were victims of a gangland killing.

Would You Take an SUV into Combat?
Excerpt: Should our fighting men and women be forced to drive unarmed SUVs into war zones, with speed as their only defense against rocket and car bomb attacks? Tragically, that's a true story of U.S. military readiness today, and America's defenses will only get worse under the drastic cuts aimed at our armed forces. In a new video by The Heritage Foundation, combat veteran Kerry Kachejian explains why U.S. military readiness is so crucial. He has first hand experience in the matter from his experience during the reconstruction of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Obama’s week: Muddles gay marriage, nearly loses in W.Va. to inmate
Excerpt: Since kicking off his re-election campaign last weekend, President Obama has endured a rapid series of stumbles, including a debate on gay marriage initiated by his vice president and an embarrassingly close primary victory over a prison inmate. “You always hope for the best, but that’s what happens in this 24/7 news cycle that we live in,” said Democratic strategist Jim Manley. “Issues come up, and issues go away.”

The Democratic left has conceded human rights to the conservatives.
Excerpt: It's a question that keeps coming up: Is it just everyone's imagination or has the human-rights agenda been demoted by Barack Obama? The unflattering word often associated with Mr. Obama and human rights is "ambivalence." (Power and money always are far ahead of individual rights in socialist-run utopias like Red China, the USSR, the Third Reich, Castro’s Cuba, Chavez’s Venezuela or Daley and Emmanuel’s Chicago. ~Bob.)

‘Wake Up Young People!’: CNBC’s Santelli Delivers Stern Warning To Those 27 And Under
Excerpt: Rick Santelli, the man commonly credited with starting the Tea Party movement, took time during CNBC’s “Santelli Exchange” to discuss his thoughts on the U.S. national debt, student loans, and the implications of the recent Greek and French elections. “Sometimes the math just doesn’t add up,” Santelli said, “But even more than the math, the lesson from Europe and the elections this weekend is simple: nobody is going to volunteer for austerity.”

Worth reading: You Know Those 626,000 Republicans Who Turned Out in Wisconsin Yesterday? Go Higher. A LOT Higher.
Excerpt: There is no way to spin turnout Tuesday in the Democrat's favor. . . . Walker won the largest uncontested share of a primary vote for governor last night in 40 years. His base is behind him when they really didn't need to show up at all. (Looking good, but we can’t count the chickens yet. Still, every million the unions pour in here is a million less for the Obots to spend in November. ~Bob.)

Wisconsin Recall Election: Walker 50%, Barrett 45%
Excerpt: Embattled Republican Governor Scott Walker holds a five-point lead over his newly nominated Democratic challenger Tom Barrett in Wisconsin’s special recall election. A new Rasmussen Reports statewide telephone survey shows that 50% of the state’s Likely Voters prefer Walker while 45% choose Barrett. (It will come down to turn out. ~Bob.)

Some see Falk's union ties as 'millstone'
Excerpt: Kathleen Falk’s drubbing in Tuesday’s Democratic primary has some political insiders questioning the decisions, and influence, of the state’s major public labor unions. Falk, 60, was the first Democrat to enter the recall election, announcing her candidacy even before the race was official. Major labor unions, including AFSCME and the Wisconsin Education Association Council, quickly endorsed her and then went on to spend nearly $5 million to help her win the nomination.

Elizabeth Warren Dances With Lies. By Ann Coulter
Excerpt: Elizabeth Warren, who also goes by her Indian name, "Lies on Race Box," is in big heap-um trouble. The earnest, reform-minded liberal running for Senate against Scott Brown, R-Mass., lied about being part-Cherokee to get a job at Harvard. Harvard took full advantage of Warren's lie, bragging to The Harvard Crimson about her minority status during one of the near-constant student protests over insufficient "diversity" in the faculty. … For liberals, it should be a mortal sin: Elizabeth Warren cheated on affirmative action.

Bad omens for Bam: Sour news from swing states
Excerpt: When conservative commentator Pat Buchanan garnered 37 percent of the vote as a protest candidate against the sitting Republican president in the 1992 New Hampshire primary, his showing was a clear harbinger of George H.W. Bush’s defeat nine months later. So what are we to make of the fact that Federal Inmate #11593-051 — a k a Keith Judd, in a Texas pen since 1999 after making “violent threats” against people at the University of New Mexico — just got 41 percent of the vote against the sitting Democratic president in the West Virginia primary?

Report: Florida Investigating Potential Voting by Thousands of Non-Citizens
Excerpt: As most Americans know, Florida is a state where a small number of votes can make a huge difference. After all, the 2000 presidential election was decided by just over 500 votes. So when there is evidence of potential voter fraud, officials better take it seriously. But they rarely have.

Parents, stop destroying the American male: Magnificent Maternal Micromanagers and Milquetoast dads have ruined a generation. By John Rosemond
Excerpt: For the first time in history, females are emancipating earlier and more successfully than males. This crop of young adult males is certainly shaping up to be the most underachieving generation of men (perpetual boys?) to ever inhabit the USA. (T.V. also reinforces this problem both in advertisements and programs, especially for white males. – ME)

Sorry, Democrats: Mourdock a seasoned foe
Excerpt: Democrats desperately want voters to believe Richard Mourdock is another Sharron Angle. There’s just one problem: his résumé. The newly minted GOP Senate nominee from Indiana is one insurgent to whom it’s difficult to affix a label — and his candidacy isn’t likely to keep Republicans leaders anxiously awake at night the way Sen. Harry Reid’s infamous 2010 opponent did.

The Real Palestinian Refugee Problem: Most aren't refugees. They're pawns. By Clifford D. May
Excerpt: Today, not one of the Jews remains a refugee. But there are still Palestinian refugees — indeed, their number has mushroomed to almost 5 million. How is that possible? Through two mechanisms. First of all, a refugee, by definition, lives on foreign soil, but for Palestinians the definition has been changed, so that a displaced Palestinian on Palestinian soil also receives refugee status.

A Senate That's Fit To Be Tied? Updating The Battle For Congress. By Larry J. Sabato and Kyle Kondik
Excerpt: Maybe they are right, but every objective piece of evidence so far suggests that this election will be quite close and highly competitive for the presidency, Senate and, to perhaps a lesser extent, House. It's not 2008 anymore. There are contradictory trade winds blowing hard, some lifting President Obama, and others Mitt Romney.

Long, Hard Slog Ahead in Presidential Race
Excerpt: The bottom line is that at this point Obama doesn't have an Electoral College lock. Neither does Romney. The numbers tell us that this election is up for grabs. The Obama campaign has prepared for a long, hard slog through the target states. The Romney campaign is getting prepared for the same.

Obama-Loving Media Spin the Economy
Excerpt: Investor's Business Daily writes that our neighbor up north sees things differently: "The Obama administration and its economic czars have flailed about for years, baffled about how to get the U.S. economy growing. In reality, the president need look no further than our neighbor, Canada, whose solid growth is the product of tax cuts, fiscal discipline, free trade and energy development. That's made Canada a roaring puma nation, while its supposedly more powerful southern neighbor stands on the outside looking in." (The liberal media can't mention Canada. That would show the lies they've been telling us about everything else. Ron P.)

Vietnam: The stealth commemoration. Recognition for the veterans who fought and won the war is still MIA. By Phillip Jennings
Excerpt: On March 29, commander in chief of the armed forces (and President) Obama signed a presidential proclamation designating March 29 as Vietnam Veterans Day. I found out by accident and have yet to talk to a Vietnam vet since that date who was aware of the honor bestowed upon him. Even the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War Commemoration website (the commemoration commission has been functioning at least two years) failed to carry the proclamation. (An excellent article by a Viet Nam vet and author. He raises a valid and critical point about what the commission has done/should do for the commemoration of the war. A lot of us are really concerned that it will not be well done at all. –Del. March 29, huh? Yup, news to me. ~Bob.)

Excerpt: The most surprising statement was this: “[W]hen I think about those soldiers or airmen or marines or sailors who are out there fighting on my behalf…” (There are historical precedents for troops taking an oath to fight for the leader, rather than the country. The German Army was required to swear their oath to Hitler, for example, not to Germany. ~Bob.)

Gov. Jerry Brown targets state workers for cuts
Excerpt: Brown, who has been in discussions with labor unions, is expected to release an updated budget proposal on Monday. The sources were not authorized to speak publicly before the governor's announcement. The possibility of cuts to state employees is a symptom of lagging tax revenue. (How many welfare and benefits for illegal aliens does he plan to cut? –DH. Recall Brown! Recall Brown! ~Bob.)

Fed clears China's first US bank takeover
Excerpt: The United States on Wednesday opened its banking market to ICBC, China's biggest bank, for the first time clearing a takeover of a US bank by a Chinese state-controlled company. Just days after high-level US-China economic talks in Beijing, the Federal Reserve approved an application from Industrial and Commercial Bank of China to buy a majority stake in the US subsidiary of Bank of East Asia. The transaction will make ICBC the first Chinese state-controlled bank to acquire retail bank branches in the United States.

The Salman Rushdie of music? Iran calls for killing of ‘apostate’ rap artist
Didn’t get the “Islam is a Religion of Peace” memo. ~Bob. Excerpt: Ayatollah Safi Golpayegani, a Shi’ite cleric based in the holy Iranian city of Qom, has issued a death sentence against rap artist Shahin Najafi for apostasy, the Persian-language Al Arabiya website reported on Wednesday. The sentence was issued after Najafi released a controversial song called “Naqi.” The song sparked a furor among protesters who believe it to be offensive to Imam Naqi, the tenth Imam in Shi’ite Islam.

Asian grooming gang detectives hunt for FORTY more men who may have had sex with underage girls: Judge says gang preyed on five girls, aged between 13 and 15, partly because they were from different 'community and religion'
Just part of their religion, as the Holy Qur’an (Sura 4:3) allows sex with captive women and slave girls, “That which your right hand possesses.” ~Bob. Excerpt: However, the gang's ringleader yesterday branded the judge a 'racist b******' after he and eight other men were jailed. The extraordinary outburst came after Judge Gerald Clinton accused the gang of targeting white girls because they were not part of their ‘community or religion’.

Holder’s ‘arrogance knows no bounds’ By Matthew Boyle
Excerpt: Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn told The Daily Caller on Wednesday that he thinks Attorney General Eric Holder needs to comply with the congressional subpoena demanding documents relating to Operation Fast and Furious. Cornyn also said he thinks Holder’s demonstrable failure to comply with House oversight committee chairman Rep. Darrell Issa’s subpoena for Fast and Furious documents is an indicator of his overall disregard for congressional oversight .“It’s abundantly clear that when it comes to cooperating with Congress, the Attorney General’s arrogance knows no bounds,” Cornyn told TheDC.

Fraud found in Obama’s online donations. By Neil Munro
Excerpt: President Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign has hundreds of thousands of eager, low-dollar donors — and a tiny trickle of unwilling, defrauded donors. The latest example comes from David Newman, who found a $15 charge, dated May 6, from the “Obama For America” campaign on one of his debit cards. Newman had supported Obama in 2008, but “I didn’t sign up to say ‘Do this every three months or every three years when you need money,’” he told The Daily Caller….

J Defends Employee Comment that Mississippi Is ‘Disgusting and Shameful’ By J. Christian Adams
Excerpt: “The United States Department of Justice has defended comments by an employee who called Mississippi “disgusting and shameful.” This same employee reviews photo voter identification laws throughout the south for approval from her position in the DOJ Voting Section.

Excerpt: “INJUSTICE is an incredible expose in infinite detail about the Department Of Justice and its agenda in the Voting Rights Division. With the DOJ currently dealing with preclearance in redistricting and voter ID issues we know the best way is to go to the federal courts in DC to get a fair hearing. The book's clear message is all about the 2012 election and how the DOJ will do anything to make sure Obama is reelected.

Congressional Dems Introduce Amendment To Make Self Defense Illegal
Excerpt: The Congressional Progressive Caucus has announced it will introduce legislation designed to strip Americans of the right to defend themselves. Called “Stop Shoot First Laws,” the amendment to the Commerce, Justice, Science Appropriations bill under consideration in the House would deny states federal funding allocated under section 505 of the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968 if they continue to allow citizens to defend themselves. (How about if a black guy shoots an unarmed white teen and claims self defense? )

Authoritarians on Campus. By Bernard Goldberg
Excerpt: The Chronicle of Higher Education, which publishes articles for that community, just fired a woman named Naomi Schaefer Riley. Why? Because she expressed an opinion many of those scholars in the “higher education community” didn’t like. Really! Academics, liberals who brag about being open-minded, read something they disagreed with and then, like a mob, hunted down the offender and made her pay. (All diversity except diversity of thought, the only kind that matters. ~Bob.)

More on that mysterious charity for disabled vets
These people are way, way off the reservation. –Del

Interior Looks to Expand Permits for Killing Bald Eagles to Accommodate Wind Energy
Excerpt: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, a division of the Interior Department, is considering loosening regulations on the killing of bald eagles, the national bird of the United States, to accommodate the development of wind energy sources. A draft regulation first filed in April would allow businesses to apply for 30-year permits allowing them to kill bald eagles in the course of other legal activities. The length of those permits would be a six-fold increase over the five-year window allowed under current law. (DDT killing Eagles to save the lives of kids from Malaria? Bad! Eagle-chopper taxpayer-subsidized turbines to make Greenies feel good? Wonderful! ~Bob.)

Communists, Cop-Killers, and Cocaine: Why the Washington Post Focuses on Romney Instead: Let's Focus on Undocumented Fifty Year Old Events Because Otherwise We'll Have To Talk About The Economy
Excerpt: Now this is just silly. The Washington Post can’t be bothered to worry about Barack Obama’s college years, college transcripts, communist friends, cocaine use, or cop-killing plotters in whose living room he first launched his major political career, but they can get in the really way back machine to 1965 and Mitt Romney’s high school years.

A Victory In The Non-War War. By Walter Russell Mead
Excerpt: Our joy at the news that the latest underwear bombing plot by al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has been foiled is somewhat diminished by the realization that this time they were trying a new and improved underwear bomb. Officials said the latest bomb was an updated model with a more effective detonation system and one that would probably have gone undetected by airport screening; we hate to think about what these people will try to do next.

The New Holocaust Deniers: Environmentalists still won't admit the existence of the carnage they have created. By Robert Zubrin
Excerpt: Increasing the price of energy increases the price of all other products. It is one thing to pay $100 per barrel for oil in a nation like the USA which has an average income of $45,000 per year. It is quite another to pay it in a Third World country with an average income of $1500 per year. An oil price stiff enough to cause recession in the advanced sector can cause mass starvation among the world’s poor.

US spy chief orders inquiry into Qaeda plot leaks
Excerpt: US spy chief James Clapper has ordered an inquiry into leaks to media outlets that exposed how the CIA foiled an al-Qaeda plot using a spy who infiltrated the terror group, officials said. The internal review across 16 intelligence agencies came as US lawmakers denounced the leaks and warned the disclosures could jeopardize sensitive espionage work. (They have always found it to their advantage-They made WikiLeaks hero Army Private Manning a hero--Now they don't like "Leaking"? --DH)

Three Things You Probably Didn‘t Know About ’Anti-Fascist Warrior Hairdresser’ Vidal Sassoon
Excerpt: What most aren’t familiar with, however, is that the late Vidal Sassoon was more than just a trendsetting pioneer in the hairdressing industry. As it turns out, the man credited with popularizing the simple, “wash-and-wear” haircut also fought Islamists, Fascists and Anti-Semitism. That’s quite a life worth celebrating.

Webb seeks bigger role for Congress on military
Excerpt: U.S. Sen. Jim Webb said Wednesday he will introduce legislation requiring congressional approval before the president can take military action when U.S. interests are not directly threatened. In a speech on the Senate floor, the Virginia Democrat called Congress' diminished role in committing U.S. military forces abroad "the most important constitutional challenge facing the balance of power between the presidency and the Congress in modern times." "Year by year, skirmish by skirmish," since the 2001 terrorist attacks, "Congress seems to have faded into operational irrelevance," Webb said.

US We Dare You Not to Cry: Boy With Palsy Greets His (Marine) Father by Walking to Him for the First Time
Excerpt: When Fox’s Gretchen Carlson saw the video this morning, she broke down and couldn’t even finish the segment. You‘ll see why that’s not an overreaction in a second:

142 Congressional Democrats Tell Eric Holder – STOP LYING TO US
Excerpt: In a vote hardly mentioned by the mainstream media, 142 House Democrats favored an amendment that in essence demands Obama Attorney General Eric Holder stop lying to Congress – as well as preventing the Obama Department of Justice from suing over voter I.D. laws.

Taxing jobs out of existence. By George F. Will
Excerpt: In 2010, however, Congress, ravenous for revenue to fund Obamacare, included in the legislation a 2.3 percent tax on gross revenue — which generally amounts to about a 15 percent tax on most manufacturers’ profits — from U.S. sales of medical devices beginning in 2013. This will be piled on top of the 35 percent federal corporate tax, and state and local taxes.

The $5 Trillion Man: Debt Has Increased Under Obama by $5,027,761,476,484.56
Excerpt: In the 39 months since Barack Obama took the oath of office as president of the United States, the federal government’s debt has increased by $5,027,761,476,484.56. Although he has served less than a term, Obama is now the first American president to see the federal government's debt increase by more than $5 trillion during his time in office.

Excerpt: These are rough days for the European Union (EU). What began as a sovereign debt crisis has now metastasized into a political debacle for the leaders left holding the bag. Nicolas Sarkozy's electoral defeat in France, the ouster of an austerity-minded government in Greece; and last month's collapse of the governing coalition in the Netherlands are all symptoms of a deeper problem for Europe: bloated governments are hard to tame, even when there is no money left to pay for them.

Flashback: Obama’s Sordid High School Past by Ben Shapiro
Excerpt: While the Washington Post has been diligently digging into relatively innocent high school pranks by Mitt Romney, they’ve spent the last few years diligently ignoring President Obama’s far more controversial high school days. Obama, by all accounts, was a habitual drug user in high school. He tried cocaine, he admits in Dreams From My Father; he “tried drugs enthusiastically.” The Chicago Tribune reported back in 2007 that Obama thanked the “Choom Gang” in his high school yearbook; “chooming” was Hawaiian slang for smoking pot.

New Web Ad: Elizabeth Warren "Fraudster"
Excerpt: As the questions over Elizabeth Warren’s false claims to Native American ancestry continue to swirl, the Massachusetts Republican Party today launched a new web video called “Fraudster.” (When I mentioned this controversy to a friend who is a professional [and an Obamacare supporter], she responded “So she padded her resume. So what?” I asked how she’d feel if she found out her OB-GYN had done that, too. “But that effects my healthcare,” she responded. “This affects your future, your liberty, and your money, as well as your government-provided healthcare,” I told her. She walked away looking uncertain and worried. I know damned well she’ll still vote for Warren, but I can’t help wondering how she’ll justify it to herself. Ron P.)

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