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Political Digest for January 25, 2012

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Happy Birthday to Robert Burns, Scotland’s Bard
Fun fact: When Burns was my age, he’d been dead for 28 years. Imagine what he could have produced if he’d lived to 65. “Wha will be a traitor knave? Wha can fill a coward's grave? Wha sae base as be a slave? Let him turn and flee!” http://www.darachweb.net/SongLyrics/ScotsWhaHae.html

Marine Lance Cpl. Andrew Paul Carpenter will never meet his son
A very moving picture. ~Bob.

IMF report: Global economy to slow sharply
Excerpt: The world economy is slowing sharply, and the euro region headed for recession this year, the International Monetary Fund predicted Tuesday in a bleak update of global conditions. Overall, the world economy is expected to expand 3.25 percent in 2012 -- down from the 4 percent projected by the IMF in the fall. That figure includes 8.2 percent growth in China, still the world’s most quickly expanding economy, and 7 percent in India. U.S. Growth is forecast at 1.8 percent, the same as the fund projected in the fall. (Very thoughtful of Obama to divert that Keystone oil to China, as clearly they will need it more than we will, and the working stiffs in the US can always afford a few more shekels for energy. ~Bob.)

Worth Reading: South Carolina Message by Thomas Sowell
Excerpt: Whomever the Republicans choose as their candidate is going to have to run against both Barack Obama and the pro-Obama media. Newt Gingrich has shown that he can do that. Romney? Not so much. Mitt Romney's fumbling when trying to answer the simple question of whether he would or would not release his income tax records is the kind of indecisiveness that is not going to cut it in a nationally televised debate with President Obama.

Mitt Romney’s tax returns shed some light on his investment wealth
Excerpt: The Romneys sent somewhat less to Washington over that period, paying an estimated $6.2 million in federal income taxes. According to his 2010 return, Romney paid about $3 million to the IRS, for an effective tax rate of 13.9 percent. (What people forget or don’t understand is that Romney’s income is taxed twice. First the companies in which he is a part owner (stockholder) were taxed at about the highest corporate tax rate in the world, around 35%. [Japan is higher, but is lowering rates.] Then they distributed the profits that were left after that tax to the stockholders, who were taxed again on the same money at the 15% capital gains tax rate. It isn’t just the Romney and Warren Buffet who pay this double tax rate. If you own stocks or mutual funds in your IRA, 401K or in a pension plan, you’re being hit twice too. ~Bob.)

I’m Tired—still getting comments three years on
Wow. This couldn't have been said better, I'm EXHAUSTED at listening and watching the human garbage in America. Thank you for sticking your nose out, and saying what's on most of our minds. Respectfully, Isabelle

British al Qaeda/Shaabab leader may have been killed after calling home
Excerpt: Yesterday the Guardian provided a clue on how Bilal al Berjawi, the al Qaeda commander who was killed in a US drone strike on Jan. 21, may have been tracked: The 27-year-old's wife is understood to have given birth to a child in a London hospital a few hours before the missile strike, prompting suspicions among relatives that his location had been pinpointed as a result of a telephone conversation between the couple. If true, it would be interesting to know if the Brits helped in gathering the signals intelligence. Additionally, the report has a few more details on Berjawi: (Huh. We could have gotten E.T. ~Bob.)

Taliban execute Pakistani soldiers
Murdering fellow Muslim prisoners is fine, as long as you don’t piss on them afterwards. ~Bob. Excerpt: The Times of India reports on and features a clip from a video released by the Taliban showing the execution of 15 captured Pakistani soldiers. A Reuters report includes a translation and description of the video:

California's Millionaire Tax Mirage: A new report says Jerry Brown's revenue projections are fanciful.
Excerpt: Governor Jerry Brown insisted in his State of the State speech last week that California is "still the land of dreams." He's certainly right if he's referring to his latest fantasy that raising taxes on the upper middle-class will generate an additional $5 billion annually over the next five years, eliminate the state's chronic budget deficits and pay down a large portion of its debt. Fortunately, the state's Legislative Analyst's Office, of all unlikely Sacramento institutions, has checked in from realityville. (This should help other states where a lot of the California millionaires will relocate to. None will come here to Illinois, I think. ~Bob.)

Federal employees owe $1.03 billion in unpaid taxes
Excerpt: Congressional staffers owed about $10.6 million in unpaid taxes in 2010, a slight increase from the previous year and a growing slice of the roughly $1 billion owed by federal and postal workers nationwide. The figures come as Republican efforts to pass legislation allowing federal agencies to fire tax delinquent federal employees have slowed and as the White House continues to crack down on improper payments made by agencies to delinquent government contractors and federal beneficiaries.

Gallup: Gingrich and Romney Are Faring Equally Well Versus Obama
Excerpt: The latest Gallup polling shows Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney each trailing President Obama by exactly the same tally — 50 to 48 percent. 

Bulletproof balls deliver fuel to front line
Excerpt: Giant sacks, specially designed to transport fuel by air to the front line, have been delivered to troops in Afghanistan. (And to think how hard I prayed for bulletproof balls in Vietnam. ~Bob.)

After Democrats Destroyed Shovel-Ready Keystone Jobs, New Revelations That Now-Bankrupt Stimulus Poster Child Solyndra Threw Millions in the Trash While Still Owing Taxpayers

Most Foreign Postal Services Are Profitable
Excerpt: The U.S. Postal Service has come under severe scrutiny and criticism in recent years because of its record-breaking losses (the agency has lost $25 billion in five years). Running billion-dollar deficits, advocates of the agency point to numerous factors that have compromised the postal service's revenues, says Michael Schuyler, a senior economist with the Institute for Research on the Economics of Taxation…. However, it bears mention that two of these three factors are worldwide events, and that many other postal services should be running large deficits as well if these factors are truly to blame. A recent study compared 30 high-income nations' postal services with data furnished by the Universal Postal Union: Nine percent saw losses in 2007, 25 percent in 2008, 38 percent in 2009 and 36 percent in 2010. The U.S. Postal Service reported losses in each of those years ($5.1 billion, $2.8 billion, $3.8 billion and $8.5 billion, respectively). Of the 30 reporting nations, only two saw losses in all four years: the United States and Macao. (The progressive-union alliance, still killing golden geese. ~Bob.)

Important: Bet the house: why the FHA is going (for) broke
Another contributor to the coming fiscal collapse. ~Bob. Excerpt: No serious observer of the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) believes its financial future is bright. But few recognize just how troubled this government agency really is. That is because it uses lax accounting standards that obscure real and present danger to its own bottom line and the American taxpayer. In fact, when measured against the accounting system used by private mortgage insurers, the FHA is deeply insolvent, with a capital shortfall of tens of billions of dollars. If it were a private firm, state regulators would immediately shut it down. Even using its own rosy numbers puts the FHA’s leverage at 840 to 1, a far more scandalous ratio than even Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. As shown by Fannie and Freddie as recently as 2008 and the slow-motion collapse of the savings and loans (S&Ls) in the 1980s, if government-backed entities are allowed to continue operating when they are insolvent, their losses will only compound. Indeed, the FHA has almost tripled its insurance in force in only three years, in part to cover its losses. And Congress made matters worse last fall when it raised the FHA’s conforming loan limit to $729,750. That pleased the powerful National Association of Realtors, but it simply poured fuel on the fire. Before the agency’s losses skyrocket, triggering a massive taxpayer bailout that deepens our nation’s debt, Congress should reverse that mistake and enact reforms to pull the FHA back from the brink.

Solar Stocks Plunge as Germany Vows to Quicken Subsidy Cuts
Excerpt: Solar stocks plunged around the world after Germany, the largest market for panels, said it will make quicker cuts to subsidized rates and phase out support for the industry by 2017. Chinese manufacturers listed in New York fell for a second day, with Trina Solar Ltd. (TSL) and JA Solar Holdings Co. skidding at least 17 percent over the two-day period. GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Ltd. (3800), which makes the raw material for most panels, fell the most since November in Hong Kong. In Europe, Meyer Burger Technology AG (MBTN), Solarworld AG (SWV) and SMA Solar Technology AG (S92) dropped at least 5.3 percent each today. (Boy, this could put Solyndra under, sticking the taxpayers with a half billion dollar loss despite the owners’ political connections. What? Did I miss something? ~Bob.)

Dems fear union cash drain in Wisconsin
Excerpt: Organized labor’s plans to spend heavily to recall Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) has sparked angst on the left that the effort will come at the expense of Democrats in other states. The funding disparity between groups allied with either Republicans or Democrats is one of the biggest concerns for New York Sen. Charles Schumer, the Senate Democrats’ chief political strategist.

Health Problems Ignored In The Incandescent Bulb Ban
Excerpt: Studies estimate that nearly one-quarter of the population, with varying degrees of light sensitivity (photophobia), may suffer negative physical effects if this ban becomes a reality. For this portion of the population, the most commonly found alternative, fluorescent lights (particularly the CFLs), may triggers headaches, migraines, stomachaches, fatigue, eye strain, anxiety, and irritability. Fluorescent lights can also negatively impact the immune system, literally making people sick. (This is from progressive (liberal) Huffington Post, written by an author who distances himself from any possible connection to the Tea Party in the first sentence, and has written several nonfiction books to assist businesses in becoming “more green.” I’ll bet they kick him out of the Green Writer’s Guild. Ron P.)

Public employees union heaps cash into GOP ad attacks on Romney
Excerpt: An unlikely combatant has jumped into the big-money battle between independent groups running ads weighing in on the Republican presidential primary: a national union representing public employees. The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) spent $1 million Friday on an ad accusing former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney of greed, Federal Election Commission records show. … The strategy seems to indicate that the union views Mr. Romney as the most realistic threat to President Obama and would much prefer to see Republicans field another candidate, such as former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, against Mr. Obama in the general election. (The enemy of my enemy is my friend. ~Bob.)

Excerpt: Barring yet another unexpected twist in the plot over the next nine months, the American electorate has a choice of three candidates for president. All are flawed. The presidential campaign between now and Election Day will be devoted to exposing and highlighting these failings.

U.S. Defense Cuts Hobble Allies, Embolden Enemies: A cut-rate approach to national security. By Morgan Lorraine Roach
Excerpt: President Obama’s new defense strategy is sending the wrong message to America’s foes. The new cut-rate approach to national security provides opportunities for Iran and others to exploit an under-funded and under-equipped military. During the 2008 presidential campaign, then-Senator Obama made no secret of his plans to reduce defense spending. And so it was no surprise when, in April 2011, President Obama ordered the Pentagon to slash its budget by $400 billion. This, of course, came in addition to the $400 billion in cuts he had already imposed.

Calif. HS student devises possible cancer cure
Excerpt: Angela's idea was to mix cancer medicine in a polymer that would attach to nanoparticles -- nanoparticles that would then attach to cancer cells and show up on an MRI. so doctors could see exactly where the tumors are. Then she thought shat if you aimed an infrared light at the tumors to melt the polymer and release the medicine, thus killing the cancer cells while leaving healthy cells completely unharmed. (unfortunately, she may have trouble getting into college. She’s Asian, and our multicultural universities discriminate against Asian to maintain racial balance. ~Bob.)

Excerpt: Suspected Boko Haram members took their terrorism to Minna, Niger State as they set ablaze a Christian missionary home, Bethany Home, and destroyed property worth millions of naira. Although no life was lost in the attack, occupants of the home, mostly orphans and the less-privileged were rendered homeless as a result of the attack. … “This is why they have resorted to suicide bombers and by the grace of God, they will soon run out of idiots.” (Nothing like burning an orphanage to show you belong to a religion of peace. But run out of idiots? Very doubtful. ~Bob.)

“This is why they have resorted to suicide bombers and by the grace of God, they will soon run out of idiots.”
Excerpt: A MAN arrested in a police counter-terrorism operation told an officer he would “cut your head off and machine gun the lot of you”, a court has heard. Mohammed Abdin, 21, will be sentenced in Cardiff Crown Court next month after admitting throwing furniture and threatening officers when they stormed a meeting in Canton Community Centre, Cardiff, on Thursday. (He didn’t get the “Islam is a religion of peace” memo. Hope this doesn’t make the cops Islamophobic. ~Bob.)

Stavanger, Norway: Nine out of ten rapists are 'men from minority groups'
Excerpt: Muslim men rape Muslim women because they do not dare to go to the police out of fear of their family's "honourable" reaction. Muslim men rape non-Muslim women because it is their right. … In Oslo, Norway's capital, 100 percent of rapes are committed by 'non-Western' immigrants.

Excerpt: Rehnaz Bibi, 13, was allegedly shot dead by one of her cousins in September 2010. According to reports, Bibi left home to convince the boy she liked to marry her without her family’s consent. However, she was sent back home by his family, who lived in the same village, with the promise to send a proposal for her later.

15 Questions the Mainstream Media Would Ask Barack Obama If He Were A Republican by John Hawkins
Excerpt: During the practically endless series of Republican debates, we have heard almost every question imaginable asked to Republican candidates – if by every question imaginable, you mean horribly slanted, often irrelevant questions designed to make them look bad and help Obama. (I think answers to #1, #2, and #5 would be welcomed by many voters of both parties. I also think there is zero chance the MSM will ask any of them; they’re quite content with things just as they are. Ron P.)

America lost most in 'Arab Spring'. Sadly, many voters still don't grasp the extent By Caroline B. Glick
Excerpt: The Muslim Brotherhood (and its fellow jihadists in the Salafist al-Nour party) will control Egypt's internal affairs. This is bad news for women and for non-Muslims. Egypt's Coptic Christians have been under continuous attack by Muslim Brotherhood and Salafist supporters since Mubarak was deposed. Their churches, homes and businesses have been burned, looted and destroyed. Their wives and daughters have been raped. The military massacred them when they dared to protest their persecution.

Excerpt: Mind you, you wouldn’t know that from the Washington Post’s article on the arrest of John Kiriakou. While the Washington Post – from appearances, somewhat reluctantly – reported that Kiriakou (a former CIA officer and Senate Foreign Affairs staffer) had been arrested for revealing names, operations and investigations to the media back in 2008-2009, the paper completely neglected to mention who Kiriakou ended up working for – which is to say, Senator John Kerry (D, MA). Oddly enough, the Washington Post managed to simultaneous note that “[t]he committee had not been aware of the criminal probe of Kiriakou, according to a former U.S. official familiar with the matter” in its article, while unaccountably mentioning that Kiriakou has been leaking classified information publicly for years – including to the, well, Washington Post.

Boston Bruins Goaltender Tim Thomas Snubs Obama White House
Excerpt: Hockey’s culture of conformity took a hit Monday when Boston Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas snubbed an invitation from the Obama White House, declining to visit the President during his annual meeting with the NHL’s reigning Stanley Cup Champion. … Monday night, Thomas released his own statement via his Facebook page: “I believe the Federal government has grown out of control, threatening the Rights, Liberties, and Property of the People,” Thomas announced.

Schools of Education: The Academic Slums by Walter Williams
Excerpt: According to a Heartland Institute-published School Reform News (September 2001) article titled “Who Tells Teachers They Can Teach?”, those test questions came from prospective teacher tests. The first two questions are samples from the Praxis I test for teachers, and the third is from the 1999 teacher certification test in Illinois. According to the Chicago Sun-Times (9/6/01), 5,243 Illinois teachers failed their teacher certification tests.

What exactly would President Obama do in a second term?
Excerpt: Take this quiz: If President Barack Obama wins a second term, he has promised that he will do … what exactly? There are people who follow the president closely who couldn’t answer that question. And even those who try would surely find themselves disagreeing with one another. As he stands before the nation Tuesday evening to present his State of the Union address, Obama is a president whose positions may be well-known but whose agenda — what he actually intends and can reasonably expect to achieve if voters give him four more years — is blurry.

Why Newt won
Excerpt: For me, it was the part where he stood up for work. Where he discussed the essential virtues of work. Nobody does that anymore. It was refreshing. It was important to me to hear someone say it. To hear that someone has a f*cking clue what's going on down here in Realityland. We are out of work and we want it. This administration seems to think that Americans should view work as a vampire perceives holy water, and nearly every policy out of DC reflects that. Well, we don't think that way. We're Americans. We want to work. Dammit, we're ready to get back to it. Give us the reins to our own lives, stick your food stamps back in your ass where they came from, and get out of the way. You're killing us.

China accuses Tibet activists of 'distorting' clashes
Excerpt: China has accused Tibet activists of ''distorting truth'' over a clash in Sichuan province on Monday. Foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei said "overseas secessionist groups" trying to discredit the government would not succeed, state news agency Xinhua reported on Tuesday. One man was killed and nine, including five policemen, were injured, he added.

Gunmen in southern Philippines kill 15 fishermen
Didn’t get the memo. ~Bob. Excerpt: At least 15 men were killed in the southern Philippines when gunmen opened fire on three boats, in what military officials say was fishing turf rivalry. The incident happened on Monday off Basilan province, a stronghold of Muslim rebels.

Moroccan law student who burned himself dies
note to Occupy wall Street. ~Bob. Excerpt: A 27-year-old Moroccan who set himself on fire to protest his unemployment died from his burns Tuesday in a Casablanca hospital, his wife says. Abdelwahab Zaydoun was part of a group of unemployed graduates who occupied an Education Ministry building in Rabat, the Moroccan capital, to protest their unemployment and threatened to set themselves fire when police didn't let supporters deliver them food.

UN police in Haiti accused of sexual abuse
Excerpt: The United Nations says it is investigating two alleged cases of sexual exploitation of children by UN staff in Haiti.

South Africa investigates 'gay slur' King Zwelithini
Excerpt: South Africa's Human Rights Commission is investigating reports that Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini called gay people "rotten" during a speech.

Turkey PM says French bill on genocide denial 'racist'
See, the Armenians were Christians, so it was no big deal. ~Bob. Excerpt: The Turkish prime minister has said a bill passed by the French parliament on the mass killing of Armenians under Ottoman rule is "racist".

Romney invested in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
Excerpt: Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has criticized rival Newt Gingrich for earning more than $1.6 million in consulting fees from Freddie Mac even though he had invested as much as $500,000 in the U.S.-backed lender and its sister entity, Fannie Mae. Romney's latest financial disclosure report listed several investments in the mortgage giants that he, Gingrich and other GOP critics have repeatedly singled out as prime villains in the housing crisis that played a central role in the nation's long and deep recession. (So did the book Reckless Endangerment by a NYT’s writer, hardly a GOP critic. ~Bob.)

Obammigration: 102,000 Saudi Muslim Visas to US Approved
Excerpt: Whoever the Republican Presidential nominee is, let’s hope that, if elected to the White House, he turns off the spigot of visa rubber-stamping to America. (But don’t hold your breath.) Last week, Barack Hussein Obama announced that he was going to make it even easier for foreigners to come to America on visitor and student visas. He made the absurd announcement–appropriately–at Disney World. But he’s apparently already made it very easy for Saudi Muslims, to the detriment of America’s national security.

Obama’s coming to Arizona, Ground Zero of his Fast and Furious debacle

LA Sec’y of State: DOJ abusing Motor Voter law for ‘political agenda By Kevin Mooney
Excerpt: Louisiana Secretary of State Tom Schedler told The Daily Caller that the federal Motor Voter law was set up to “ensure controversy” and that the Obama administration is using it “to advance a political agenda.” “I think it’s time for someone in the states to stand up against this foolishness coming out of Washington D.C.,” he said. Schedler’s concerns echo those of a former Justice Department civil rights lawyer who recently told a Tulane Law School audience that the Obama administration is selectively choosing which parts of the National Voter Registration Act to enforce, in order to expand the voter rolls in every way possible.

Syracuse to students: If you think a comment is racist, shut up
Excerpt: By now, we should all know that the things we say or do on the Internet can come back to haunt us. Your online guide to cannabis cultivation can be a tricky conversation topic during a job interview. That scandalous photo from college can make its way to the horrified eyes of your parents. But would you ever imagine that complaining on Facebook about a comment you thought was racist could get you expelled from graduate school?

Excerpt: Before our very eyes, a generation of Americans is losing faith in the American dream and adopting attitudes and behaviors that emphasize living for the day, not planning to take care of their own futures. They clearly see the problems ahead and draw rational conclusions. Most of our problems have been caused by government. The unintended consequences of poorly thought out legislation or legislation designed merely to garner votes for re-election is wreaking havoc on economic opportunity for our country.

Newt +9: Poll throws cold water on Romney firewall
Excerpt: Less than two weeks ago, Mitt Romney had a 22-point lead in Florida, but that’s ancient history in the race for the Republican presidential nomination. Following his big win in South Carolina on Saturday, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich now is on top in Florida by nine.

Indiana unions threaten to occupy Super Bowl
Excerpt: Indiana unions, opposed to becoming the first right-to-work state in the Rust Belt, may disrupt Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis. Their unnecessary roughness will cost the Hoosiers needed jobs. (Unions and leftists are always willing to punish the innocent to get their way, because the ends justify the means. ~Bob.)

Gingrich vs. Leftism by Bruce Walker, American Thinker
Excerpt: The endorsement of Newt Gingrich by Rick Perry, as well as the virtual endorsement of Gingrich by Sarah Palin, forms the battle lines for the Republican nomination. Look quickly for Santorum and Bachmann to line up behind Gingrich as well, just like Huntsman has endorsed Romney. In a three-man race with Gingrich representing historic conservatism, Paul embracing constitutional libertarianism, and Romney representing the pragmatic political wing of the party, Gingrich should wrap up the nomination relatively quickly.

Marine's career threatened by controversial rules of engagement
Joshua Waddell, a first lieutenant in the U.S. Marines, appeared on his way to a stellar career as an American military officer. The son of a retired Navy SEAL commander, Waddell had won a Bronze Star during his first tour of duty in Afghanistan and had returned for a second. Then he made a decision in combat that military experts say has severely jeopardized his future in the corps. (Unreal. Given the choice, I’d rather go into battle with Lt. Waddell than the CO who relieved him. ~Bob.)
A major FOI victory
Excerpt: …UEA's non-disclosure of the email was upheld, on the grounds that the information was, on the balance of probabilities, 'not held'. However, by the time of the ICO's ruling, it was clear that CRU had its own backup arrangements - the CRUBACK3 server that was at the centre of the Climategate affair - and it was therefore fairly clear that the email did still exist. UEA were in essence trying to argue that since it was no longer on Phil Jones' hard drive, it was no longer legally 'held' for the purposes of the Environmental Information Regulations (EIR), regardless of its presence on the backup server. (The fight over the original Climategate emails has just taken a sharp turn for the better. At the end of the article is a link to the full tribunal report. This is an interesting look at how the legal system works in the UK. Other implications are that any email, once sent, is retrievable—and therefore available as evidence in court—regardless of whether or not the writer/sender has deleted it from his hard-drive. Thought-criminals beware! Ron P. if the Warmists are right, why do they try so hard to hide stuff? ~Bob.)

The GOP Deserves to Lose
Excerpt: Let's just say right now what voters will be saying in November, once Barack Obama has been re-elected: Republicans deserve to lose. It doesn't matter that Mr. Obama can't get the economy out of second gear. It doesn't matter that he cynically betrayed his core promise as a candidate to be a unifying president. It doesn't matter that he keeps blaming Bush. (Worrisome since this is coming from the Wall Street Journal. In the early stages of the Primary Election, it seems many people are voting based on emotion rather than logic. At this point it comes down to who has the best chance of winning. The Republican candidate must get the majority of the Independent vote. Hard to see how a candidate with lots of baggage (your call on this one) will be successful. There will only be 2 maybe 3 debates in the General Election. The agreed rules (Obama must get his way) will probably limit the give/take, so doubt debates will make much of a difference. The extent of attack ads by Republican candidates is another concern, as they are playing into the hands of Obama. You can expect extensive attack adds by Obama since he has over a billion dollars for his campaign! Hopefully, Republicans and those in the Tea Party will ultimately pick the best candidate based on who can win! I still think Obama can be defeated! --GBH)

WOLF: Tea Party rising for Newt Gingrich
Excerpt: So long as the Washington establishment continues to underestimate - and even misunderstand - the Tea Party, insiders will continue to be pummeled by the grass-roots giant that no longer sleeps. Democrats dismissed the Tea Party in 2010 and took a historic shellacking. Republicans would be wise to learn from their mistake. First, let’s remind ourselves, the Tea Party is not a formal political party or even an advocacy group, but rather a state of mind. If you believe in constitutional fidelity, limited government and the free market, then you don’t need your name on some official roster or even to have attended a rally to be part of the Tea Party movement. You simply need to use your vote and your effort to demand that our leaders embrace these principles as well.

President Obama’s Very Dishonest Campaign Ad Regarding Energy
Excerpt: A new ad from President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign that touts his energy and ethics record began airing in Virginia this week even as Republican blasted him over a decision to reject a permit for a proposed oil pipeline from Canada. The 30-second spot (see below) makes a case that Obama’s policies have promoted clean energy jobs and reduced the nation’s dependence on foreign oil while enduring unfounded attacks funded by wealthy energy industry officials. This campaign ad is nothing but a collection of falsehoods. (The author has done an outstanding job of taking this ad apart and showing the lies for what they are. Although WUWT is usually apolitical, they do point out falsehoods wherever they come from. We probably need to take this ad on before everybody sees it in other states and accepts it as “truth.” Once a lie is accepted as truth, it is much more difficult to refute because many simply won’t listen to the rebuttal. Ron P.)

The Real State of the Union: Big Three Networks Covering Up Obama's Failures
Excerpt: By many measures, Barack Obama has left the State of the Union in tatters, but the liberal media, led by the highly rated Big Three network (ABC, CBS, NBC) news shows, have attempted to cover up those holes in the Union by mostly ignoring the Obama administration’s greatest failings. From record numbers of people on food stamps, to the administration’s support of failed energy companies while rejecting an oil pipeline that would result in thousands of jobs, the Big Three networks haven’t told their viewers the full story of Obama’s pathetic track record.

Is The Air Force's X-37B Space Plane Spying On A Chinese Satellite?
Excerpt: The X-37B, also known as the Orbital Test Vehicle (OTV), is a 29-foot solar-powered craft NASA has been developing since 1999. In that time, the vehicle has been launched twice, including the most recent mission from which it has yet to return. According to the Air Force, the craft's purpose is to test "reusable spacecraft technologies for America's future in space and operating experiments which can be returned to, and examined, on Earth." (TOJ’s first coverage of the X-37B was on 5 Dec 2011 (two articles, one with pictures). While spying on a satellite is possible, it seems unlikely. Unless the Chinese have a new way to communicate the satellite’s instructions and data from/to Earth, we’d get just as much intel from snooping their comms, and at a much lower price. Also, ANY polar orbit will eventually over-fly every point on the Earth. The most likely answer is that the USAF told the truth, it’s testing instruments and methods. Ron P.)

Officers justified in invading home without warrant, court rules
Excerpt: Burbank police officers investigating a rumor that a truant teenager was planning to "shoot up" Bellarmine-Jefferson High School five years ago were justified in invading the student's home without a warrant because of concerns that violence was imminent, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Monday. The unanimous, unsigned decision by the high court served as fresh censure of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, with which the justices are frequently at odds.

Solving the Rubik’s Cube
Excerpt: We hear so many times that the Republican nomination always goes to the winner of either the Iowa caucuses or the New Hampshire primary. Since 1980, South Carolinians are also supposed to have a 100 percent record of picking the nominee. But no one was prepared for the pinball-game aspect of this year’s contest. Nothing like this has ever happened, and it’s hard to figure out what is happening and why.

Romney paid 42 percent of 2011 income in taxes and charity By Jennifer Rubin
Excerpt: Another way of looking at it is that in 2011 the Romneys paid out 42 percent of their income in taxes and charity. Here’s how I got there: Total tax (line 60) + foreign taxes (line 47) + state taxes and real-estate taxes + other taxes (Schedule A, line 9) + charitable contributions (Schedule A, line 19) divided by Adjusted Gross Income (1040 line 37). Let’s compare this percentage to that of average Americans. A 2009 Urban Institute study found: “The average charitable contribution per return filed in 2009 was about 2.0 percent of [adjusted gross] income.”

1,000 days since Senate Democrats passed a budget

CNN Video Shows Gingrich Cleared By IRS of Ethics Charges

Portantino introduces bill to ban openly carrying unloaded shotguns and rifles.
Excerpt: After successfully pushing through a bill that severely restricts carrying unloaded handguns in public places, state Assemblyman Anthony Portantino has proposed a new bill that would do much of the same for rifles and shotguns. AB 1527 would prohibit people from displaying unloaded rifles and shotguns in public. The move comes after open carry advocates switched from carrying handguns in public to brandishing rifles and shotguns, Portantino said in a statement Monday. (Well, I hope they have made an exception for Holder’s DOJ agents selling guns to Mexican drug dealers. ~Bob.)

American Bar Association President: "Obama Ignoring Constitution"
Excerpt: In a Washington Times column Monday, "Obama Ignoring the Constitution," ABA President William T. Robinson III focuses on Obama's flagrant use of signing statements. "His use of a signing statement to ignore the clear intent of Congress runs counter to the constitutional obligation he has to 'take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.' That is not to say that Mr. Obama is obligated to accede to every whim of Congress. Rather, this President—like every other President who objects to language in legislation enrolled by Congress—should exercise the wholly constitutional authority he has to veto a bill.... (A question comes to mind for the attorneys in the US: IF BHO can just ignore laws --with no penalty or correction from the legal community--Would it not be predictable that citizens would: A-Lose all respect for that legal community, and B--Start ignoring the laws themselves? –Dave H.)

Angry Muslim divorces 3 wives at same time… keeps one after a fight between the four
Excerpt: A man returned home in Abu Dhabi to relax away from work only to find his four wives locked in a heated argument. His decision to end the fight was so decisive that he divorced three of them and beat up the fourth. (Yeah, I just hate it when my wives fight. ~Bob.)

Excerpt: Hitler tells a Palestinian girl in her dream: "I killed them [the Jews] so you would all know that they are a nation which spreads destruction all over the world."

Why Newt Could Win Florida
Excerpt: The pundits all seemed to agree, up until about Friday morning, that Mitt Romney had South Carolina in his pocket. On Saturday, the conventional wisdom had a head-on collision with an unpredictable primary season. They also said that, with his money and massive media campaign, the Florida primary on January 31 was Romney’s to lose. Well, he may do just that.

First Ad for Mitch 2012?
Great video. ~Bob.

Cuban-American Leader Perez Endorses Gingrich
Excerpt: Presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich has picked up another key endorsement with the backing of Carlos Perez, a Miami broadcaster and influential voice in Cuban-American circles. Perez, who once was President Ronald Reagan’s point man in Miami, formally endorsed the former House speaker on Saturday.

How you can get involved in the 2012 elections
Excerpt: With the 2012 elections right around the corner, it’s essential that every able-bodied person join the fight to save our country. Aside from casting a vote on election day, most Americans have never been involved in the political process. In what I believe is the most crucial elections of our lifetime (and likely the make or break point for our country), I would encourage each and every one of you to get involved in some way.

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  1. RE: old but kinda relevant to the story of CFL's

    Compact fluorescents burning out faster than $548 millions in subsidies.
    Read more: http://ehsmanager.blogspot.com/2011/01/compact-fluorescents-burning-out-faster.html#ixzz1kTbprgJi