Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Barack Obama Stood Firm

It’s easy to criticize, but on many things, President Barack Obama has stood like a rock, refusing all compromise. When a majority of the American People didn’t want Obamacare, Barack Obama stood firm and gave it to them anyway, as hard as he could. When the public demanded repeal, President Obama said “No”! When Tea Party terrorists wanted to cut the growth of the Federal debt and deficit, Barack Obama stood firm for more debt and more spending for special interests, accepting a downgrade in the US Credit Rating and a tanking stock market rather than give in beyond a 1% cut. When Republicans carped about borrowing, Barack Obama refused to compromise, and borrowed more money from your grandchildren than any president in history. When a majority of the public demanded a balanced budget amendment, Barack Obama refused to compromise on this important point, insisted that future congresses and presidents be free to borrow and spend as much money to buy votes from the special interests as they wanted.

Barack Obama was willing to take the country to the brink of economic Armageddon rather than budge on these issues. Barack Obama still stands firm in demanding more taxes on small business job producers, despite Republicans. He stands firm in supporting government stimulus spending which he promised will keep unemployment under 8% and you can be sure he won’t compromise on increasing government spending no matter how high unemployment goes or how bad the economy gets. He stands firm on printing more money to increase spending, taxing everyone through inflations and reduced retirement funds.

Barack Obama stood firm on increasing not only the size of the federal government, but increasing the salaries of federal employees. But for him and his foresight, there would have been no explosion in federal employment and salaries, and thus fewer Democrat Party contributions from government unions. He has also stood firmly behind his solemn pledge to put all bills—someday—on the internet so the public could read them before they were signed, and I’m sure he may do so in his second term.

President Obama has stood firm for the rights of Trial Lawyers to file ever-more lawsuits for every-bigger awards, regardless of the economic impact. He has stood firm for every “green dream” proposal, regardless of how many working people lost their jobs because of them. He has stood firm for smaller cars, no matter have many average folks will be killed in crashes. He has stood firm for ever-more government regulation on business, regardless of how many jobs went overseas. When economists proposed lowering the corporate tax rate, President Obama stood firm behind the US having the highest tax rate in the world, giving a much needed boost and thousands of jobs to dozens of foreign countries.

President Obama has to apologize for Americans all the time, but we don’t have to apologize for him. We got what we voted for—a President who stands firm against compromise, regardless of the results.

Please forward to everyone who admires firmness in a leader.

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