Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Greenbacks and Ham

Greenbacks and Ham
(With apologies to Theodore Seuss Geisel)

Robert A. Hall

I am, I am, your Congress Man
Your Congress Critter, yes I am!
How would you like Greenbacks and Ham?
Please vote for me, I’ll give you them!

I do not like you, Congress Man,
I do not like Greenbacks and Ham,
They might taste fine, right now, today,
But someone, someday has to pay!

Greenbacks and Ham, they all are free,
I’ll give you them, just vote for me!
And you will never have to pay,
I’ll print more bucks, put off that day,
I’ll borrow here, I’ll borrow there,
Greenbacks and Ham spread everywhere!

I will not eat your Bucks and Pork,
Not with a spoon, not with a fork,
I know that someone has to pay!
My grandkids all will rue the day,
We sold their future for your Ham,
For someone has to give a damn!

You think that you are such a smarty?
I’ll bring them to your next Tea Party,
Will print more cash, we’ll tax and spend,
That’s how we’ll get your vote, my friend.
Nancy, Harry and I will jam,
Right down your throat, Greenbacks and Ham!

I would not like them there or here,
I would not like them any year,
Don’t try to jam them down my throat,
You’ve bought your last dishonest vote!
You’ve hocked our future, sold our land,
It’s time that someone made a stand,
I am that someone, yes I am,
No more, no more, Greenbacks and Ham!

I don’t know why you feel this way,
For spending always wins the day,
It’s Pork that makes the votes come in,
That’s why I’m fat and you are thin,
Barack knows this, it’s all a sham,
He won’t veto Greenbacks and Ham!

I do not like you, Congress Man,
I do not like your spending plan,
I know that it may be too late,
That you have sealed our country’s fate,
But I am free, I am, I am!
I say NO MORE Greenbacks and Ham

(Thanks to my friend Dave L. for the inspiration for this parody.)

Permission to forward, reprint, or re-post is granted, with credit and my blog address.

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