Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's Magic

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  1. Hello Robert, I just received an email with your name attached so researched to find you as what you wrote hit home with me. The research I did was to verify the writer and think I have done that much. The article I mention is here:
    I also read your comment about the photo attached. It's too bad people have to mess with content of a good article creating confusion. Anyway, I think the blog entry is excellent and I will pass the email along with correct attributes and minus the incorrect info. Thanks for writing the content you write. We need people speaking on the issues with some truth in what they say. I am a worried grandmother of 1 who worked in the unmentionable camp along with her mother who is actually very smart but hypnotized is all I can think. I am wondering if they will ever wake up and see the light. I am wondering if everyone would wake up to the light today if it still might be too late. Best regards,