Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hamas Kids--cute tykes

These are just a few of several similar photos floating around the net, but not the leftstream media. Kids being trained to exterminate the Jews. Europe and the left thinks once the Jews are all safely dead, there wil be peace. True...for abbout five minutes. Then they will come after the rest of the Kuffer.


  1. Stop using the terms Jews and Israelis interchangeably. They're not the same thing and its disingenuous of you to write as though they were. Fighting against oppression is normal, not anti-Semitic. Maybe if the Israelis would stop building apartment complexes in disputed territories of West Jerusalem (among other things), the entire world except the U.S. would hate them less. All the Jews and Israelis I know stopped playing the Holocaust sympathy card a long time ago, so I would suggest you do the same.

  2. The Israelis have become that which they most feared.

  3. Sure Yog. You are right on. Those Joos are so bad that they are forcing those poor Hamas and Hesbola or whatever you call them guys to indoctrinate their children to be suicide bombers by age 15 or so according to a special TV program on PBS a while back. I guess they have to have something for the youngsters they do not want to marry or just have sex with to do. Can`t have those youngsters sitting around doing nothing aye. There are so many things wrong with the cause you are championing that it is hard to know where to start ripping you apart.