Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Comcast Strikes Again

We've got Comcast telephone along with TV and Internet. Got home today and my phone was blinking. So we dialed the message number. No "Push 1 for your messages." It's now offering us 2 (leave a message) or 4 (change options), or # (exit). I love monopolies. So if you left me a message today, I didn't get it.

Assume after Obama digests the auto, banking and healthcare industry, he'll want the government to take over communications. I can hardly wait to see how much worse it will get.


  1. Hello there - sorry for the trouble. We'd like to look into and resolve the problem for you. Please feel free to contacts us with your info at the email below.

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

  2. Same way with the internet, Comcast kept giving me stupid reasons why the internet kept dropping after it was installed 4 months prior. The woman on Comcast's side kept telling me that there was nothing she nor the company could do about it. With all the money Comcast is making, they could do nothing?? I'm with Qwest now in the Denver area (where this Comcast story happened), and am happy, might not be as incredibly fast, but it works all the time.

    Much like driving down the road and having your car stop for no reason, only to have it towed or wait a day for it to start and hope it will get you to your destination and return home in that same week. I believe I'm like most people when I say I'll give up the super fast car for something that doesn't leave me stranded somewhere for who knows how long.