Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Gendercide"--an update on aborting girl babies

From a reader: A new comment on your post "Aborting girl babies":

Here is a very sad update, one year later. We are the very happy and proud adoptive parents to three beautiful girls from Asia and these statistics are just devastating to us. Thank God the parents of our daughters cared enough to bring them to full term and then brought them to where they would be instantly found. (It is illegal to relinquish your child in China) Millions more baby girls were not so lucky...

From Bob: Thanks for sending this picture of your lovely girls on St. Pat's day. The slaughter of millions of girl babies goes unremarked by feminists--wouldn't be PC to question the use of aboution for what I call "gendercide."

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  1. What a lovely family! May God bless you and your wife with a crown for your generosity. :)