Monday, March 29, 2010

From a Korean war vet

Mr. Hall, I am tired too.

I was at Pusan in 1952. Harry Truman let a group of us out of the AF in December of 1952 strictly for political reasons.

We had been extended for the duration and I was on extra time. I did not mind, it was my duty to my country. Ike had said during a speech before the election, that he would let all of us that Truman had extended out as soon as he took office.

Old Harry said, "Bull Manure! I'll let 'em out." So he let us out on Dec. 22 of 1952.

I am 78 and have been taxed to death these last 3 or 4 decades. I worked until 1 day after my 78th birthday. I was involved in defense jobs and still felt patriotic.

But because I did work long after Soc. Sec. kicked in at age 70, I am penalized for Medicare (the other form of socialized medicine). I made too much last year so the Feds charge me 300% more each month. My wife is penalized only because she is married to me. She didn't work but that doesn't matter. I get hit again thru her.

If I had laid around on my couch and sucked on a beer can, the taxpayer would have helped me with my medicare bill.

We have turned into a really sick society. I'll go before you Mr. Hall, but I feel really bad for my five grandkids and my two great grandkids. They won't have a clue how life was before FDR made his terrible mark on America. I was lucky and his screwball ideas didn't kick in until after WW II ended. Boy did we feel it from then on.

F. Eugene Barber
Las Vegas


  1. you have 612 people and animals (coughcough) "following" you and no comments here? I don't get it.

    Well, your blog is a wealth of information personally created or gathered and shared.
    Well, I will just say, THANK YOU for your service to our great country. thank you for your unwavering bravery and courage. Thank you for sacrificing your days and time protecting us and our country, while we are here living it up, taking our safety for granted, just having a good old time -- all made possible because of YOU

    thanks LOADS
    and bonks

  2. Bob: As a 61 year old AF Vietnam Vet I took the step of linking your "Tired" post on my blog this morning, and added your photo as well.

    You took the words right out of my mouth.

    If I have your permission...Welcome Home!

    Pat Houseworth
    14th SPS Nha Trang AB 1969
    377th SPS Tan Son Nhut(Saigon) 1970