Friday, January 4, 2019

Trump's incurable incompetence

Trump's incurable incompetence
Excerpt: In May 2017, Donald Trump met in the Oval Office with the Russian ambassador and the Russian foreign minister and did something appalling: He tossed out highly classified details about an Islamic State plot provided by Israeli intelligence, which could have revealed the source of the information and how it was obtained. It was a major blunder, the product of a new president’s bravado and unfamiliarity with the need to protect secrets. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker said, “There’s some alignments that need to take place over there, and I think they’re fully aware of that.” The Israelis downplayed the leak. It was easy to see this as a rookie mistake that Trump would learn from. But after visiting American troops in Baghdad on Wednesday, he tweeted a video of him with Navy SEALs, showing their faces — in disregard of the military’s policy of carefully protecting the identities of special operations forces. Again Trump exposed people on our side to possibly lethal consequences without a second thought, or a first one.

And in a nationally televised debate, Hillary Clinton revealed the US' nuclear response time and that someone had told her how to start WWIII.  No one bitched. --Barb M

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