Thursday, June 7, 2018

A Chinese colony takes shape in Cambodia.

A Chinese colony takes shape in Cambodia. China-backed US$3.8 billion project at Koh Kong is emerging as a closed economy exclusively for Chinese workers, capitalists and visitors. By Andrew Nachemson
The real irony to be seen in this and other Chinese activities is that they just sent a huge statue of Marx to Austria, to honor the philosopher whose writings formed the basis for communism. Yet what China does is nothing like communist socialist practices anymore, the only thing that's been retained is the super control system, while an elite rules and lives as super rich. Marx would be horrified beyond all limits to see this. Meanwhile, China uses the billions of dollars from US trade imbalance to buy their way into all kinds of places, not just Cambodia, but Africa as well. The ambition to become the new, dominant superpower is glaringly evident, and they are smart, devious, willing to use corruption and lies to advance their aims. When will we and the rest of the world really wake up to this? --Del

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