Sunday, June 27, 2010

Blue Screen of Death and Perfect Optimizer

As anyone within two nautical miles of my condo knows from the swearing. I occasionally get a “Blue Screen of Death." Came soon after I bought this computer from Best Buy. Their Geek Squad said it was an embedded virus, despite running the “better” virus protection they sold me. When it did it again, they wiped my hard drive. Still does it, so I stopped shopping at Best Buy, just wait awhile and reboot, which often gives me a couple of days, sometimes weeks.

Then I found this site on the Internet:

Where you can download a "free" program to fix it. So I downloaded the “free program” and ran it. It said it fixed minor errors, but if I wanted to fix registry errors, I needed to pay. Came to about $68.

I ran it again. Two days later: BSOD.

I’ve run the program, called “Perfect Optimizer,” when I log on. Today I ran it and it found—again—several hundred registry errors which it repaired. On a whim I ran it again. It again found 217 registry errors, though I had done nothing on the computer and wasn’t on line.

I’ve sent them a couple of messages, which they haven’t responded to.

So I conclude this is a rip off fake program. Any computer geeks with better info on the program, please comment.


  1. Robert,
    I've heard nothing but bad about Perfect. My email is on my profile, I'll be glad to point you to some good (and free)programs I use for cleanups.


  2. That should read Perfect Optimizer...

  3. wish you lived closer. My husband (who has some fairly explicit swear words himself) has fixed many computers (including those in our house) and been able to recover them from the BSOD.

    The main issue is viruses from online sites; even ones that appear safe (I get some from MSN and CNN when i read the news about 1/week -- I've quit reading their sites).

    My hubby recommends Avast (as opposed to Norton or McAfee) for a virus scanner. I have to say it alerts me when something is wrong and then i don't get the BSOD.

    I'd be happy to pass on his email if you like...

  4. Robert,

    Simplify your life and get a Mac. Been using Apple since early Apple II days (30 years) and I've never had a crash, virus, or BSOD.

    Steve Mishket

  5. so I stopped shopping at Best Buy....

    Why looks like they were right,sounds like you have a pesky trojan....

  6. I feel fairly confident in recommending:, or
    for safe clean software.

  7. The BEST way to stop your computer losses is to switch to Apple
    computers. Visit a Retail Stores: and then compare. The difference between a PC and Apple is like night and day.

  8. Download Malwarebytes and Panda anti virus. (both free for trial versions) The virus/malware you have may stop you from reaching the download sites. In that case, you can download them to a thumb drive from another computer and then load them on the infected computer in safe mode.

  9. google CCleaner. It works great and it's totally free (they accept donations).

  10. If you were a good Scot you would have built your own machine, and saved money.
    Installed Ubuntu, and saved more money
    Installed Open Office and saved still more money.
    And did I mention all the TIME you would have saved.
    What's more - if I can assemble (build is too strong a word, really) such a system, 'most anyone can!

  11. Bob, this is one of the reasons my nieces and their children have switched from PCs to Macs. PCs are great and do what they are supposed to, however, the OS especially XP has a terrible history for exploitation.

    I agree with Tom Hall that Ubuntu would help. I am not proficient enough to maintain a Unix OS, with the exception of OS X. Apple has made it user friendly enough that even I can use it.

    I don't have any Anti Virus on my Mac either at home or in the office. Will that eventually bite me in the butt? Probably, but until there is a virus in the wild that infects Macs I won't worry. Right now there are none. Trojans sure, but the best OS in the world can't protect me from stupid.

    Good Luck and Semper Fi,

    Jim H.

  12. Robert,
    I can attest to the power of Malware Bytes. I've been supporting computer systems for 12 years and have never run across a better cleaning utility. The online "scanners" are junk. You have experienced one, that is how they all work. Stay away from them. Feel free to email me if you want any assistance, be glad to help a fellow Marine.