Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Iwo Jima: legacy of Valor. By Bill Ross


Iwo Jima: legacy of Valor. By Bill Ross


Though this book was published in 1986, and thus missed the research that changed the names of some the flag raisers, it is the best history of the battle I have read. It doesn’t neglect the errors men made, but gives the courage of individual Marines, including those who earned the Medal of Honor, in great detail. It is well balanced and well researched. One stands in awe of the incredible sacrifices of Marines and sailors in the battle. It also doesn’t neglect the deaths of about 22,000 Japanese soldiers who died bravely for their cause. Many are still entombed in the sealed cave of Iwo. I highly recommend it.


Robert A. Hall, USMC, Amazon author of

“Quotes for the Conservative Heart.”

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  1. Dad was wounded on Iwo Jima by sniper fire on 3/4/45. Almost lost his leg. Surgeon wanted to remove it and Dad responded ,” how in the hell am I going to feed my family?” He had three toddlers at home under three years of age. (Mom also was a hero, taking care of three toddlers alone.) To say the least, that event ended his fighting days. Not sure if today’s generation has the gumption to sacrifice as my Dad’s generation.