Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Book recommendation


The Last White Rose: The Secret Wars of the Tudors by Desmond Seward 


Though a history buff, this book about the reigns of Henry VII and Henry VIII was an eye-opener for me. I had assumed that after Henry Tudor had defeated and killed Richard II at Bosworth Field (through treachery), he went mostly unchallenged (excerpt for Perkin Warbeck’s rebellion which was more serious than I thought). In fact there were endless plots against both Henries, some which only failed due to chance. There were also ginned up phony plots, mostly to strengthen the position of advisors to the paranoid Henry VII an VIII. Still people were killed on the scaffold in gruesome ways. We think politics is rough today. In those days, losers lost their heads! I recommend this book about a little-known period of history. I look forward to reading the author’s account of the Wars of The Roses, since two of my ancestors were killed at Blore Heath fighting for Lancaster.

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