Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Mandella Barnes


excerpt; Protip for Jesse Mandela Barnes: If you’re going to boast about a long list of endorsements, make sure you have a long list of endorsements.

Last week, Wisconsin’s part-time lieutenant governor and full-time candidate for U.S. Senate bragged about a coalition of Wisconsin law enforcement officers from across the state that have endorsed the Democrat. The “coalition” numbers nine officers — seven of them retired.

The two active officers on the endorsement list represent 0.01 percent of the approximately 13,400 active-duty law enforcement officers in the state.

The coalition apparently is a confederacy of dunces. According to the Barnes campaign press release, they “know that they can trust Mandela to support them and provide resources to ensure they can keep communities safe.”

They must not have heard about Barnes’ push as a lawmaker to do away with cash bail. Or seen the photo of him proudly holding an “Abolish ICE” T-shirt. Perhaps they’re not up to speed on all of that campaign cash from Defund the Police activists supporting Barnes. Maybe they buried their heads deep in the sand (or other locations) as Barnes was jumping to conclusions and vilifying police officers surrounding the Kenosha riots.

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