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Random Thoughts for May, 2022


Random Thoughts for May, 2022

Robert A. Hall

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Health Update: Lots of little things going on at the VA. Seems to me I may need a left hip replacement. Sigh. FEV numbers were down, but bounced back when I stopped using the wedge pillow. I suspect the wedge pillow they gave me was causing sinus draining into my lung. Got my second COVID booster. Web tells me I died a month ago because of that. Have a sleep study on 5/13 & I am doing a routine to improve my swallowing (which seemed fine to me!)


Working on a new book to be called “Words to Live By: Quotes for the Conservative Heart”


If you want respect, be respectful. –George S.


If the US goes down, it will be because it supped from the poisoned challis of progressivism


A true leader is calm in crisis. (So, alas, is someone with no idea what’s going on!)


When things feel overwhelming, remember: One thought at a time, one task at a time, one day at a time. -- From the net


A damn wet (and snowy) spring.


American Literacy:

1. According to the National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES), 21 percent of adults in the United States (about 43 million) fall into the illiterate/functionally illiterate category. Apr 29, 2020


2. The average American is considered to have a readability level equivalent to a 7th/8th grader (12 to 14 years old). This level is actively used as a benchmark for written guidelines in the medical industry. Mar 22, 2017


3. The share of Americans who report not reading any books in the past 12 months has fluctuated over the years the (Pew Research) Center has studied it. The 23% of adults who currently say they have not read any books (not even a junk novel) in the past year is identical to the share who said this in 2014. (This is scary. I read 4-5 books a month. And we wonder at the political mess we are in. ~Bob)


Neither a fortress nor a maidenhead will hold out long if they begin to parlay. ~ Ben Franklin


“The best thing about the Good Old Days was that I wasn’t good and I wasn’t old.” –Tee shirt


“The rights of man come not from the generosity of the state, but from the hand of God.”  -JFK


The US doesn’t have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem. Like my family.


“When there are men who lack honor, there are always others who have within themselves the honor of many men.” -Jose Marti


The left is always propping up authoritarian theocracies they wouldn’t want to live under themselves.


When they say, “Build Back Better,” I still hear, “Stand and Deliver!”


If it wasn’t for people wanting to get money out of us, we wouldn’t get any mail at all.


If you voted for Biden, you’re not a victim, you’re an accomplice.


Woke culture will make “Gender Reveal” parties obsolete.


You may not like big business, but if it wasn’t for their potential to produce arms in the 1940s, you’d be speaking German or Japanese.


I got a call from “Spam Risk” today. I was afraid they’d forgotten me. Of course, “Lisa” calls every day to talk about Medicare coverage. She better hope I never find her.


Leadership is not what you say. It’s what you do. –Winsome Earle-Sears, VA. Lt. Governor, Marine Vet.


I hope Musk goes on to buy Facebook.


Where is Guy Fawkes now that we need him?


“Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freedom of speech” –Ben Franklin at 16, writing under the pen name Silence Dogood.


“All citizens undoubtedly in all respects should be equal.” President U.S. Grant speaking to a black delegation from Philadelphia.


There have been few wars where all participants didn’t think God was on their side.


Force shits on reason’s back. ~ Ben Franklin


If the COVID Vaccine is controversial, so was smallpox inoculation in the 18th century.


Try as they will, they cannot repeal the law of supply and demand.  


“If you would keep your secret from an enemy, don’t tell a friend.” ~ Ben Franklin


The solution in the Ukraine? Just declare it a nuclear-free zone.


The road behind me gets longer every day. The road ahead shorter.


Get the collection! My “Random Thoughts” from 2009 through July, 2013 are collected in this book: The Old Jarhead's Journal: Random Thoughts on Life, Liberty, and Leadership by Robert A. Hall


The Old Jarhead’s Journal is a collection of Random Thoughts on politics and life and Conservative Political Essays, mostly published on the author’s blog, including the essay “I’m Tired” which went viral on the Internet in 2009, “The Hall Platform,” “This I Believe,” and “Why I’m a Republican.” While they will be of interest to conservative thinkers, they are collected here in book form as a service to readers who wish to give a copy to favorite liberals and watch their heads explode. All royalties are donated to the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund.




Robert A. Hall is a Marine Vietnam Veteran who served five terms in the Massachusetts State Senate. He is the author of The Coming Collapse of the American Republic. http://www.amazon.com/Coming-Collapse-American-Republic-prevent/dp/1461122538/ref=sr_1_5?s=booksandie=UTF8andqid=1304815980andsr=1-5 For a free PDF of Collapse, e-mail him at tartanmarine(at)gmail.com. Hall’s twelve books are listed here: http://tartanmarine.blogspot.com/2010/07/new-book-published.html. His blog of political news and conservative comment is www.tartanmarine.blogspot.com. He currently volunteers as a writer-editor in the My Life, My Story program as the Madison VA hospital, interviewing vets and writing up their life histories.



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