Thursday, March 24, 2022

red-Tsunami comming

 Red-Tsunami Warnings Should Worry Democrats

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  1. As much as I would like to believe this, I don't. The GOP is riding on the anti-dem sentiment and hopes that it will sweep them into power this November. However, they have too many problems of their own to guarantee this and that lies with the party "leadership". In a nutshell, the base of the party is openly despised by the "leadership" and they know it. McCornhole let it be known several months ago to his agents in congress that he wants all MAGA candidates, as well as the populism that swept through the party in '16 GONE!
    President Trump's agenda is to be purged from the platform, even if it means losing the next four election cycles. The base cannot stand the likes of McCornhole - who now brags about the fact that he helped sandbag most of Trump's nominees/agenda, Ms. Lindsay "My main goal is to remain relevant" Graham, that revolting blob Liz Cheney and last, but not least, the craven coward himself, Willard Romney. The base knows that as long as the above people remain in office, NOTHING is going to be done to not only stop what the sorority girls that comprise the Biden regime have done to the world, but no rollback of same will take place.
    As one radio host said of the above people, "They're more interested in polishing the plaques on the doors, than actually doing anything they promised they would do." truer words were never spoken.
    Most of the registered republican/conservative voters who I speak to are fed up with the current crop of GOP "leaders" and are now in the camp of "Why bother" and for the most part, you can't blame them.
    Do I think the dems will lose the house? Probably, but I doubt the numbers will be what many hope. A sixty seat majority would be nice, but I don't see them using it in any effective way, like REALLY shutting down the government until a list of demands are met. Such as the dismantling of the Dept of Indoctrination - excuse me - Education, along with HUD. No more using our own tax dollars to destroy our neighborhoods and property values. It would be nice, but barring a miracle, it won't happen.