Sunday, January 9, 2022


 The United States Should Defend Taiwan


The United States Should Not Defend Taiwan

The China Challenge
Patrick Porter’s criticisms (“The United States Should Not Defend Taiwan,” December 20) of Elbridge Colby’s position censure the U.S. policy establishment for failing to grasp the China challenge. Mr. Porter miscasts the issue in several ways. His mistakes throw the central issue into starker relief.

Mr. Porter’s discussion of Chinese escalation incentives reinforces the need to consider Taiwan’s defense rather than diminishes it. His broader claim is correct: The ideological and domestic political capital that the Chinese Communist Party has expended on Taiwan likely demands that the party consider extreme escalation scenarios, at minimum for war termination. And the …

Sorry. This letter in a following issue was behind a pay wall. I bet these articles were well read on Taiwan and in China. ~Bob

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