Saturday, October 16, 2021

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 A Special Fundraising Appeal


Every year in December VHF puts forth its end-of-year fundraising appeal. This year, due to a special opportunity from a generous donor, we are starting now.  The reason is that we have been given a $5,000 matching gift challenge so that every donation coming into VHF in the next couple of months will be matched dollar for dollar.  This is too beneficial an opportunity for us to pass up, so as of Monday, the 18th of October, our fund drive begins.


Just to keep everyone informed, this year we have surpassed all years of past giving, with two extra donations to our clients, one last Spring for over $7000 and one just recently for over $8,500, to help offset the major hardships our people have been facing due to the Covid shutdowns in Viet Nam, which have been lengthy and very thorough. Most of our clients depend on minor kinds of work, selling lottery tickets, etc, to eke out a living. The shutdowns hit them harder than most others. 


Of course, we did our usual January and July disbursements as well, so in total this year so far we have sent over $28,000 to help 170 families for most of the year, but now we have increased our client base to 200.


In addition, we also sent $2,000 to Central VN for flood relief.


All this was possible only due to tremendous generosity by so many people, Americans and Vietnamese.  Now our reserve funds are down a bit, so we hope to get them back up and be able to go into 2022 in good shape to keep doing our work.


Please make your checks payable to Vietnam Healing Foundation and mail them to

The Vietnam Healing Foundation, P.O. Box 281, Morrisville, NC 27560 or contribute through PayPal.


Thank you to all, and Happy Thanksgiving.


R J Del Vecchio, Chairman of VHF


The Vietnam Healing Foundation  

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