Sunday, November 18, 2018

Book Recommendation

Prudent Decision Making in an Imprudent World: Better Decisions at Home and Work by Patrick Gould

This is one of those terrific books I wish I had read 50 years ago (but it didn’t exist!). It is one of those books you wish everyone would read. But with 25% of our population saying they didn’t read one book in the last year, most wouldn’t understand it if you tied them down and read it to them. They are what Dr. Gould would call “grasshopper people.” It should certainly be read by business executives, political office holders and policy makes and military officers. Gould lays out how to make prudent decisions in many areas, not the least of which is funding your retirement. (A lesson too late for a great many people.) I like to think that I’ve made pretty good life decisions, the three best being to join the Marine Corps, the run for the Massachusetts Senate and to marry my wife. Deciding not to run for reelection after five terms was a good decision as well. Most, but not all of my job decisions have been good. But I’m not aware of a rigorous analysis of them before hand. There is no doubt in my mind that I would have made better decisions if I had had the benefit of this volume. I recommend it without reservation.

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